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Nichijou: The Fruit of Knowledge

by Paschal 'Anima Sword' Dooley
Set in the universe created by Kalistina

I run my fingers along the books on the shelf as my eyes read all of the titles.
Which book shall I read today? I’ve read most of them, but it’s fun to read them again.
My fingers slow down as I stare at one of my favourites, but before I pull it out, I catch another book on the shelf below it.
I read the title and my eyes open wide.
I haven’t read this one! It’s a new book!
I pull it out in a flash before sitting down and staring at all the strange images on the cover before opening the book and reading everything I can on each page.
I love reading more than anything.
No, that’s not quite true.
I love reading about magic.
There are some complicated words on this page, but I’m slowly learning what they all mean, and I can still understand bits of it.
The page is about a spell that allows someone to fly.
That is so cool!
I’d give anything to fly like that.
I could see the birds in the sky up close, maybe even race them, see which one of us was the better flier.
I could look at the ground from above; People must look really small from that height, what would the trees look like from that height?
I wonder how far I could fly. Could I see everything the world had to offer? Maybe I could fly to new ones. I could see so many new and exciting things, and no one else would know about them, they’d be my little secrets.
I turn the page and I come across a big word on this page that I don’t understand. Meta...Metamorto...? Metamorph...? What does this word mean? Maybe something else on this page could tell me.
“Joan! Dinner!”
Ah poop.
Sakura’s calling me...the lady who wants to be my new mum.
She can try all she likes, but she doesn’t understand me.
She’ll probably give up soon anyway. That’s what my real mum did, give up and leave me all alone.
Everyone leaves me, nobody wants me.
I put my hands together and perform the one spell I know how to do, creating a shiny ball of light I can use like a torch.
Magic is so much fun. It’s pretty, it’s exciting, and it lets people to do things we can only dream of.
Reading all these wonderful books makes me think of all the great things I could be doing someday, and thinking about that makes me feel better.
I dispel the ball, close the book, and put it back on the shelf before running out of the room.
I always feel sad when I have to leave this room, when I have to leave the world of magic behind, and return to the cold lonely world I have to call home, but I tell myself that I will be back, and that someday things will be better.
This was written for Kalistina’s ‘Nichijou‘ contest to celebrate the end of the first arc in her on-going series Creative Release, which can best be described as an interactive role-play web comic.

The challenge was to write a story based around one of the characters in their ordinary lives rather than the extraordinary situations the plot puts them in, but that was easier said than done, because I was struggling to think of any interesting ideas for the main cast.
Then after looking back through the previous issues (and remembering that the series is always jumping around in time anyway), I remember reading the story of Joan (before she became the character of Apple) and decided that I wanted to try and explored those elements, taking the ideas of magic/reading = escapism and running with it.

I wanted to try and catch the childish sense of wonder in this piece, which was a great challenge as this is vastly different to my usual writing style (maintaining the childish voice/language was the hardest part), but it was also fun, and I hope you guys enjoy it too ^_^
kalistina Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Thanks for entering! Your entry's been taken into account :)
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