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Bachelors for V-Day

Happy Valentines Day! From everyones favorite Hoodling Boys. One can imagine the after shot:

Issac: Now there's a group of handsome fellows!

Mello: Touch me again and your butts looking to get kick over to Hon Kung, Saquash.

Rok: Ugh! Your hand taste like mineral water!

Archie: Come on, it was a group photo! You gotta give a little smile. Other wise it won't look nice.

Issac: It would have been better if someone's boney dog didn't jump in.

Ezekial: ...Hershey likes camras, couldn't be help. By the way....*points to Hersey ripping the camra apart

Issac: NOOOO!!!!BAD DOG!!!!
Right to Left
Issac belongs to :icongoldylokz:
Mello belongs to me
Archie belongs to :iconvaleriadgarcia:
Rok belongs to :iconshikuroxkanno:
Ezekial belongs to :icondice1317: and :iconanimay0:
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kinda funny
5 boys
10 girls
XD in my school class it's the other way round, there're twice as much boys than girls xD

every hoodling boy gets two hoodling girls ;D
Water-Earth-Fire-Air's avatar
I love this! It just looks so perfect, I can't really describe it. I love all the expressions. I think Archie and Rok are my favorite part of this. :D
animatedG1's avatar
Yeah, I got creative with each boy.
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I never thought the new Hoodling boys would make me D'AW. Everyone's personalities really come out in this. The facial expressions had me laughing (especially Mello and Rok's).

Poor camera though! I hope Hershey doesn't own it too thoroughly.
animatedG1's avatar
Thanks, I worked really hard on this when I should be doing my comic entry. :P
nekobecki's avatar
Good thing there's still plenty of time for the comic!

(This is me trying not to feel guilty for distracting people with the optional V-Day business.)
Cold-Creature's avatar
Haha- they look great X3
I love how Arch is forcing a grin outta Rok~
muffinelf's avatar
how sweet :aww: I always appriciated a strapping young man <33 And so many !

I daresay we girls have our hands full <3
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Dice1317's avatar
Haha! I love this!
Little Hershey in the corner!
animatedG1's avatar
Thanks, he wanted in on the photo too.
ShikuroxKanno's avatar
I love the expressions, the fit so well. Looks like Rok has a ready fist.

These are all the hoodling boys?
We only have 5 boys??
animatedG1's avatar
Yup, I'm suprise you just notice.
ShikuroxKanno's avatar
I thought there might have been more.
animatedG1's avatar
i might post up a v-day comic later, i'm not sure yet.
ShikuroxKanno's avatar
will it be about Mello?
ShikuroxKanno's avatar
still want to see it!
Insane-effigy's avatar
I feel sorry for Rok if he knows what Mineral water tastes like....
Insane-effigy's avatar
I remember all the weird looks my friend got when he bought out three store's supplies of Mineral oil for his computer; it was encased in a fish-tank and cooled with mineral oil.
animatedG1's avatar
Wow, that's wierd.
Insane-effigy's avatar
It was awesome until the tank broke randomly one day and oil got everywhere.
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