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This was actually good to do so thanks!XD
I was actually able to think of some things from General info pieces and branch off on them a little bit^_^

Post these rules.
Post 8 facts about your character.
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Another one!
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1. Post these rules
2. Post 8 facts about your character
3. Tag 8 other characters(who cares if it's eight or not, not me!)
4. Post their names along with their creators avatars(too bad if it tags them it tags them)

Lol Ara is getting a bit popular, I believe he did get tagged a second time once but I didn't do it a second time because I had done the meme with him before and I was too lazy so I was like whatever already did it. But now he got tagged yet again! So I was like eh why not.;)
Here's the first one:

Hello readers, in case you think: gah so much text, I added pictures to make it more balanced~;)
Ara Cheshire:

1. Over the years, he's developed a high tolerance for pain, he'll jump out of a glass window without being too fazed, and then just carefully pul

Ara Cheshire

1. He loves shifting into other creatures because he gets to see the world in different perspectives and he can shift into almost any creature!

2. Ace Roseheart is his best friend, he's like a brother to him, they've known each other since they were little(and they have a super long life span, so it's been really long). Ace has his moments of his mad side but is generally more composed than Ara and he is the one that keeps Ara in check.

3. Once he's on to something he can get really caught up in teasing people to the point where it gets too much, and it's not easy to break him out of it.

4. Ara is kinda a proud and self-admiring person and he often brags about himself, he gets irritated if people call him things that aren't true to himself like "cinnamon roll" for example because it would generally imply something round and puffy and he's slim/lean and muscular so he feels "insulted/offended".

5. Since Ara is more of the confident/self-admiring/dominant kind he's not one to blush easily, so seeing him wear such expressions is rare~ Once Ace embarrassed him enough to make him blush lol(in an rp).

6. Ara loves to wander/explore natural areas such as forests and meadows, he also enjoys climbing things like trees and often lounges on the branches and sometimes he likes to hang off of a branch.

I guess you could say that he has various sides; dark/creepy/mad, eccentric/silly/weird/crazy, friendly/protective/loyal&caring(to those close to him like Ace), and also serious which would often be in battle situations

8. Here, have a paragraph!!
Well Ara is kinda complicated because he's kinda "healed" overtime from his darker side of his past and can stay more composed now but he still kinda has that madness/darkness within himself, like he's not going to go around attacking random people but if someone provokes him he often gets more aggressive and if it's serious enough like his bestie Ace getting severely hurt/harmed etc then he kinda loses himself and drowns in his madness unless someone can get through to him. And through some of the tough parts of his past he kind of started to see how lives can be precious and dedcided to be more in control of himself but if it's someone that decides to get revenge on some criminal that maybe killed the person's family, he's just like yeah whatever. So generally speaking if the person has a decent reason he tends to not care. He's also has a creepy eccentric side and is mischievous and enjoys teasing people, he often goes overboard with it too(in an rp he was in a wolf shift and someone else's oc was in a swan shift and he snuck up on him and bit his tail, while pulling out some feathers with itXD And also some big idiots really got on his nerves so with his supernatural strength he just flung them away at a large distance). Sometimes he might go overboard with people that mess with him too like unnecessary things that make the person freak out like drowning them in horror illusions for example, that part of him is from his darker self because if he hates that person's guts he secretly takes pleasure in seeing them suffer. But he's still good at heart and enjoys meeting new people~
I need to really think about his past in more detail though•_• I dunno how old he actually centuries old I guessXD(this gives me some ideas for his )

Trigger State Cycle: when he drowns in his madness kind of loses himself

Like for extreme cases it's triggered by an intense overwhelming emotion like sadness for example (ie: Ace gets tortured)
It would develop in stages:
Like shock=>sadness=>anger=>kinda lost in his despair/anger/sadness=>gradual madness builds up=>completely loses himself and drowns in his madness he's in a state intent on killing and/or torturing the enemy, wearing a sinister wicked grin from the "excitement"(darker side of him enjoys the suffering of his mortal enemies)

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ara the tree climbing monkey
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He can shift into one but he's no monkey he gets it because he's a neko;)
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Eh, I may aswell do a second one c'x
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XD ok:D
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//table flips.
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(you don't have to if you really don't want to //welp//)
It's interesting to read about other people's ocs!:D
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