Another meme with Ara
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1.Pick one of your FCs/OCs.
2.Fill in the questions/statements as if you were your FC/OC.
3.Tag 3 people at the end of the quiz.

Tagged by Chirotyx 

1. What's Your Name?
Ara Cheshire~

2.Do you know why you were named that?
Because it's a cool name and I'm awesome~~

3.Are you single or taken?

4.Have any abilities or powers?
Of course~! I have many: 
(Details: )
-Floating/air walking(not quite the same as flying)
-Illusions(includes branch of invisibility)
-Evaporation(can "evaporate" this can tie in with his other abilities such as evaporating into a shift, etc)
-Cat abilities/skills(seeing better in the dark, landing on his feet, natural climber, nimble, enhanced senses, etc)
-Supernatural strength

5.Uh... if you were in a fight with a strong wrestler, do you think you'd win?
Of course~~~ Pfft a mere human against me doesn't stand a chance~ I've got supernatural strength plus other tricks up my sleeve fufufufu~\\grins\\

6.Riiiiight... have any family members? 
Maybe, perhaps~~ I do have a best buddy named Ace however, who's like a brother to me-~~

7.How about pets?
Not really but perhaps some day~

8.Cool, I guess. Tell me something that you don't like.

9.Tell me something that you do like?
Meat/seafood, nature, shifting, climbing, puzzles/riddles etc etc~~

10.Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?
Wandering around, shifting into different forms, climbing, oh and teasing people //grin of mischief//

11.Have you ever hurt anyone in a way before?
Yeah, don't anger me or get in my way and we're good~//cold stare//

12.Ever killed anyone before?
Have I? You tell me~~//sinister grin//

13.What kind of animal are ya?
I'm supernatural~ My original form is cat-based but I still retain a humanoid form, I suppose you people would call me a 'catboy' but I'm more than that, I'm also a shapeshifter~~

14.Name your worst habits.
I tend to go overboard when I tease others according to Ace—he always comes and stops my fun then lectures me //pouty face//—hmmph!

15.Do you look up to anyone at all?
Myself fufufufu, I'm joking~ My buddy Ace perhaps, I'm not one to idolize people but he's really close to me~

16. Gay, straight, or bi?
Straight, though I still attract both genders apparently Fufufu~

17.Do you go to school?
I attend a place called Korbin Academy~ Not because I have to but for fun/entertainment~
Edit: Ah, it closed down, I just went back there for fun, I guess I'll have to find something else to do fufufufu~~

18.Ever wanna marry and have kids one day?
Hmm..l dunno—I'd rather be free to wander than take care of children-_-

19.Do you have any fangirls/fanboys?
Ooh yes I believe I do~ I'm too irresistible for both genders~~

20.What are you afraid of? I promise i won't laugh.
If someone hurts Ace or someone else I'm close to...or if he gets hurt in general etc

21.*snicker* Ok,ok. What color is your hair?
Oh it's purple~~ And no I didn't dye it, I was born with purple hair/fur~

Golden yellow like a cat~

23.What do you usually wear?
My "signature outfit" or my newest one, sometimes I just wear some pants~

24.Ok. What's your religion?
Religion? Pfft, I only do things for myself and the people I care about

25.Do you wish this quiz was over?
I guess not, it's ok~ Gives me something to do Fufufu 

26.Well it's not over XD!!

27.Anyways, where do you live?
I don't particularly 'live' anywhere, I wander around a lot my home would be wonderland but I'm constantly on the move~ Also I may stay at the academy dorms here and there~

28.What class are you? (low class, middle class, high class)
I do what I want~ I don't care about "class" 
However I'm a high-ranked student at my academy~ Privileges are wonderful~

29.How many friends do you have?
I have several, I'm always open to more~

30.Wow. If you could change anything about you, what would you change?
I don't need to change anything~~

31.If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it? And I don't want no cheap answer, ya hear?
I would buy stuff~

32.What are your thoughts of pie?
It's good~

33.Alright. What's your favorite food?

34.Favorite drink?
Water? Milk is good too, and of course many other things~~

35.What is your favorite place?
The forest, especially the ones in my world~

36.Least favorite?
Places that bore me

37:Are you still wanting this quiz to end?

38.Yeah. well it's over. D:

39: Now I tag: 

2. Rayvenoir  
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ChirotyxHobbyist Digital Artist
"sometimes i just wear some pants" *g* i wonder how that one got in... Hehehe
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animalover4sixHobbyist General Artist
Lol yup well I have those two drawings I did and then all the ones you didXD
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RayvenoirHobbyist Digital Artist
Some of these reactions xD Anyway, I'll try to do this when I can~
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animalover4sixHobbyist General Artist
Yup that's Ara for you~XD Great! I look forward to it! Also just wondering are you still doing that/those piece(s) with Ara and one of your ocs?
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RayvenoirHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh wait, pieces. The valentine doodles right? I wasn't sure if you wanted one, but yeah, I could do that~
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animalover4sixHobbyist General Artist
Yeah of course!! Your art style is so pretty!:D
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RayvenoirHobbyist Digital Artist
If you wanted something just of Ara though, we could do an art trade instead. I realized that it's a bit late for Valentine's things >_<
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animalover4sixHobbyist General Artist
I dunno I would but I already have a stack of art I owe•_•
//Runs away//
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RayvenoirHobbyist Digital Artist
No problem uvu 
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animalover4sixHobbyist General Artist
Aw that's too bad it's always interesting to see ocs with other people's ocs //welp//
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RayvenoirHobbyist Digital Artist
Ahh, yeah, I've been really lazy about answering my notes, but probably? Depends what poece means, I guess.
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animalover4sixHobbyist General Artist
Omg lol typo *piece
//is gonna edit my comment and fix it//
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