Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that a folder for tutorials and references has been added.  If you have any useful animation tips up on dA, feel free to submit.  As for everyone else, hopefully you'll get some use out of it!

Quick update.  Just letting you all know that I've made a new gallery folder for animated Comics.  Send em on in if you have any and let me know if there any issues with it!

That's pretty much all I wanted to write a journal for.

We have 671 members now, which is pretty ridiculous.  Knowing me, it will probably be another year before I make a third group journal entry.  And it will probably be just as pointless as this one.  I'd rather the focus be on submissions than random ass journal entries no one cares about.

Speaking of submissions, I don't like how I can't get rid of the Featured folder that randomly appeared a couple months ago.  It was never my intent to even implement a "featured" display of any sort.  Over the past year, we've gotten so many submissions of gifs that cover many different types of mediums and themes.  Not only that, but we've received submissions from seasoned animation veterans and people who are just starting out.  I don't think putting a spotlight over a select few will necessarily help anyone's creative process.  I don't want it to be a popularity contest; rather, just a simple gallery with simple sectioned off areas that lump all levels of talent and growth together, so that we may all progress and learn not necessarily at the same pace, but together.

I hope none of you object with my decision to keep the Featured folder empty.  I just wish I could move it from being the first and foremost folder in the goddamned gallery.

Keep animating!
So I've been meaning to make a group for gifs for a while now, and finally got around to actually doing it!  As one can imagine, this thing is heavily under construction at the moment.  I've already made a good amount of collection categories in which to submit gifs, but if you feel that I should add something I haven't thought of, please feel free to suggest it!

Also, if there are any bugs or errors you encounter while using the group, like with submissions or whatever, let me know so I can fix it.

Oof, I should probably go make an icon for now.

PS - I want you to spread this group like herpes <3

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