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Alrightly, let's start from the top...

I love my family.
I love my friends.
I love the few fans I have.
I love my pet cat Rusty.
I love the facial expressions a cat makes.
I love writing.
I love drawing.
I love animating.
I love editing.
I love being able to create my own stories and characters and worlds.
I love seeing people reactions to my work.
I love looking back at my old works and seeing how I've improved.
I even love when people give me advice on how to improve.
I love animation.
I love manga.
I love video games.
In particular, I love JRPGs, platformers, and fighting games.
I love Rock and Metal....
I love the sound of a guitar period.
I love scones with jam (I'm British what do you expect?).
I love corn flakes.
I love pasta.
I love apple juice.
I love chocolate way too much.
I love the hamburgers at Burger King.
I love martial arts.
I love learning how certain martial arts work.  
I love reading about the history and philosophy behind martial arts
I love constructing a fight sequence in my head.
I love reading, although I don't do it nearly as much as I should.
I love it when a story still has me thinking about it days later.
I love it when a comedy can make me laugh consistently.
I love it when a character gets the chance to change and develop.
I love it when the twist is actually surprising.
I love tales of heroism.
I love underdogs.  
I love video game OSTs.
I love radio comedies.
I love The Now Show.
I love I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue.
I love that I could list many more radio comedies but won't.
I love being young at heart.
I love being old enough to know better.
I love that I've never done drugs.
I love that I've never touched alcohol.
I love it when things go right.  (Who doesn't?)
I love earning money.
I love lovely stuff (come you on, you can do better than that!)
I love saying stupid things sometimes.
I love throwing voices
I love voice acting.
I love ham acting.
I love hearing a really good voice actor at work.
I love telling jokes.
I love seeing people laugh at my jokes.
I love hanging out with my friends, but…
…I also love my alone time.
I love learning new things.
I love this emoticon ^_^
I love cloudy days.
I love sunny days with a cool breeze.
I love Spring.
I love climbing over rocks and cliffs on a beach.
I love watching seagulls dance/stamp on the ground
I love snow scenes (as long as I don't have to drive in them)
I love Christmas!
I love writing and filmmaking, it cannot be said enough!
I love my cam recorder.
I love my old laptops.
I love Flash
I love looking through my old sketchbooks.
I love filming, although I haven't done any major projects for a long time.
I love trading story ideas with friends and colleges.
I hate console wars… because I love that each system has its own merits and something worth playing.
I love single-player gaming.
I love multi-player gaming if the other players are in the room with me.
I love reaching a games ending.
I love training Pokemon… never bothered to "catch 'em all".
I love Donkey Kong, no matter what game he's in.
I love the Tales series and all of the wonderful characters they've created.
I love Skies of Arcadia   
I love Street Fighter (despite its cheesiness).
I love Fire Emblem.
I love Mega Man.  Only played classics and ZX so far though.
I love Sonic, even when he embarrasses himself.
I love Legend of Zelda.  Better in 3D.
I love Mass Effect, I've only just started playing it, but the universe is amazing.
I love Buso Renkin.
I love Rurouni Kenshin.
You know what, let's just say I love anything Nobuhiro Watsuki writes.
I love Fairy Tail.
I love Father Ted.
I love Doctor Who.
I love Avatar: The Last Airbender… avoided the movie.
I love The IT Crowd.
I love Garth Marengi's Dark Place
I love that could fill this list with comedy series
I love that I could also fill this with animated series (Megas XLR is awesome!!!)
I love optimism.
I love that I just don't care about fashion that much.
I love finishing my current project.
I love getting comments.
I love watching martial arts films (yes it's this again)
I love watching a good fight scene in movies.
I love the fact that despite this, I hate violence and gore.
I love leaning how things work
I love making new friends.
I love open-minded and accepting people.
I love helping people in any way I can.
I love being thanked.
I love helping people with their writing/animation
I love seeing said people's work improve.
I love seeing people working on their dreams.
I love people who never give up.
I love a peaceful routine.
I love having a dream/goal to aim for.
I love believing in a positive future.
I love ending on a high.
I loved writing this.
I loved the fact that I wasn't the first person to write this.
I loved the fact that there are people who share my general optimism.

And finally, to quote the lovely lady who wrote the original list
I love life, even if I'm not necessarily always happy.

Till next time,
Cherrio ^_^
Ok I should probably explain this. I was inspired to do it after I read LittleLynn84 's own list which you can find here...


And frankly I agree with her sentiment. Whilst I do have fun complaining about something that's bad every now and again. I do try to stay possitive and I never want to assume something will be terrible or let life get me down or anything like that, plus the general negitivity that exists on the internet is frankly depressing at times.
So in celebration of finding someone with my same sense of optimism, I decided to write my own list to help spread the good work and make feel a little cheerful as well (even if it is a little chessy).

I will admit one or two of the items on this list are the exact same thing LittleLynn84 put on hers, but rest is all mine, so let's just put it down to us having something in comman and forget about it alright? ^_^

Either way, enjoy and spread the possitive vibes!
JocelynSamara Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2011  Professional Writer
Thanks for spreading the love! I love that people are actually doing these! :D
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