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Whimsical Ballads

Character: Whim

Origin: Mana Khemia 2: Fall of Alchemy

Design: Default

Another fanart from the list done. This is Whim from Mana Khemia 2. The game is rare but I've finally been given a chance to stream it recently on Twitch and I love it! I beat the first Mana Khemia and wish to play all the 2D Atelier series games on the PS2. I dunno I just prefer the 2D games to the 3D games for some reason. Whim is a playable character and Mana of Water and can actually take the form of an Undine. She uses many water and ice based weapons including her Ice Axe, Ice Lances, Ice Cannon, and even a machine that can turn enemies into frozen desserts xD She is always by her Master Lily's side. Love the battle and experience system in this game. It's so perfectly balanced I'd love for an Oblivia RPG to be just like it, without the whole alchemy thing. =w=

Oh for those who do not know and wish to join me; I have a Twitch account! I don't draw on it :'( But I do play games! Last playthrough was Persona 4, now we're onto this game. You can follow below at:…

Art: (C) Michael Caraballo / Animangaemo       Character: (C) Gust Co. Ltd. / Nippon Ichi Software
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Very good drawing good job
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Very pretty! ^^
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So cuuuute! :heart: I really love how you did the colours! They are so great!
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Oops sorry jagoryu. Thanks for letting me know haha. I'm also a big fan of this game and I do a lot of fanart for mana khemia as well. Its very pleasing to find more fans even after so many years. Back to the picture...i really like your whim!
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Haha it's alright, thank you so much for your comment! :D I'm glad that I can find some lovers of the game out there too! ^_^
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Yes, welcomes! More fans the merrier
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I have the game yet I haven't played it yet xD This is a cute character thought :3
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Haha you really should! And thanks! :D
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Yeah if I can find it xD I had it stored somewhwere in my stuff x-x
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Nice, Mana Khemia is an awesome game! :)
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Nicely done! I like how you added the water to surround her
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Umm... You messaged the wrong person. I'm not the one that did it... ^^; I played the game but haven't drawn this.
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Yay, someone who has also played it! :D And thanks! :3
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Of course. I'm a gamer since the old NES days. :)
I love the whole Atelier series.
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