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1. Post these rules

2. Post 8 facts about your character

3. Tag 8 other characters(who cares if it's eight or not, not me!)

4. Post their names along with their creators avatars(too bad if it tags them it tags them)
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Lol Ara is getting a bit popular, I believe he did get tagged a second time once but I didn't do it a second time because I had done the meme with him before and I was too lazy so I was like whatever already did it. But now he got tagged yet again! So I was like eh why not.;)

Here's the first one:
More memes with Ara|8 factsTagged by Vesocile 
This was actually good to do so thanks!XD
I was actually able to think of some things from General info pieces and branch off on them a little bit^_^
Post these rules.
Post 8 facts about your character.
Tag 8 other characters.
Post their names
Another one!

Ara Cheshire
1. He loves shifting into other creatures because he gets to see the world in different perspectives and he can shift into almost any creature!
2. Ace Roseheart is his best friend, he's like a brother to him, they've known each other since they were little(and they have a super long life span, so it's been really long). Ace has his moments of his mad side but is generally more composed than Ara and he is the one that keeps Ara in check.
3. Once he's on to something he can get really caught up in teasing people to the point where it gets too much, and it's not easy to br

Hello readers, in case you think: gah so much text, I added pictures to make it more balanced~;)

Ara Cheshire:
Ara Cheshire|Shirt-Bite by animalover4six Last Thread of Hope by animalover4six Ara|Surprised by animalover4six Interest|Expression|Ara Cheshire by animalover4six
1. Over the years, he's developed a high tolerance for pain, he'll jump out of a glass window without being too fazed, and then just carefully pull out any glass and proceed to heal himself.

2. He typically does not hate any particular species unless there's a good reason and for him to hate an entire species, they would have to all be bad and give him reasons to hate them. Take humans for example, a number of supernatural being often hate humans because of them treating their kind like monsters etc, causing them to be shunned and such. Having lived a very long life and being able to teleport to all sorts of dimensions he's definitely come across a lot of human scum, but he also knows there's good ones too. He likes to meet new people of all kinds(so supernatural beings too), so he's not too quick to judge. However, he naturally has more interest in other beings that are supernatural/magical like him.

3. He is mostly known for his wide range of abilities/powers but he also possesses combative skills and can also wield a katana pretty well.

4. Many people can't handle Ara, because he can really get on people's nerves sometimes and can get too overboard with teasing, those who can put up with him would likely be able to become good friends with him. Other supernaturals with exceptional powers especially, because if he gets provoked enough he can be violent or, if something serious enough happens to trigger him he loses himself. And for such, one must be able to protect themselves, and if they manage to get through to him they can't be weak or well...probably won't go well. Ace, his closest buddy is able to break him out of his triggered state, he also holds exceptional power.

5. Perhaps being part cat himself and a love for animals does the trick, Ara seems to naturally draw cats, cats just like him for some reason.

6. He doesn't really talk about his past //still gotta think about it myself shhh//. He's lived a long life and still has many many many years ahead of himself. He has changed throughout his life, but you can't really say he's a "changed person". In some parts of his past, especially the more historical eras he killed many people and was more cold and ruthless/mad. At times like those, life was more harsh and survival based, and the madness within him stirred up when killing people for survival reasons(like defending himself) and it made him kill even more when he didn't even need to. While he now has control over this and doesn't go around mindlessly killing people, he still holds darkness within himself and depending on a situation can be triggered, or simply someone picks a fight with him to the extreme or becomes an enemy, you better run away—that is if you can. If he finds it's not even worth the effort you may get a lucky chance to slip away...otherwise with his powers that won't be easy. He could pull a number of tricks but the most convenient to stop one from running away is using teleportation to appear right in front of them. He was able to stop killing unnessarilly when he realized he enjoying meeting new people and making friends. 

7. He's very smart/clever/intelligent (like he obviously surpasses my intelligence so I can't really rp/portray a full extent of this, lol^^" Plz note he's probably way more capable than I can show if I were to rp him:O). He knows a lot of things, and he's good with mind/brain stuff, riddles, tactical stuff, etc etc. And he has cunning/devious sides to him, but he knows when to hold back and abide by rules. For example if he enrolled at an academy just for fun and to kill some time, he's not gonna be an idiot and go break a bunch of rules, he can keep himself relatively collected when he needs to. He's good at sensing things too like when people are suspicious even when they're fooling everyone else, they're not fooling Ara.

8. He can be very gluttonous at times especially when it comes to meat. He can also get distracted by things like catnip and cat toys and play around like a little kitty, even if he's in his original kemonomimi form(he can shift into an actual cat if he wanted to, or other creatures). Sometimes he'll make himself some sort of vulnerable prey animal, and let a predator chase him just so he can turn the tables on it and use his other powers or shift into something mightier and trump them for fun, so he can see how it reacts after it thinks it got a meal but suddenly "The tables have turned! Who's in trouble now!?", because he finds it rather amusing. He enjoys swimming and bathing etc, if he's full of mud or stained with blood for example, his own or not he'll just go wash it off in a river.
Sometimes he'll just hang around in a tree then plop down(hanging with his legs hooked to a sturdy branch) when people pass by to startle them for fun~
Coloured Drawing WIP| Original form side by animalover4six Chibi Ara|Nibbling on a fish by animalover4six Ara and Steffy with nekos~ by animalover4six Hanging From A Tree by animalover4six

Awesome art down there:3
ms paint rq 16 by Kechuppika
Um I'll tag....
Request: Ara by emily429Xaltoxin 's Flynn 
TRASHY-MENTOS either Cedric or Katrina because those are the two I'm most familiar with lol
Chirotyx for Rityx if you can think of more things to share, he's your newest so I didn't choose the other two
Rayvenoir with either Arctus, Rayven, or Lumen or that pink puppy that you drew with Ara(sorry forgot the name) Do whoever you feel like:3

And—nope too lazy to come up with more:/ 
//literally just characters from the top of my head I suppose//
Chibi-for-Animalover4six by ShikaO-OOh look it's Ace~
Go click that and the other randomly featured pieces of cool peeps and check out their awesome art yo;)
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Pfft, super late, but that's interesting > u < He's popular with the cats too~
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Yes indeed~^^
Cats and people XD
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that past though e u e
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He sounds like a pretty awsome character! No wonder why he's popular :D
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Thank you! Yup hahaha^^
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Your welcome!
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time to make a meme out of katrina
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Yay! XD
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