Small Write Up of My Humanoid Ocs(finally lol)
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As you may or may not know, most of my Ocs are barely developed except for Ara, I have a journal about him with a bunch of his details but not for any of my other Ocs. However—today for the sake of a request that I'm really excited about because the person I requested offered to draw all six of them together(nvmd but still), I ended up forcing/pushing myself to get some info/details about them all because she needed it for the request to get a good idea of their character/personality/traits. So with that said I decided to share that info with everyone because why not, and here and there people may need it for requests,commissions, etc; I also want to hold a contest some day and for that I need info on my ocs~!

They're all basically friends by default, however Ara and Ace are best buds, very close like brothers

Here's a meme interview thing with all of them except Ace(he didn't exist then):

Ara as you could probably tell is the Cheshire Cat and he has various abilities, not gonna go in too much depth about him though because you can find details about it in his folder, at the the top I put a link for it. Um something that may not be completely relevant in those details is that he can be the type to hog attention and kinda have a bit of an attitude like"I'm awesome and I know it~". So be sure to check out that link!

Let's see Seto, not too sure about him but for me he'd kinda have that cool, serious, mysterious and cold and aloof vibe to him. I'd like to think he'd have some special abilities but it remains unknown atm.

Ryuu, as for most of my ocs(I suck at developing my characters...), I don't have much about him; but he'd be wise, kind, a bit serious at times, high spirited, focused; he has many abilities being a magic user, like shape shifting, floating, teleporting, various things like materializing objects, transforming others or objects into something else, etc etc there's lots of possibilities for him, he can use magic from himself(as in its just a part of him/in him) and through objects like staffs and crystal balls etc.

Ace, also should be pretty clear but he's the mad hatter, kind, a gentlemen type of person, a bit mad(it's given since he's the mad hatter lol), intelligent, mature, caring, calm & collected, has several 
-Special eyes that can see through things and at a distance
-Manipulation(manipulate various things like elemental factors)
-Blood Boiling
-Elemental Emission(to be able to emit flames, water etc)
-Enhanced senses(able to sense weather patterns)

Adsen is based of off a bird called a great tailed grackle(but maybe also some raven/crow because they're cool birds lol);he can shift to a full bird form, but that's all, he's serious, kinda cold at times, a bit of a proud attitude, charming, can be outgoing at times, bold, can be impulsive and a little irritable, he can fly in both forms, enhanced senses, alert, smart.

Kydal is a silver fox, a variation of the red fox, like Adsen he can take on his full respective animal form, but nothing else. He's cold, introverted, has kind of a careless attitude most of the time, clever, can sometimes show sly qualities, he's a nature centred person and hates cities and other heavily urbanized areas, likes to relax in areas like forests, has enhanced senses being a fox, he's nimble, caring towards those close to him, generally prefers the company of animals over humans, and is more on the independent side.

Akira is a demon dog Prince he's kinda loyal, but cold unless he knows the person well, he generally isn't "evil" unless he comes across someone committing a crime or something bad like torturing the innocent, he will punish them(how bad depends on crime severity), he keeps himself composed unless someone picks a fight with him, he'll get aggressive. He's also prideful, and has an elegant air to him since he's a prince.

Luka is a headstrong character and his best friend is Akio(the fox with him) and he's good at sword fighting....more information is still TBD

Endo info is TBD

Dimitri info is TBD

Izumi info is TBD

Lumos info is TBD
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