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Welcome to our group!

Welcome to our group! We're glad that you decided to visit us! Like what you see? Feel free to join! We would love to have you here! Please be sure to read the rules before submitting anything to our gallery.

What are we exactly?
We are a group solely dedicated to animals- whether it be art, photography, or literature. We encourage you to tell us if we are missing anything, or what we can improve. Don't hesitate to send a note to the group or leave a comment on this page if you have any suggestions.

Confused? Have any questions?
If you have anymore comments, questions, or regards, please feel free to note the group with it all. The admins will answer it to the best of their knowledge, and we'll be glad to answer any or all of your questions.



• We will only accept art featuring ANIMALS. We WILL NOT ACCEPT HUMANS, even as adoptables.. Ferals and anthro animals are both accepted. We will not accept any art in which zero animal is depicted.

• We will only accept content that you created by yourself. None of these are allowed: stolen/uncredited art, uncredited bases or linearts, movie screencaps, screenshots from video games.

We do not accept art that has to be paid/bought to be seen. We must be able to see what we accept in our gallery.

• We will not accept:
- Humans (your art has to feature at least 1 animal that is clearly seen)
- Sexual explicit content, overly graphic nudity, anything related to pornography
- Anything related to drug paraphernalia
- Religion bashing, even through art expression
- Sexuality bashing, even through art expression
- Flaming, harassing of any sort, fighting, etc.

• Please try and submit to the correct folder. It means less work for us admins AND for you! If you submit your deviation into the wrong folder, it will be declined and we will tell you in which folder you have to re-submit your deviation.

• No rude/offensive behavior/harrassment towards members of the group or our admins will be tolerated. If you happen to behave like a rude person to anyone here, you will be banned.

Hope you enjoy our group!
Feel free to join and to contribute :)


Our fellow animal-loving groups :heart:










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