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What is Animals-of-Color?
We are a group dedicated to showcasing and collecting artworks of animals that feature a specific color. For example, Flamingoes (which are pink), Grizzly Bears (which are Brown), Monarch Butterflies (which are orange), etc. So, whatever color the animal is in the artwork, it has to have a MAIN color.

What kind of artwork do we accept?
- Photography
- Traditional
- Digital
- Plush
- Sculpture
- Short animations
- Pixel art
If you are unsure, please send a note and ask!

The artwork you submit must be of HIGH quality. So, only submit work that you are truly proud of.

We will also accept fantasy animals! That means dragons, gryphons, basilisks, unicorns, and more!

We will accept dinosaurs and prehistoric animals as well.

Do you accept animals of abnormal color?
Yes, we will accept green cats, blue mice, yellow pigs, etc. Only as long as the artwork is finished and of high quality.

What don't we accept?
- Please DO NOT submit artworks that are too similar (for example, do not submit photos of the same animal from similar angles all in one sitting - we like to see variety).
- Unfinished artwork
- Blurry, out of focus, grainy pieces that don't pass our quality guidelines
- Racism
- Nudity/Sexual content
- Journal Entry Submissions to our gallery folders
- Journal Skins
- Tutorials
- Small Avatars

What should I do if my artwork is declined?
First, please don't take it personally if your artwork is declined. We only accept finished works that display clear quality (as stated above). However, if you would still like to submit a deviation to the group, simply find another devation in your gallery to submit.

How many artworks am I allowed to submit?
You are currently allowed to submit 10 pieces per person.

Can I submit to the Featured Folder?
No. If you submit anything to the Featured Folder, your submission will be declined. Submit your works to a specific color folder.

What if I am not sure where to submit my deviation?
If you're not sure where to submit your deviation(s), please submit to the "I'm not sure where this goes" Folder in our gallery.
Hello everyone! :wave:

Over the next week, you may see a delay in acceptance of group submissions, this is because I'm preparing for the incoming Hurricane Dorian.
If for some reason your submission expires and is not accepted, please go ahead and resubmit and hopefully we'll be back to regular submission acceptance rates after the first week of September.

For everyone that is in the path of the hurricane, please stay strong and stay safe. :heart:

See you all again real soon and as always, happy creating!
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Gallery Folders

Happy Halloween by Wolfskuss
Luna, The Mutt by Miss-Blurry
My Spot by Ulltuss
Ferret by REYKAT
{Commission} - CMYK animated pixel doll by LeoKatana
Grooming buddy by MonsterBrand
The Year of the Pig 2019 by AngelaRizza
Commission 2020: Hear My Call by Black-Wing24
Commission 2020: The Fiery Guide by Black-Wing24
Vagabond by Susante
Found by Susante
Skyhigh by PookaDoodle
Orange 2
Echoes in the valley by Ulfeid3
Fox by Justfog
Filter power by Golday41
Embers and petals by ScalerandiArt
Spicebush Swallowtail Caterpillar by marielleberto
Is it for me? Thank you! by plua3dart
Doom Isabelle by DolphyDolphiana
1.05.2020 - HB Asuna by Nikulina-Helena
Cuban cockroach - Panchlora nivea by marielleberto
Eelquarium by Gato-Iberico
The Lifebringer by AlectorFencer
Creation by Noctualis
blue by thassy
Melted skin by SurtrRJ
Bluerrion by zyavera
Wheee! YCH 1 (Cat) by PurpleFoxKinz
a good day to be a bad boy by SpacewaIker
Spyro trot animation by SeaSaltShrimp
The silent awakening by MorkarDFC
[GALAR ZINE] Gigantamax Corviknight by Chigle
Fresh Squeezed by Carnivox
Clefable by JoshuaDunlop
Spring Restoration by KatieHofgard
Commission: Bravery by ApollinArt
night time by MIRTRUD
Foxy by Muns11
Petollinen by Ghentian
Owl painting by straewefin
Gray 2
OPEN - 50x50/100x100 DA icon YCH - multi species by PurpleFoxKinz
Keita by MIRTRUD
Desert Maiden by Fainalotea
Brown 2
Up close with hatchlings by Cyklopi
Wall by SurtrRJ
Mandarin by Nate-Zeman
Multi-colored 2
Inner Sunshine by Little-Starfish
Multi-colored 3
Cruelty Free Club by Dragibuz
Multi-colored 4
the red bull by Grimmla
Black and White
White angel by FlashW
Animals-of-Color  Icon by mydigitalmind
I'm not sure where this goes
Feathered by FlashW






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