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Legacy of Bonds: Chapter One
“My first memory was when I was about six years old. I woke up in small clinic and my head was throbbing like hell. I remember being surrounded by curious fishermen and one old elven man. The doctor asked me what my name was, or if I could tell them what happened to me, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t remember anything. Since no one could find my parents, the doctor and his wife decided the best option was to take me in. In a sense, this was where the person I am now was born”
Chapter One: The Sword, The Wolf, and The Mask
The air on the plains was still, and it was one of few times it wasn’t carrying the snow that helped to name the city of Snowcap. Whilst the snow hadn’t thawed out (the snow never disappeared completely in Snowcap), some patches of greenery were starting to poke through, the true sigh that summer had arrived in the white wasteland that the werewolves called home.
On top of a rise a short di
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Nichijou Entry: Fruit of Knowledge
Nichijou: The Fruit of Knowledge
by Paschal 'Anima Sword' Dooley
Set in the universe created by Kalistina
I run my fingers along the books on the shelf as my eyes read all of the titles.
Which book shall I read today? I’ve read most of them, but it’s fun to read them again.
My fingers slow down as I stare at one of my favourites, but before I pull it out, I catch another book on the shelf below it.
I read the title and my eyes open wide.
I haven’t read this one! It’s a new book!
I pull it out in a flash before sitting down and staring at all the strange images on the cover before opening the book and reading everything I can on each page.
I love reading more than anything.
No, that’s not quite true.
I love reading about magic.
There are some complicated words on this page, but I’m slowly learning what they all mean, and I can still understand bits of it.
The page is about a spell that allows someone to fly.
That is so cool!
I’d give anyt
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New Comic Series for 2013 by Animasword New Comic Series for 2013 :iconanimasword:Animasword 1 2 'Project Spark' Teaser by Animasword 'Project Spark' Teaser :iconanimasword:Animasword 2 4
Maternal Moon: Chapter One
It another blazing hot day in the vast desert wastelands that made up the western continent, but if you were one of people who choose to live and work in this dry land, you weren't expecting much else. Rain fell on those lands only two times a month if you were lucky, so the continent was mostly vast deserts broken by small cities with long connecting roads, as such roadside cafes and bars were like a modern day oasis to any long distance traveller and attracted a lot of business as a result.
One such place was a fairly large but still rustic bar named 'The Gold Fountain' located on the costal roads that was able to catch both the travellers speeding from city to city and the company of people who were arriving and leaving from the ports, meaning they needed almost double the parking space of any other roadside cafe to fit all the vehicles that pulled off the road like a herd of metal livestock to a watering hole.
Like so many others that day, a truck pulled off the road and into a par
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Maternal Moon: Prolouge
The air felt heavy as the heat intensified, the distant flames and steam slowly raising the temperature higher and higher until even a single breath felt like burden. As the last echoes of a cry of rage and anguish faded away into the night closely followed by a dull thud, only one woman could be seen, her features obscured by the dim lighting of the room, all that was visible were her eyes, pale silver irises that stared at the spreading flames whilst trying to conceal the well of sadness and regret that lay behind them.
She turned to leave the depressing place, when a sound cut through the chaos and destruction like a knife, shaking her to the core and stopping her in tracks. It was a sound that all living beings stopped and addressed, a sound which few could truly ignore, even in a situation like this; it was a baby's cry.
Without a second thought she followed the sound and started to tear apart the debris strewn around the room until she suddenly found it; wrapped in a white cloth
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Character Challenge: Tungen by Animasword Character Challenge: Tungen :iconanimasword:Animasword 1 1 Character Challenge: Hudson by Animasword Character Challenge: Hudson :iconanimasword:Animasword 0 1 Drawing Style Examples by Animasword Drawing Style Examples :iconanimasword:Animasword 0 0
My 'I don't hate' List
Alrightly, let's start from the top...
I love my family.
I love my friends.
I love the few fans I have.
I love my pet cat Rusty.
I love the facial expressions a cat makes.
I love writing.
I love drawing.
I love animating.
I love editing.
I love being able to create my own stories and characters and worlds.
I love seeing people reactions to my work.
I love looking back at my old works and seeing how I've improved.
I even love when people give me advice on how to improve.
I love animation.
I love manga.
I love video games.
In particular, I love JRPGs, platformers, and fighting games.
I love Rock and Metal....
I love the sound of a guitar period.
I love scones with jam (I'm British what do you expect?).
I love corn flakes.
I love pasta.
I love apple juice.
I love chocolate way too much.
I love the hamburgers at Burger King.
I love martial arts.
I love learning how certain martial arts work.  
I love reading about the history and philosophy behind martial arts
I love constructing
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Cyber Realm: Episode 21 - p6 by Animasword Cyber Realm: Episode 21 - p6 :iconanimasword:Animasword 1 0 Cyber Realm: Episode 21 - p5 by Animasword Cyber Realm: Episode 21 - p5 :iconanimasword:Animasword 1 0 Cyber Realm: Episode 21 - p4 by Animasword Cyber Realm: Episode 21 - p4 :iconanimasword:Animasword 0 0 Cyber Realm: Episode 21 - p3 by Animasword Cyber Realm: Episode 21 - p3 :iconanimasword:Animasword 0 0 Cyber Realm: Episode 21 - p2 by Animasword Cyber Realm: Episode 21 - p2 :iconanimasword:Animasword 1 0 Cyber Realm: Episode 21 - p1 by Animasword Cyber Realm: Episode 21 - p1 :iconanimasword:Animasword 0 0


12/5/18- Din! by PallydinMeg 12/5/18- Din! :iconpallydinmeg:PallydinMeg 1 0 Smash Bros Ultimate Faves by JocelynSamara Smash Bros Ultimate Faves :iconjocelynsamara:JocelynSamara 67 10 12/3/18 November Art Dump by PallydinMeg 12/3/18 November Art Dump :iconpallydinmeg:PallydinMeg 2 2
Hot Take: The Designs Are Awesome
This is my possibly controvesial take on whether the live-action CGI Pokémon in the upcoming Detective Pikachu movie are cute or creepy. 
... They're both and that's fucking rad.
Let's never forget that 1) they're supposed to be monsters, 2) many of these designs were already creepy in context (i.e. Greninja is a Pokémon that wears its goddamn tongue as a scarf and Mr. Mime already looks like Pennywise's avatar in the Pokémon universe) and 3) there is no universe where realistic Pokémon aren't gonna look off in some way. 
I find it's not only a great compromise between "realism" and the original cartoony designs, it's a good reminder you live in a fantastical world where your best animal buddy is also... you know... a potential multi-city-block busting mini-nuke with fangs and fur. 
So hell yeah, give me all the notably monstrous and horrifying realistic Pokém
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Let's Go Wandering by JocelynSamara Let's Go Wandering :iconjocelynsamara:JocelynSamara 53 15 Box Fans by JocelynSamara Box Fans :iconjocelynsamara:JocelynSamara 67 14 EVERYONE... has already made a joke about this by Doc-yoshi EVERYONE... has already made a joke about this :icondoc-yoshi:Doc-yoshi 5 4 9/25/18- Errol by PallydinMeg 9/25/18- Errol :iconpallydinmeg:PallydinMeg 7 2 7/6/18- Dro Azyllar by PallydinMeg 7/6/18- Dro Azyllar :iconpallydinmeg:PallydinMeg 4 0 8/11/18- Tabaxi Practice by PallydinMeg 8/11/18- Tabaxi Practice :iconpallydinmeg:PallydinMeg 4 0 9/30/18- Kendra Fetri by PallydinMeg 9/30/18- Kendra Fetri :iconpallydinmeg:PallydinMeg 4 2 Inktober 2018 - 2. Tranquil by JocelynSamara Inktober 2018 - 2. Tranquil :iconjocelynsamara:JocelynSamara 34 8 Smash Bros Ultimate - Top 5 Hopefuls by JocelynSamara Smash Bros Ultimate - Top 5 Hopefuls :iconjocelynsamara:JocelynSamara 18 20
Random Thought of the Day...
Or, alternatively, here's a hot take:
Writers and artists "not taking sides" on certain hot topic button issues? That's neither brave nor awesome. It's cowardly and harmful, a position that takes no risks to coddle one group while throwing another under the bus. 
I've been thinking about this one novel, lately, "Unwound" by Neal Shusterman. Essentially, it's a dystopian novel set in a world where a civil war was fought over abortion and a compromise was reached: abortion is still illegal, but you can totally harvest 90% of a child's or teenager's body instead, and it wouldn't be murder! 
The teens see it as murder, natch, and rebellion and runaways and all that is part and parcel of a YA dystopian novel ensue. Largely, the novel is a vehicle for the protagonists to debate back and forth about abortion... and the author goes out of his way to ensure that his work doesn't ultimately land on any side of the issue, that it doesn't lean too heavily for one argument or the other.
:icongamemasterfel:GamemasterFel 9 9
Tressa Travels for Treasure by JocelynSamara Tressa Travels for Treasure :iconjocelynsamara:JocelynSamara 43 12
Character Interview Template
The following serves a few functions: Character development, if needed, or just a fun activity to pursue involving your OC. Some guidelines to follow:
1. Answer the following questions from your character's point of view. As such, the answers should be written in a first-person ("I") format.
2. Feel free to throw in your own answer, if you feel that the answer is incomplete. Yes, you, behind the fourth wall.
3. Since this is supposed to be fun, I'd prefer it if you and your character could minimize the bad language, so that everyone can enjoy these.
4. Have fun. Otherwise, there's really no point. Get into your character's head and have at it!
5. Anyone can use this template. But, please, make sure to reference the source. If you don't...
6. Begin.
Character's Name: [Insert Name Here]
Part I: Let's Start at the Beginning...
1. What's your name?
2. Give me your full name...
3. Do you have a nickname? If yes, what is it and how did you come to have it?
4. What species are you? (Hu
:iconwyvern-1:Wyvern-1 394 101


Well since I wrote a critique for the first one, it's only fair to do it again. I'll start off by saying the new font works really well...

First time writing one of these, but then again there's always a first time for everything. I do agree with you that the gender symbols...

  • Listening to: VG Soundtracks
  • Reading: Hero of a Thousand Faces
  • Watching: Let's Plays and Sword Arts Online
  • Playing: Pokemon Conquest
  • Eating: All the things I need to survive
  • Drinking: Apple Juice
Yeah...sorry I haven't posted her for a long time, but honestly, I've barely had anytime to work on anything these past few weeks.
One week after another has involved a family visit or some intense work I have to finish, and what little free time I've had has been spent trying to edit either Monkey Broadcast (a podcast I do on another YT channel) or Legacy of a Stray Wolf, and there's a weekly review blog I've just started as well.
In short, my time has been eaten away, and it's only going to get worse since I'm getting extended hours on my part-time job next week, that'll mean I have even less time to work on stuff.
It's not all bad in fairness; Said part time job does have some days when I can get some writing done, so I'm making small progress on that kind of stuff. In fact, you know what? I'm focusing too much on the negitive right now, let's try and talk about the progress I have made.

Started recording the voiceover for the 'End of Season' video, but haven't had time to start thinking about Season Two yet.

About 80% of the lines are in and I'm now working on the first two scenes.

Started the basic drawing. Also tried to hire an artist to work on the project but that did not go so well.

Started drawing the first page...but then realised I had some holes in the script so I'm currently trying to fix that

So yeah, little bits here are there but not much. Maybe I should stop trying to solo projects and make more collab efforts? Of course that would involve finding artists and alike who would be willing to work with me. Ah well, complaining won't solve anything.
In short, been really busy up until now and whilst it's not going to be a sudden overnight change, I do want to try and turn things around so hopefully I'll have some content for you guys soon, even if it's just some basic sketches.

Till Next Time ^_^


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Paschal Dooley
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
Current Residence: North Cornwall
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Metal, or Instramental
Favourite photographer: None
Favourite style of art: Manga/Anime and Pixel/Sprite art
Operating System: Windows XP/Vista
MP3 player of choice: Realplayer
Shell of choice: I'm sorry?
Wallpaper of choice: My company logo
Skin of choice: the skin I was born with
Favourite cartoon character: Can't really narrow it down to one.
Personal Quote: "I'll never give up on my dream!"


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Hi! Are you Animasword? I saw a read your side-story based on Alvin-Earthworm's fan series, Super Mario Bros Z. The comic book pages done by LuffyMcDuck were a little good, even the story itself was great. You guys sure had put a lot of work into it. I know it was meant to be part of the old version of Mark's sprite animation, but I still support the series in spirit. Just wanted to say you guys did a really good job with making the comic till the very end. I give a 4.5-5. :)
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