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The air felt heavy as the heat intensified, the distant flames and steam slowly raising the temperature higher and higher until even a single breath felt like burden. As the last echoes of a cry of rage and anguish faded away into the night closely followed by a dull thud, only one woman could be seen, her features obscured by the dim lighting of the room, all that was visible were her eyes, pale silver irises that stared at the spreading flames whilst trying to conceal the well of sadness and regret that lay behind them.
She turned to leave the depressing place, when a sound cut through the chaos and destruction like a knife, shaking her to the core and stopping her in tracks. It was a sound that all living beings stopped and addressed, a sound which few could truly ignore, even in a situation like this; it was a baby's cry.
Without a second thought she followed the sound and started to tear apart the debris strewn around the room until she suddenly found it; wrapped in a white cloth was a baby, crying out for it's mother, who was still close to the baby even now, but could no longer answer his cries.
The figure stared for a long moment at this mewing infant, her unnatural eyes studying its form as her mind raced with thoughts and dilemmas. Although part of her dismissed it as impossible, her feelings and instincts had already made their choice. It was on this night of carnage bathed under the full moon that a strange connection was made.
Alrighty, here's my first attempt at writing a serial here on DA, I hope you all enjoy it.

'On a distant planet colanised by humans long ago, there legends of fearsome creatures that hunt men and women in the shadows of the night, but one legends stands out amongest them, a legend of a vampire who not only doesn't hunt, but raises a human child as if it were her own. These are the tales of the strange family and their attempts to find a place on this planet that they can truely call home.'

Feedback is greatly appricated.
Story and Characters belongs to Paschal 'Anima Sword' Dooley

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November 27, 2011
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