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Forgot to ask this on my live stream, so screw it, I'll ask it here:

Why are you guys following/watching/subscribed to me? It can't just be because I'm funny or because you like my art style. That applies to tons of people. Every artist has their "thing". Emily Youcis' thing is an insane necrophiliac dog, VimHomeless's thing is butts (which is why I'm jealous of him), and Randall Munroe's thing is science and generally being smarter than most people. Those are the things that their audience EXPECTS from them... What do you expect from me?

Ultimately I'm just gonna do what I want, whether that means losing followers or gaining them or whatever. I'm just curious because I haven't been myself for very long, so any audience I gained, I gained by pandering, not by being genuine. I'd like to start being genuine, but first I'd like to know why you're here in the first place.

Thank you to those who answer honestly.
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350ZTT Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Because i loved your sonic vs mlp and your animation style
Seand102 Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2016

that is all

ah just kidding theres more
ShylylavenDER Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
to be honest i like becuase of how great you are in a way. your you have a nice style, very talented and free minded of your own way of thinking and sharing it with others.
I don't know if you feel this way, but I'm sure all the people her agree. i like you for you and...I'm kinda having a hard time explaing this but I just think your a wonderful guy with a wonderful and creative style! hopefully you' feel the same!
ArtietheRunner Featured By Owner Edited Sep 14, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
At first, you caught my attention by your type of humour. It's the kind of humour that I honestly have never heard or saw done by anyone (maybe it just means that my knowledge of comedy is pretty scant, I dunno). In my opinion, it's kind of like your calling card - your approach to comedy is pretty unique. And that was it for some time. Later you had made Middle Ground, which is probably my favourite work of yours so far. An interesting concept, good characters, humour that you're known by. But what I liked the most is how you shared your perspective on different things in life in it. That made me become more interested in not only your work and you as a creator, but in you as a person.

So, I guess, it's simple. I'm subscribed to you because of your approach on comedy and creativity and because of your personality in general. I might know just as much as you want people to know about you, but it's still enough to keep me interested.
TheLostCinnamonRoll Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2016  Student General Artist
This is gonna be hard for me because english is not my native language, but i guess that i always expect in your work your cynical humor (your humor makes me laugh so hard, that i always rewatch your videos when i feel a little down), characters with very expessive emotions (i would say it's because how you draw the eyes, i never had trouble trying to know what had a character), your unique animations (i know you animate something not just because of the style of drawing, but by the way you make a characters moves and then it freezes while it keeps taking or staring at something, when i realize that the character it's not moving his body, there's when you make him move again.. i hope you understand what i mean here) and i love that you make your characters do whatever you want, even if you know that some people it's not gonna like it and even if you don't free yourself completly (--> don't know either if that's the case) you already make so much stuff that other people are afraid to make... i, for example, decide no to draw some things because i think it's to much for me.
At first i suscribe to your youtube channel because of your awesome animations, and when i found that you also had a deviant account i watched you immediately, all because i had never seen art and animations like the ones you make... even if you said you haven't been being yourself, i like the things you make know and in the past years.
I hope this helps you and also hope that you could understand everything.
Blaze-za-hejjihoggu Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I subbed to you because of many reasons but to keep it sweet and simple, I'll give you three reasons. Number one, I love your cynical humor. You joke about even the darkest things, and I love it so much. Number two is you make your characters relatable. I can understand the hardships you give your characters. On your Animated Music Video, Creative Types, I was able to feel those emotions you gave your characters. The Neglect, The Broken, the Insulted, all of them. 
Number 3, Aside from your animations, I subbed to YOU. I like who you are. You may call yourself an "Asshole" If you will, but I don't think you're an asshole. I think your someone who expresses himself in a way people may take offense to, but others may love. And please, Continue to be who you are. A true fan will know this. No matter how you act, We, as your fans, will stick by your side. ^^
theTomontheinternet Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2016
I subscribed because of your MLP animations.
Just kidding. Actually, I subscribed after watching C Students, so I guess I like your stuff because of likeable characters and emotional heart…and hilarious comedy moments.
anykind13 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2016
Both, your comedy and art style are both original and specifically yours to own man. Keep it up.
Luftwaffles163 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2016
I found you some years ago when I was watching mlp animations and I stumbled upon Cancer Crusaders and later C Students. I liked your art and animation style and though I was sad to see many animations come to an end so quick, you never failed to impress with what you did next. Keep up the good work! :)
ColonelButs Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
what I am about to say is extremely personal and is completely true.

The reason I liked you is because I suffer from an extreme depression. I found one of your videos before I decided to off myself and I thought it was awesome. I wanted to stay around to see if I liked anymore of it. I loved everything about you, your funny, smart, and one of the best animators. I decided to not off myself and I want to become an animator like you.

so with all of my heart I ask you to never change and always be there for people like me.  
MLPSparkleStar Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I like you because your funny... And I know you said that's something every artist/youtuber gets that, but I do like you because your funny, you animate extremely good, and your art style? Man, where do I begin?
Moonlightfan Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2016
I like your style, and I don't mean just your art. Your videos on Youtube have a great sense of humor, and that's just one of the main reasons why I suscribed to your channel. The message you wrote in your essay "Pretending, Acting, and Lying" is one of the most beatiful things that I've ever read. It was kind of short and yet it was huge with its message about the way we all show different faces in our day to day life.

I found your channel one day, I don't know if it was destiny, luck, or a pastel-colored horse! But I have no regrets, I enjoy your stuff and I'll keep enjoying it while you keep producing it :)
ragunjin Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2016
I don't remember how i found your channel, but it happened in 2013 when i first saw "Seniors: Cancer Crusaders" on youtube and i've just been a fan ever since and i must admit i find a lot of your work hilarious and it saddens me that you quit on your previous series but i also become interested in what you plan to do next. I'm not an artist like you are so i don't know what the struggles you go through are like but i hope you can keep doing what you like best.
friskysouls Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, I used to watch you on YouTube and when I joined Deviantart and saw you were a Deviant also, I was like,"Screw it. I'll watch/follow you cause I love your utube channel
leKelBel Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
A lot of the animations that you do have a certain sense of humor that I really enjoy. In all honestly, it doesn't really matter what you do, whether its fan animations or your own work. It's the stories and the humor that draws me in, and you do a pretty good job at those. I guess it's also your character, and how you're pretty honest with a lot of things. I look forward to whatever you may do in the near future. Just keep being you.
DarkWolf1333 Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
I found your animations on Youtube of C Students, and although the humour was a little crude for my tastes, I liked the animation. I don't remember the order, but I know that I also watched the Sonic vs MLP before I subscribed to your channel. I like your art style as well as your animation, and the music that you've done has also been great. I'm happy with whatever you do, as long it's art that you enjoy doing.
Celicam Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2016
Started with your brony content, have enjoyed nearly everything else you've produced. You do have an interesting sense of humor. I really enjoyed Middle Ground, but since their hasn't been an update for a long time I've given up hope. I know you'll do your own thing so I'm just really along for the ride.
Irish-John Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2016
You do have a pretty nice style. Also I like the background jokes you put in your work. 
forestleparod Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2016
you like  the same fetishes as me and your quirky?
KatyScene Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
If you care about what I say and even read this at all I guess I'll try to answer the question;
I watched you, your art, your videos, and even tried to read your journals because... because you truly do inspire me.

The reason why I have a hard time with adding you to the list of people I want to be like at some point in my life (like Vivienne Medrano etc...) is probably because of the way THEY know you...
When I talk to others about you I feel as if like someone's shaming me because they only remember C Students and a bunch of gay stuff.
When I see you and think about who I want to be I see an amazing person who has many people who appreciates what they do and is willing to give them second chances. I see an artist who does things to make the audience happy and joins the fandom, but also wants to do their own thing and get their own fandom.

I want to be an animator and comic creator.
I want to be able to do birthday gifts commissions, fanart etc but I also have hoped to do my own series.
Even if it seems no one cares there's always at least one person out there who'll say "You're doing great kid."
Just a small motivation can help a lot at times.

I like your art because of the goofy cartoony style combined with a more mature idea. Especially since it's not too intense like "Cool World" or the design for Jessica Rabbit. (Not saying anything against them, both rather interesting.)
The characters can be connected with and you can seem to put a point of view to a type of person unlike anyone I've every seen.

I really think it's cool that you can do all that, and I'm actually really surprised about how you've made it through the criticism and that actually inspires me too. I can barely watch Once Upon A Time nowadays 'cause my heart hurts too much to hear them or watch them do anything related to love even if I do support love living on it hurts to feel like I can't even try again. I've given up but when it comes to hearing more about you it just seems like hope has returned again telling me I can move on.

Sorry this was so long and if I was annoying at all..
noxystem Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Originally, seeing your works I'm like "this guys funny as all hell." And that still applies because "in fact, I haven't even finished animating me yet." But after your Dr Wolf vid, which was old but really I felt applied to me as an artist too (shouldn't you be doing homework?) and being self taught of course. But seeing how someone not built to be this artsy fun guy succeed greatly at doing it... I'd say it's like, multiple layers of respect, hope and... Comedy. You know.
I should catch up on Middle Ground though. That's the one side of your work I haven't profusely binge-watched yet.
SUMN22 Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I Came Here Because Your A Brony But I Stayed Because I Love Your Work, I Love How You Do What You Want And Not What Others Want You To Do, Your Sense Of Humour Is Awesome, Your Truthful And Down-To-Earth And Your Just An Amazing And Creative Person. You Inspire Me And (Probably) Many Others.Thanks For The Inspiration.
CookieCupcakesGalore Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I like your cool art
Jkjazz123 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2016  Hobbyist Filmographer
I first started following you and your art because you pandered to what I liked. Then after a while of watching your stuff I started liking your comedy. Like how most of your characters in your animations were more straight forward in how them told stuff instead of seeming like their trying too hard to be funny. Plus I liked some of the deadpan way that they were put.
Count-KraumBurger1 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I like your honesty, your artstyle and your humor. I like honest as well, even if it does have negative repurcussions.
SILENTPHANTOMOMEGA Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2016
"The greatest obstacles in life are the ones we choose to face."

Quoted from... Me but someone else probably said it first.

Anyway I watch you because you've become a symbol of self improvement. You ran face first into your obstacles and stumbled and failed, those failures now on display for the world to see and yet you chose to pick yourself up and become greater. When you put yourself out there and became genuine you reminded me of when I was going through the same thing. I have been able to connect with you in a way that's very rare, like markiplier rare. So thanks for that
emilyhonk617 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2016
I kinda feel like you are going through the same shit like me, but in this case, you are choosing the best way to deal with your problems by understanding them unlike me. You're a great person and you are truly honest unlike me.  
NightshadeDusk Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Because to someone my age, you're an inspiration. Doesn't hurt that your sense of humor is frickin amazing either
settleitinallstars Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I just love how down-to-earth you are, and how you do whatever you want.
FunsterTimister Featured By Owner Edited Aug 29, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Because you're my friend. Not physically but deep inside, you really do find me funny and interesting just like everyone else back in the stream. You're not perfect and neither are any of your animations but I'll watch and follow you past the very end! I don't care what you'll say that is negative and just go with what you desire. =3
I love your dark sense of humor, how you aren't afraid to make a dirty/offensive joke. Plus you have a wonderful animation style and you always put so much effort into your work.
kanbazia Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2016  Hobbyist Photographer
Sure James. :)
For Me at least like You stated with the different content creators in the journal. Folk has expectations on their shoulders once they has a clear "theme" going on for them. ^^;
You on the other hand is sort of like a wild-card to Me as of right now since it seem you aren't sure of what You want to stick-with. Your content is interesting to Me to sit through and see whenever it is those personal once that are more into the educational category or those that are more into slice of life. Nod Sure I found out about you through the Rainbow Dash vs Sonic serie.
I don't expect you to create fandom content any more. Since You visibly has stated that You want folk to know You for something You done from Your heart rather than to borrow somebody else's content. Nod Which is perfectly fine & natural.
RikiKhairo Featured By Owner Edited Aug 29, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I've been subscribed on YouTube for years but one of the things that made me stay was a live action skit you did. My memory of the complete subject matter of the skit is failing me because its been so long and I don't think it's still on YouTube. What I do remember is that I connected with your joke addressing people who you said made fun of you for "talking white". I loved the joke and your sense of humor has consistently intrigued me even if all your jokes haven't landed for me. I highly enjoyed Seniors(I still listen to the theme song to this day)and subsequently, C Students. Your 'Creative Types' and 'It won't be my last' videos toughed me. To put it simply, I've seen the quality of your animations improve and I've been here for all of the ups, downs, changes, outbursts, etc. but none of it changes anything for me. You're improving as an artist, I like your sense of humor, and I'm glad that you're taking your life in the direction that you see fit. I've not liked all of your work but I enjoy watching you improve.
TherealTman Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Dude, I watch you for two simple reasons. I like what I see, and I'm curious what your full potential will look like when you try your hardest, and i think you have plenty of room to grow. That dose not mean i think you are bad or mediocre, in fact i love your latest picture. I realy do think you got something and i want to see what it could be. 
SaberSam Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, that's a simple question. The content you put out is great. Not to mention you're very funny yourself. You're someone that people like me can look up to and be inspired to do something. Overall, I love you and the content you create.
Baltic-the-144 Featured By Owner Edited Aug 28, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
You're unpredictable with your content which I like! It makes life a lot more interesting. That's why I loved C Students and The Middle Ground so much. 

Plus you're one the first people that got me into the brony fandom with your Sonic v Rainbow Dash video.

And how could I forget the originality of your art style? That's part of you.
nyro1 Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2016
well True the MLP and Sonic characters look well n Your style of Animation I Wondered how
Spyro The Dragon and Crash Bandicoot Originals would look in both Your Animation style and Art
also another way to spread the word about Spyro
and NO Not Skylanders or the Legend Of Spyro

Spyro was Originally created by Sony and was The first character at Insomniac Games
True I'm Not The Only one
but I Really Miss Spyroand I have HIGH Persistence that he'll Return to insomniac Games.

and True you may have Struggles but your never afraid to let the truth out and simply being honest with people and while others don't like honesty it's Their loss
DarkKnight82 Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2016
you talent just grabs, can't explain but i just like it  
Snoopy7c7 Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
I watch you because you are a inspiration to all. And as I've watched for the past 2 or 3 years I've seen you grow and develope. I also love the way you draw. I mean I sadly can't draw people as good as you do. i wish i could. Keep up the good work James. I'll support you ever sense I followed you!
call-me-yuki-plz Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2016  Student Artist
Well in my case its because you're entertaining and you're a real inspiration to me cuz you're never afraid to say or do what you want :)
cloudjumper20 Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Besides how funny you are, sometimes I feel like I connect to your characters as well. They make me feel like I belong on your channel
Roy-Wolf Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Besides your work, there are times where I connect with your characters or even you at times and I take comfort that there are those who are similar to me too.
CallMeKapkid Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Your sense of humor. "Fuck the fourth wall, I'm gonna do what I want."
jddishmonart Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Your work ethic is without a great inspiration to others even if you don't complete a series you finish the individual products in a serious timetable, where I have problems due to working by myself on web comics like Nexgen and getting them out on time. Never give up being creative, your works has inspire many including a 28-year-old austic loser with Asperger Syndrome called JD Dishmon. In short kept up the good work and if things look grim please remember the best than the worst 
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