Azur Inferno Hot Sauce (Rainbow Rendezvous)

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May 30, 2024
Azur Inferno Hot Sauce (Rainbow Rendezvous) by Animallover4813
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Note: This Short is made for fun and is 100% Non-Canon to the series.

The Short begins with the Spectrum Squad near their base with azure make tortilla shells.

"My homemade tortillas from my uncle azur is such a wonder in taste" Azure said but ruby burp a flame that crisp them all.

"Sorry" Ruby said.

"Ruby........wait a minute crispy tortilla interesting, thank you ruby" Azure said as she was mad at first but realize that the tortilla are hot and crispy.

"You're welcome girl" Ruby said as she smile then sunny appear with bags of the ingredients.

"I'm back with all of the ingredients you asked azure" Sunny said as she come to them.

"Excellent, i'll grate the cheese for my family bloodline tacos while ruby cook the meat (and fake meat) and sunny dice the vegetables" Azure said as she grab the cheese and ruby grab the meat and put it in the pan and add some spices and seasonings and she mix it up and breath a flame to cook it, later ruby put the meat in the tortilla as sunny wash and cut up the vegetables, as sunny put the lettuce, diced tomatoes, and azure put the cheese on top to finish it with a tray of several tacos.

"Ladies i give you my family's famous tacos, let's us eat" Azure said a they grab one.

"Thank you for the food" They said as they take a bite and they pause and they chomp them down and their eyes sparkle in the tacos so they eat them whole.

"Wow these tacos are amazing, what's your family's way?" Sunny said.

"My Uncle always say that a chef never reveal his secrets" Azure said with a proud smile.

"If you think that's good, i haven't put a special sauce from my village" Ruby said as she reveal a blue hot sauce bottle.

"Why is it blue?" Sunny asked.

"They said it's twice as hot as red sauce.......anyone wanna take the heat?" Ruby said as she as she throw it to azure who put some on his taco and take a bite.

"Wow it give a unique smoky taste" Azure said as Ruby is shocked that nothing happened.

"My Rainbows, that is the first time i have ever seen anyone handle that mouth burner of a hot sauce" Ruby said as she accidently spary some on sunny's mouth.

"Oops Sorry" Ruby said as sunny love the taste.

"This sauce is actually pretty good, i don't taste any spicy" Sunny said.

"I can't believe it both of you girls are able to handle it but it's too hot even in my village" Ruby said in shock that her friends are able to handle the heat but when she turn around ruby see azure sweating like heck as her face turn dark blue and blue flames explode in her eyes and mouth as she scream, instead of laughing ruby is rather scared and sunny's entire body is in fire as she run around.

"I'M ON FIRE I'M ON FIRE!" Sunny yelled as she drop stop and roll but the flames are not going away.

"This Hot Sauce is psycho, don't worry girls i'll handle it" Ruby said but she accidentally step on the bottle and sauce splash in my face and her mouth.

"Dang it" She said then her skin turn blue and she glare in pain as her body begin to shake and crack with blue sparks and then.......A MASSIVE FIERY EXPLODE TO WHERE IT CAN BE SEEN IN SPACE!, then mayor celestra notice the flames as the girls run off to the beach with their mouths in flames so they jump down to sink their heads down to cool them off but it only boiled the water so the mayor quickly Imaginate a magnet to attract every creativean in the water before they could suffer the boiling pain and lift the three girls as they are suffering in fiery pain.

"Spectrum Squad, what happened you three?" Mayor Celestra asked as he notice the sauce in their mouths and the hot sauce bottle drop on ruby's pocket so the mayor quickly grab it.

"Did you tried the Azur Inferno Hot Sauce?, that sauce is 1000 times hotter than a blue star, luckily we creativeans are able to handle it without death but it's comically painful.....sorry" The Mayor explained but the girls are in such pain that they cannot talk to hear him.

"Don't worry i got just the thing" the mayor said as he Imaginate a rainbow milk and pour it in their mouths as they drunk it down and their pain are gone and they turn back to normal but pass out in the sand, then it show them in their beds as they are in several bandages.

"Alright i'm banning special sauces from this base period" Ruby said.

"Works with me" Azure said.

The End

The Spectrum Squad get their hands on some Azur Inferno Hot Sauce but the question is.......can they take the heat?

Note: This Short is inspired by the Ed, Edd, n, Eddy Hot Sauce.

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