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Sephy bath

Completely gratuitous and useless pic...done because I was bored while cooking dinner. I had to let the food simmer for about an hour, so here you have it. One hour's worth of bishi.

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Am I the only one busy staring at the cute FF7 version of the rubber ducks modeled after the Chocobo? :)
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That was actually my favorite part...
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That was actually my favorite part...
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Me: Hey Sephiroth, you in here?
Sephiroth: *doesn't answer*
Me: Okay, since the others are taking a shower and it seems like Sephiroth is still in the training room I should be able to take a bath in here. *Opens door then catches sight*
Sephiroth: Well look what the cat drug in...or should I say the moon according to your nickname.
Me: *shields eyes* Damn you Sephiroth, you did that on purpose, didn't you?
Sephiroth: *evil laugh*
Me: You just wait, when Genesis and Angeal get out of their respective showers, I am so going to sick them on you.
Sephiroth: I look forward to the challenge, Rixe.
Me: *Runs out of bathroom slamming door loud enough to hurt Sephiroth's ears* Teach him to have me walk in on him. You just wait, you silver demon, I will get revenge for this....
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XD You are writing a fan fic based on my fan art...
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(nose bleed fatality)
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lol awesome job XD
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Okay... I need one of those Rubber Choco-ducks!
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Let me know if you find anybody that sells them!
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There is a reason why Cloud's hair looks like a Chocobo.......
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OMG :eyepopping: Sephy bathtime :squee:......i'd wash your back *pricks up ears n wags tail*
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Get in line! XD
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Wish I could do all that in an hour :hmm:
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XD I am a mom with a full time job, if I did not do things fast they will never get done!
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*nosebleed* //O_O//
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wow this is amazing XD ..and lol rubber chocobo's :clap:
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This one's funny, but I like the Genesis one better. The look on Gene's face is just too priceless! And I agree with Jadejj, the rubber chocobo is a cute touch.
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