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Hello and welcome to Animal Reference Photo!

:bulletblue:This group is dedicated to providing high quality reference photos to artists. Whats the difference between us and other photography groups/ google images? Well unlike those forms of reference, you actually have permission to use these images by the photographers (be sure to read rules for specifics).

:bulletpink: It is a place for artists to come and find photos to reference for their drawings, sculptures, or whatever form of art they choose.

:bulletpink: It's also a place for photographers to show off their work, see how others interpret their photos in their art, and get more exposure (we have over 600 members and over 1000 watchers- that's a lot of potential exposure!)

Now heres the part everyone hates, but please just take a moment to review these.


This is NOT a stock site and images may not be used in any other way than as references unless otherwise specified by those who took the photos. This also isn't just a photography group, the photos in the group have been submitted by photographers or photographers have accepted a request specifically allowing the photo to be used as art reference. Please be sure to follow individual photographers rules on use- for example some may require credit for reference, others may not. Some may allow commercial use, others may not. When in doubt ask and link to the photographer for credit, and don't use for commercial works unless you have obtained written permission from the photographer. PLEASE if you don't see any rules on the photographers image or page - SEND THEM A NOTE asking if they have any particular rules or post a comment here with a link to the photo, and I'll ask them. If you use a photo here as a reference, please post a link on this page so I can add it to the gallery! Now, scroll down, read, and be certain you understand the disclaimers.

Note: if the reference photo you are looking at seems too small, hit "download image"

:bulletred: To Submit Photos/ Information for Photograph Submissions
All you need to do is click the join button, then in the "welcome home" section, click submit art.

Please don't submit to featured.

Only clear, sharp images useful for pose reference and face reference will be accepted at this time. Please don't be offended if a photo is not accepted, its not because I don't like the photo, or that its a bad photo. When accepting photos to the group I am very particular with what I'm looking for, and the decision to not include a photo is not at all personal and I don't reject because I think photos are bad or poor quality. Simply I only accept photos that are clear, close up (face/portrait style photo) or full body ( no feet or legs blocked by tall grass ect.), and useful for pose or face reference. Horses are the only species this doesn't quite apply- the majority of stock submitted daily as far as animals go is of horses. I don't want to flood our watchers and members with only horse photos so I may reject a horse photo even if it meets the normal requirements for submissions.

At the moment, the group is not taking feet/paw/ear ect. refs. So no photos of just a paw, for example, will be accepted. This may change in the future if members so request.

Generally, black and white photos are not accepted.

I don't give individual responses to why I rejected a photo, because likely I'd just be stating the above listed (i.e. not sharp enough, leg not visible, ect.). Please don't resubmit a photo if its been declined or the submission request has expired. An expired photo does not mean it wasn't looked at. EVERY single photo submitted is looked at, an expired photo just means it didn't fit the requirements

If you want to add an image but don't want to join the group, thats fine, just send me a note with the photos you'd like included and I'll submit requests


- Photographers: By submitting your photograph or accepting a submission request you are allowing individuals to draw your photos and post their art on DA. Everyone who submits their work or accepts a submission is giving permission for their photos to be drawn, and if you don't want your photos drawn, DON'T submit them or accept a request.

-Artists: It is your job to ASK photographers what their terms of use are if they are not posted on the photographer's page. Its also your job to follow their terms of use regarding credit, commercial use, ect.

Icon Credits:
Photos used in our icon all come from the group. Here are the links to the deviations
Clouded leopard :
Grey Wolf :
Barn Owl :

Some featured photo/ art examples

Hissing Cheetah by makangeni Hissing Cheetah by SewerRar
King by BooYeh The mighty hunter by Svenimal
Come Hither Glance... by Artsy50 'I think you're kinda cute' by Lupinicious




Open for affiliate requests from active, animal based/ animal anatomy groups :)


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Gallery Folders

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Rodents, Marsupials, Mustelidae, Eupleridae ...
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Domesticated Animals
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Golden butterfly by KlaraDrielle
Flying Fox 04 by NellyGraceNG
Art done using group photos
Mondays by painted-flamingo


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