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June 13, 2012
Jammin' by =Animanga409, also suggested by =Pixacious and *ChaosEmeraldHunter, has smooth animation and effectively conveys its subject. The expression is very dynamic and adorable.
Featured by stuck-in-suburbia
Suggested by Indae
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Music + Purple Headphones = :heart:


WOW, my first DD!!!! This was quite surprising to wake up to!! Thank you SO MUCH to =Indae, ~Pixacious, and *ChaosEmeraldHunter for suggesting it and to ^stuck-in-suburbia for featuring it!! :love: :happybounce:

ALSO, based on plz-related comments, I made a plz account! It's ~jammingplz :la:

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This is one of my most favorite emojis ever! :squee:
gigglesghostlover's avatar
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:iconjammingplz: : iconjammingplz : I get it now.
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Haha, me when I'm listening to music!

And totally listening to my mom.(note the sarcasm)
Pinkedalink's avatar
This is so shiny and adorable, wow!
DJkirbs754's avatar
Lolz perfect emote for me Jammin' 
Meliviola's avatar
i like the emotion Jammin' 
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yay Jammin * me enjoying it Jammin' and the DD was totally deserved to you * regards* Suki
Haruhianeko's avatar
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: iconjammingplz : Without the spaces :iconjammingplz:
Haruhianeko's avatar
how do i do this D:<
SparkelzDaCat's avatar
x-TrueHeroine-x's avatar
Ermagherd!! KAWAIIIIII!!!! :iconjammingplz:
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this is soooo KAWWAII! xD Jammin' Jammin' Jammin' Jammin' Jammin' Jammin' Jammin' 
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