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Gallery Folders

Avatars and Icons
:C: Steam by Raichern
Fullbody Pixel Batch by Drawmachiine
Skitbird by Blirtt
Requested:Tasha's Dark Scare Icon by MyMelodyOfTheHeart
Traditional Fanart
Steven is my Universe by Inky-Shade
Loki Prince of Mischief Sneak peek by JEBurton
Loki simple animation by JEBurton
Traditional Originals
Animation Throwing a hat. by MonnieBiloney
Missing you. by DomeGiant
Stompybutt (animated) by Blirtt
A Child's Bedroom - GIF by sisiziur
Digital Fanart
Fanart: sexy magikarp dance by molegato
Heart Pirates' submarine (motion graphic) by MajorasMasks
Monet and Sugar OP~Frozen crossover motion graphic by MajorasMasks
My Little Nugget by CoffeeVulture
Digital Originals
Stars by MatsumotoRyou
Bloody Tears by MatsumotoRyou
Commission - BeachBat: Jump by Ruff-Sketches
YCH002 - Syvina by Ruff-Sketches
Aiko by glitchyberry
The Car 1/2 by arsenyer
PLEASE NETFLIX!!! by Fufunha
Ideas by Misia-smutaska
Fan Characters
Human Noface by sobbing-jester
Scourge (warrior cats) by Drawmachiine
Requested:Chaos Emerald Power Trio by MyMelodyOfTheHeart
Requested:Arc En Cil's Proud Walk Through Town by MyMelodyOfTheHeart
Mixed Media
Aurora by MelusineAislingArt
Daily Doodle32: Eye Don't Know What To Title This by MoonwalkingHorse
The fiend. by glitchyberry
Star Wars Party Hard Stamp by CassieCros13
Gift:Mr Butler Man  Animated Stamp by MyMelodyOfTheHeart
Requested:I Care About People Stamp by MyMelodyOfTheHeart
CONTEST-ANIMALS 3 by DeliriaMaude
Live-Action Gifs
Polymer Clay Human Heart by MonnieBiloney
Requested:Angel Flora Emoticon by MyMelodyOfTheHeart
Rotoscoped Gifs
Denim by arsenyer
Web Banners
NOTICE by My-Sword-is-Bigger
Tutorials and References
Tutorial 101 : Dragon (with a catch) by Nighteba


Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that a folder for tutorials and references has been added.  If you have any useful animation tips up on dA, feel free to submit.  As for everyone else, hopefully you'll get some use out of it!

More Journal Entries


- You don't have to actually make any gifs to be in this group. Anyone can join!

- You're allowed two submissions per folder per day.

- Submit to the appropriate folder. If you're not sure of where to submit a particular piece or feel there should be another category, don't hesitate to let me know.

- Rotoscoping is just a fancy way of saying that you used a base to create your animation. So if your gif used a base and isn't an avatar or stamp, make sure it goes into the "Rotoscoped Gifs" folder.

- The only place you're allowed to submit gifs that contain footage from random tv shows, movies, animes, etc that you didn't actually make is in the Stamp or the Avatars and Icons folder. (If it's an actual stamp or avatar, of course.) This is to ensure that the group doesn't become full of the screenshot equivalent of gifs. I want user-made content, not a bunch of copy-pasted material.

Other than that, have fun and enjoy the galleries!


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Pekka walk Study by purstotahti
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