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1. You must post these rules.

2. Each person has to share 10 things about them.

3. Answer the 10 questions asked to you, and invent 10 new questions the people your tag will have to answer.

4. You have to choose 10 people, and put their icons on your journal.

5. Inform the person they were tagged or use mentions

6. Not something like "You are tagged if you read this".

7. You have to tag 10 people.

alright....i'm doing this for the first time...;~;

1.) I have since I was three only nightmares...mostly I die in my dreams. Sometimes by drowning, suffocating...and sometimes I'll also get shot.
2.) I'm very often depressed.
3.) I have no real life friends. T-T
4.) My favourite animals are owls koalas and crows. ;u; Heart 
5.) I love to draw. Neko Emoji-29 (Nyaa) [V2] 
6.) I hate summer.
7.) I have a sweet little dog. Heart 
8.) I love music! x3
9.) It makes me fun to make people a joy. owo
10.) When someone is crying, I have to cry too. ;A;

now the questions...

1.) how do you feel about the economy?
    I dunno. ._. 

2.) do you think that homestuck will get any better?

    ...I don't know! D:

3. in a zombie Apocalypse would you want to be a zombie or an animal?
   animal ^-^

4. if you could be a princess of anything what would you be? (ie moon princess)
   ...maybe a night princess??? xo

5. otp?
   DirkJake :P

6. do you like chickens?
   ...yes and no... :I

7. any sports u like?
   Hell no! I hate sport! D:

8. do you like hulkling?
   I have no idea...I don't read marvel comics...i'm sorry. ;A;

9. favorite book?
   I don't read so many books. ;A; I read mostly mangas...but the book, which I liked the most so far was Facebook lol xD Inkheart. owo
10. blogger?
     wah, don't understand! ;A; the questions I got for youuu uwu:

1.) Are you left- or right-handed? :3 

2.) Do you like techno music? o:
3.) Do you have any pets? :bademoticon: 

4.) What's your favorite season? :D

5.) What do you like or night? ~(O3o)~ 

6.) Are you a daydreamer? Bunny Emoji-22 (Daydreaming) [V1] 
7.) What are you doing just before you go to sleep? onion head 'sleep' 

8.) Do you like your own art? O:

9.) What color is your room? :3

10.) Do you like it to be tagged? xD

I tag...

:iconiseipizza:  :iconwearethegoonies: :iconjsunny: :icongoshhhh: :iconnightmarezodiacstar: :icondango117:   :iconiciestblack: :iconmakes-wishes: :iconlittletasteofgreed: :iconapplevoice:
I'm so sorry! ;A; You don't need to do do that! ;u; Heart 
please don't hit me! ;A;

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  • Drinking: orange juice
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XD *watches Anna slide* owo
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