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My Bottom 10 Episodes of MLPAt first, this was going to be a straight-up Top 10 list.But before I once again dived into the eternal struggle to define the absolute order of the entries, I took myself aside and argued: "No."Which was a pretty thorough argument. So instead, here is a collection of 10 very, very bad MLP-episodes that I personally find to be my Top 10, but in no particular order.Also: What I said previously about my least favourite episodes has to be taken with a grain of salt. I chose that one for a controversy meme without long consideration (for formerly mentioned reasons). I still think they are objectively bad, but a good chunk of their ranking also comes from personal preferences, annoyance or a lack of ironic detachment. ,If it calms you: The upper row pretty much represents my Top 5, but I wouldn't know where to put them in comparison to each other. So let's begin:Daring Doubt (Season 9) Dr. Caballeron publishes a tell-all-book about "the truth" behind Daring Do's adventure which puts the adventurer in a bad light. Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy try to bail her out of it. Or rather, Fluttershy goes off with Dr. Caballeron, to prove what for a cinnamon bun he is. She acts oblivious for half of the episode, whines a little and then changes everything for the better. There are several misunderstandings and multiple "liar revealed"-moments, all toppling into a giant retcon: Ahuizotl is suddenly presented as a well-meaning extremist who always had been forced to "protect" the artifacts that Caballeron and Daring Do were out to "steal", and Daring Do just "wasn't listening". There's a whole lot of wrong with this episode that I could talk about, but in many regards the twist is reason enough to put in on here: It's spitting in the face of continuity (mainly Season 4-episode Daring Don't), it completely changes the way we have to look at a fan-favourite character, it's presented clunkily, the Main 2 are either useless or annoying, and NOBODY asked for it. The Cart Before The Ponies (Season 6) *Sigh* Scootaloo: "I wanna be creative." Rainbow: "FAST!" Sweetie Belle: "I wanna reconstruct a historical model!" Rarity: "CREATIVE!" Apple Bloom: "I want to be the fastest." Applejack: "TRADITION!" That's basically the entire episode: All the CMC-sisters are reduced to one aspect of their personality, the CMC complain, and nothing comes out of it. Okay, there are SOME details to justify it: Applejack wants to live up to her family rep, Rarity wants to repair her broken honour, and Rainbow Dash... ... is just an inconsiderate ass, like usual. Needless to mention it flanderized all of them to the point where it almost broke the character to me (Rarity in particular hasn't really recovered since then). But even without the character derailment, there just isn't much plot to speak of and not very much in terms of jokes, apart from fan-service. Really, the song is probably the only thing enjoyable... and even IT only drives home (:D) the same points over and over again. Rainbow Falls (Season 4) This episode is infamous for a reason: Everything, from the premise to the main characters to the antagonists is wrong. Suddenly, Rarity sucks at fashion, Fluttershy can't hover herself above the ground, the Wonderbolts are downright treacherous, and Rainbow Dash is willing to fake a disability just so she doesn't have to choose between a foreign team and her HOME team. All that just to create a conflict that furthers the season-spanning story-arc. It's probably one of the worst Rainbow Dash-moments in the whole show (2, 4, 6, Greaaat comes close, but has more redeeming qualities), and unfortunately, it lasts the whole way through the story. One Bad Apple (Season 3) I'm usually on-board with most of MLP's redemption arcs. Starlight Glimmer? Fine. - Sunset Shimmer? Also fine. - Diamond Tiara? Somehow worked. Babs Seed on the other hand... Her tragic backstory of teasing in school is okay in theory, but doesn't weigh out the constant and vicious abuse she had already committed against the CMC. It also doesn't help that the CMC develop a massive guilt complex once they fight back. That way, Babs doesn't need to do much for her redemption, and it feels like lip service. The message itself... is problematic (like: unironically problematic). To deal with bullying, talking to an adult might be a good start, but very often they can't do anything, because the bullying itself is within the legal grey area, or the bully itself has so much power consequences would be severe. It's true that you should try not to escalate the conflict into something bigger, but the episode itself doesn't present it that way. For the CMC, their revenge was "bullying", and that's just not true. There might be other forms of dealing with bullies, but the episode doesn't want to explore them. Instead, all we are left with is ... once again... this. High - Non-Compete Clause (Season 8) I know that you shouldn't hold comedy episodes to the same strict rules as dramatic ones. And since the premise and execution are clearly tongue-in-cheek already, we could truly call THIS a comedy episode, too. ... but there's a limit. Even in a comedy, jokes can be boring, hijinxs can become stupid, and two main characters can be flanderized only SO MUCH before it gets stale. When AJ and Dashie competeted in Fall Weather Friends, they were both clever and competent and only brought THEMSELVES in danger. Meanwhile here, they act totally moronic in the face of challenge and all of their students in mortal danger... TWICE. And after all that, they don't even get the chance to save the day and redeem themselves - no, it's their students who take them out of harm and give them a lesson about teamwork... still believing their teachers acted on purpose. It's a little like W.I.T.C.H.'es "Service for Community". If you can embrace the stupidity, it's hilarious. If you can't, you'll have a pretty big problem finding anything redeemable here.Putting Your Hoof Down (Season 2) I've ranted about this episode more than enough, so here's the short version: On a rough surface level, the episode is technically okay: it has a good enough pacing, some nice Looney-Tunes-jokes, and the lesson is at least well-meaning. Also - the most pure and innocent character turning to the dark side is just an exciting trope in general. Probably one of my favourites. However, that doesn't excuse the obnoxious antagonist, the moments of character derailment, the leaps in motivation and the generally weak finale. This might be one of those cases where "bad" is more defined through the absence of "good". Secrets and Pies (Season 7) One of the rules of comedy is that you have to put your audience in a state of tolerance, where even the most disturbing things don't shake them as usual. "Secrets and Pies" fails with flying colours. Pinkie Pie has always had stalkerish and obsessive tendencies, but they usually weren't outright encouraged like here. People complained about Rainbow Dash's parents being obsessed, but baking a pie on every little occasion is a whole new level of obsession. (Also: they gave Dash encouragement, Pinkie gave her pies - big difference!) And the worst part: The first half (the one where Pinkie Pie runs through her detective routine) actually works! There could have been a lesson for both friends, about considering each other feelings beyond just good intent. Instead, they make it another lesson about "telling the truth"... and the pony who learns it is the victim of an ax-crazy stalker. Honest Apple (Season 7) As much as I want to show some understanding and tolerance towards this entry, I still can't get into this story, even though some key components ARE THERE (like: some justification for Rarity's bad decision, some humour that fits right into the mood, some thought behind Applejack's motivation...). But then the episode soon turns into a bore. The fashion ponies are all overdramatic snobs, Rarity is an insufferable yes-pony, and Applejack - despite being the one in the wrong - comes across as weirdly sympathetic (mainly because she's the only one showing some kind of self-awareness). And yet, the anvilicious ending blames her - and only her - for bad judgement. To be honest, it feels like some kind of executive meddling was going on here, where someone wanted the episode to be written a certain way, and the actual writer couldn't bring themselves to make it that one note. But understanding an issue doesn't make the issue go away. (Also: honesty CAN HURT, but you don't have to LET IT HURT. There's a way to take responsibility for your words, and that goes beyond what's shown in this episode. I wouldn't have done all these reviews if I didn't believe in "watching your words".) The Mean 6 (Season 8) MLP had several rating-traps before (e.g. "28 Pranks Later" and "Dungeons & Discords"), but this one is by far the most blatant and most useless. Queen Chrysalis doesn't live up to her whole potential, and the Mane 7 themselves don't show much intellegence either. The Mean 6 are bland rehashes from the Corrupted 6 in "Return of Harmony" with little to offer. The Plot basically just consists of running errands and ends more or less exactly where it started. But while it's certainly one of the most disappointing entries, it's not unbearable to watch. That "honor" goes to...Applejack's "Day" Off (Season 6) ... and like a day it feels: The time spent at the Spa seems endless, the dialogue is about as interesting a car-washing manual, and anything resembling action gets abandoned in favor of talking - so much useless talking! When I re-watched the episode for this list, I actually had to speed up to 1.25x to make it less painful. While it's not the worst one moral- or character-wise, it's just sooo frustrating to watch that I would no one (fan or newbie) begrudge for skipping this one entirely. . But no matter how bad some of these episodes are, it can't distract from the awesomeness of the show. While it has flaws here or there, most of the show has proved to be as endearing as back in 2016 when I first got into. Later seasons were not as good as the earlier ones, but I can't bring myself to demonize them either (even though a lot of these entries are from Season 6 onwards). And honestly: Some of the late episodes are pretty watchable. I might even make another list of them :) Dishonorable Mentions:Look Before You Sleep (Season 1) - Another Rarijack-one. I swear it's NOT on purpose.2, 4, 6, Greaaat (Season 9) - One of the worst OoC moments for Rainbow Dash.Keep Calm and Flutter On - I was never a big Fluttercord-Shipper, and this episode supposedly started it all.School Daze Pt. 1 & 2 - The most predictable and unmemorable Season Opener.---------Original meme by @DemitriaMiriam (c) My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned by Hasbro.
Henry Wu and Marcy Wu by XenoTeeth3
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OC Voice Actor Meme by GiLawTheSparky
Disney 2
Mermay 2021 - The Future Queen by Tabascofanatikerin
Devious Folder
Inktober #19 - Dizzy by MoonyMina

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