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What is Animals-of-Color?
We are a group dedicated to showcasing and collecting artworks of animals that feature a specific color. For example, Flamingoes (which are pink), Grizzly Bears (which are Brown), Monarch Butterflies (which are orange), etc. So, whatever color the animal is in the artwork, it has to have a MAIN color.

What kind of artwork do we accept?
- Photography
- Traditional
- Digital
- Plush
- Sculpture
- Short animations
- Pixel art
If you are unsure, please send a note and ask!

The artwork you submit must be of HIGH quality. So, only submit work that you are truly proud of.

We will also accept fantasy animals! That means dragons, gryphons, basilisks, unicorns, and more!

We will accept dinosaurs and prehistoric animals as well.

Do you accept animals of abnormal color?
Yes, we will accept green cats, blue mice, yellow pigs, etc. Only as long as the artwork is finished and of high quality.

What don't we accept?
- Please DO NOT submit artworks that are too similar (for example, do not submit photos of the same animal from similar angles all in one sitting - we like to see variety).
- Unfinished artwork
- Blurry, out of focus, grainy pieces that don't pass our quality guidelines
- Racism
- Nudity/Sexual content
- Journal Entry Submissions to our gallery folders
- Journal Skins
- Tutorials
- Small Avatars

What should I do if my artwork is declined?
First, please don't take it personally if your artwork is declined. We only accept finished works that display clear quality (as stated above). However, if you would still like to submit a deviation to the group, simply find another devation in your gallery to submit.

How many artworks am I allowed to submit?
You are currently allowed to submit 10 pieces per person.

Can I submit to the Featured Folder?
No. If you submit anything to the Featured Folder, your submission will be declined. Submit your works to a specific color folder.

What if I am not sure where to submit my deviation?
If you're not sure where to submit your deviation(s), please submit to the "I'm not sure where this goes" Folder in our gallery.
Hello everyone!

I am so very sorry for the inactivity on this group. I haven't been on DeviantArt as much and I've been struggling with unemployment issues due to covid since the beginning of 2020.
Due to my current work situation and the fact that I'm trying to start a new online business to help with bills, I won't be able to attend to this group as often as I would like to.

I am going to go ahead and open up the group to automatically accept submissions if you are a member.
I will pop in every once in awhile to organize the group folders and make sure all submissions are in the proper places.  I will also remove any submissions that don't adhere to the group's rules and will answer any questions as best I can.

I hope everyone has been staying safe and healthy and creative!

Now, lets see those beautiful artworks!!
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Happy Halloween by Wolfskuss
Luna, The Mutt by MomoDoesArts
My Spot by Ulltuss
Ferret by REYKAT
Time Out In The Snow by MightyRaptor
Reference hell wolf by Valiberite
Red Ruffed Lemur by FedhaTherian
Rajesh [YCH for Calupes] by KAZARartist
Commission 2020: The Fiery Guide by Black-Wing24
Vagabond by Susante
Found by Susante
Skyhigh by PookaDoodle
Orange 2
Zoe the Chiweenie Series #6 - I Found You by RachaelGarcia
Tiger in Snow by Azyungel
Beauty Is In The Eyes Of The Serval by TheBootesArtVoid
Circus Minis by AradiyaToys (Olka Novytska) by AradiyaToys
Phoenix by Volinfer
A World of Color by Azyungel
Sneaking Up A Fast One by MightyRaptor
Simba Future King of Pridelands by WildHeartLK
Relax by GanbaruGriff
Be careful by RhydonSutherland
shadow of nobody there by SonarArtz
UB Report: Celesteela by Atlas-Divide
Steampunk by RhydonSutherland
Sparkledog 1: Generic blue guy by MillipedetheDragon
Mizuki Ref! by StaarStriked0924
10th Year Anniversary Rio: Blu And Jewel by MightyRaptor
Commission: Among the Stars by Atlas-Divide
Fledermaus by unikatdesign
Nyota fursona sheet - Spring 2021 by Tnynfox
Radiant Nyota birb by Tnynfox
Ember Handmade Custom Plush by Chibi-pets
A Little Bird Told Me by Lora-Vysotskaya
Noelle by Hamico
Friendy Candy with Gummy Bear by AradiyaToys by AradiyaToys
night time by MIRTRUD
Foxy by Muns11
Petollinen by Ghentian
Carrousel by ImaginaryRat
Gray 2
UB Report: Blacephalon by Atlas-Divide
Full moon by CowboySprinkles
Brown 2
Banana Dachshund by Mary-fflufybird
Grim - Table by Ulfeid3
Mandarin by Nate-Zeman
Multi-colored 2
Inner Sunshine by Little-Starfish
Multi-colored 3
Cruelty Free Club by Dragibuz
Multi-colored 4
whorling mass by deadbeatprince
Black and White
Black Ink - Wolf by wolfzol
Animals-of-Color  Icon by mydigitalmind
I'm not sure where this goes
Charbis The Hot Ego by MightyRaptor






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