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Character Challenge: Hudson
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Twenty Character Challenge: #01

Made for Megafire800

Style: Type B
Gender: Male
Job: Sharpshooter/Butler
Keywords: Quiet, Gentleman, Calm, Wise, and BADASS.

'Would like me to show you the door without pulling this trigger sir?'
Hudson is a former soldier who wanted to retire to a quieter life, but ended up being dragged into combat when his master ended up being the target of mobsters and now he works hard to keep the horse in order and protect his master from whatever threat comes his way.

I know I said these were going to be colour, but my time is being eaten up by so many other things lately so I'm going ot have to post these sketches as they are for the moment and leave it at that. This image was the first that came to my mind when I saw the key words, and whilst it was a simple (almost cliched) image, it was a perfect fit I think.
I was worried about the word 'badass' because that's a subjective term that could make you and the character look silly if you get it wrong, but in the end, I decided to just hedge my bets and focus on the aspect that I feel makes a badass, confidence. It takes alot of guts to enter a dangerous situation, but it takes something special to enter that scene without breaking a sweat, and that is what makes a badass in my opinion.
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I forgot about this. Nicely done
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