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Greetings, fellow crossers! AnimalCrossingGamers is a group that specializes in the Animal Crossing series. From the japanese-only Animal Forest for N64, to Animal Crossing, to the OVA Gekijoban Dobutsu no Mori, to Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and everything in between! All artwork is accepted... well, almost all of it anyway... ^^;
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ACG Trading Post

If you wish to submit a villager trade, I have set up a Twitter feed for it. To use it, send a tweet, and make sure you put "@ACGamers_at_dA" in there someplace.

Expected format:
@ACGamers_at_dA ________ is moving on MM/DD/YY (GMT ±__:__). I will trade h__ for ____________. My dA name is ____________________

However, if you have more than one thing you will trade the villager for, attach your wishlist as a photo, specify your ANDs and ORs, and use this template:
@ACGamers_at_dA ________ is moving on MM/DD/YY (GMT ±__:__). My request list is attached as a photo. My dA name is ____________________

Please be honest with your trades though; I don't want to have to set up a blacklist.
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FantasyBoyce2021 Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2022
Stegei The Kangaroo by FantasyBoyce2021   Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Stegei Boss EventWhen you pick the game “Animal Crossing New Horizons”, picking your profile, and after the loading screen, you are greeted with a title screen of your island and your villager, but it’s actually not the normal one. The title screen shows the island that has an orange light in it, making it look like a wildfire disaster, and the camera follows the black shirtless kangaroo with yellow eyes, and a scar on his face. The Kangaroo’s name is Stegei, he had built a base surrounded to cause disasters on your island with fog, heat, and tornadoes. The music played suspensefully when opening it and after the loading screen. When you start the game, you waited on the loading screen, after the loading screen, the same music is playing. You were taken to Isabelle feeling sweaty, and exhausted while she had her fans on. She cries out on the PA microphone saying that the island is in danger, Warning the residents not to go outside. They told the villagers to stay in their houses while they’re calling for help from the police patrol. The one and only villager who can stop the disaster that Stegei is causing, is you. That’s right, you were dedicated to your island for a long time ago and it’s up to you to save your home. Isabelle finishes off by saying Good Luck to you, and villagers to stay in their houses and go to the loading screen. After the loading screen, you are in your house feeling exhausted and sweaty, and you have your fans on high. Suddenly you hear the wall thumping from outside, Bursting In is a tornado sucking your stuff in, and you run away from it. from inside the cyclone, The black menacing kangaroo appears giving out a message. “I. Am. STEGEI!!! I have come to give disasters to your beloved island. I have spawned the weapons I made that they cannot stand. Heat. Fog. Tornadoes. And Hurricanes! This is the Perfect time to make it happening in your home. If you wanna stop me, Go ahead! I. Am. UNSTOPPABLE!!” He lets out his sinister laugh. After his Speech, the camera shows you putting your Game-face on, and the boss level has started. you started with three healths that are hearts and unlimited lifes, and It starts with a tornado sucking your furnitures in and even pulling you in. To avoid the tornado, you have to run away from it until Stegei has stopped spinning around and it’ll get dizzy. While he gets dizzy, you have to spin and jump like you do in Super Mario 3D world, and then you have to ground pound him on the head, and Stegei will be Throwing tornado projectiles at you while he’s back in his Tornado form. You have to do this four times to continue to the next wave, if you lose all your health you have to start over at the wave you are in. After you finish the first wave, Stegei gives out a message. “So. you can stop me huh? Well I’m going to each of your friend’s houses! Catch me If you Can!” He laughs maniacally again and he goes out of your house to the resident’s home, and you chase after him across the island. To know where he is, you have to find him on your map that has Stegei’s head and you follow it. However, you stopped by Tom Nook and Isabelle. Isabelle gives out a message “Y/n!! Stegei’s gone crazy, He’s ruining our island!!” Tom nook gives out a speech “He’s laying fog machines all over the island, even Heat!!” Isabelle gives out another speech “You have to destroy them! Or it’ll get worse!! Here take this Hammer!!” Isabelle gives you a hammer and you put it in your inventory. Tom nook “Now go and stop that crazy Kangaroo!! I don’t want him going to my nephews!!” And Isabelle gives out her last speech “Please Hurry!! They’re Counting on you!! good luck!!” The new object of the game is to destroy the fog machines that are laying out all over the island, to find it you have to look on your map and find a picture of a machine that is in it, there is four fog machines in the game, if you break them all, you have to go to the base and destroy it. When you found the first machine, you use a hammer and destroy it, after you destroy the first one you get to continue to the next wave. When you arrive at your villager’s house where Stegei is, You’re villager is really panicking with the Message “HELP!! That crazy Kangaroo is Demolishing my home!! Here Take this!!” The villager gives you a heart and you upgrade your health. Every heart you are given, it upgrades your health to make you stronger. “Please Stop That Crazy Kangaroo, I’m gonna run to the other house!!” Your villager runs to the other house, and you proceed to your next wave. When going inside of your villagers house, Stegei gets angry and gives out his message “What?! You broke my fog machine?! I’m gonna make you pay!!” He’s going to be doing the same thing as the first wave, this time he’ll throw furniture at you, you repeat the steps like you did in the first wave. All you have to do is dodge the furnitures that Stegei is throwing at you, getting hit will lose a life. After you done the same thing as the first wave, his message is “I’m going to Raid that little store where those two little nooklings are working at, So stay out of my way!!” After his speech, He goes to the Nook’s Cranny that is fully upgraded, and you ran after him, But you ran into another fog machine, so you used the hammer and destroy the another machine that you found, After you smash the second fog machine, you then go to Nook’s cranny to confront Stegei again. When you arrived At the Nooks cranny, Timmy and Tommy are outside panicking , they give out their speech. “Y/n! Please Stop That Evil Kangaroo!!” “Roo!!”“He’s Destroying Our Shop!! He’s A Maniac!!” “iac!!”“We’re Running to Uncle Tom’s Right Now!!” “Now!!”Timmy And Tommy then ran down to the Resident services where Tom nook and Isabelle are. When you enter Nook’s Cranny, Stegei gives out another angry speech “You Don’t know when to Give up do you?! Well Y/n, Get ready for Grease LIGHTNING!!” Laughs Maniacally again. In the third wave, you have to dodge the Lightning bolts that Stegei is throwing at you. He's throwing Lightning bolts, furnitures, and Tornado Projectiles, which makes it difficult to dodge. After you repeat the whole step as the previous waves, he gives out his speech “Well, you may be Unstoppable, But… TAKE THIS!!!” He throws Lightning tornado at you, and you dodged it “You just act fast did you?! Well wait until the Mabel sisters getting torn down!!” He Laughs maniacally and takes off to the Mabel sisters so you chase after him. When you Entered Mabel Sisters, Sabel And Mabel are throwing their mannequins at Stegei, Mable’s Speech is “Y/n! Thank goodness you’re here! Please stop that dreaded kangaroo that he’s causing in our shop!! Sabel’s Speech is “Here! Take this!” She gives you a heart to upgrade your health “It’ll help you get stronger!! Come On Mabel!! Let’s Run to the Resident service!!” Both Mabel and Sabel Ran out to the resident service for a shelter. Stegei’s Speech is “Aw How Cute!! Helping you get stronger?! Well it’ll be helpful to give These Mannequins to YOU!!!” The fourth wave is Stegei throwing Mannequins at you, you have to repeat the steps over, and over again before going to the next wave. After you do the steps that you did, Stegei Gets more angry and gives another speech “Why won’t you just give up already?!!!!” He left and invaded the villagers' houses and the resident service. So you exit the Mabel sisters that is already demolished, but Tom Nook And Isabelle are standing outside of the ruined store, Isabelle gives her speech “Y/n! We just called The Police patrol. They're on their way in a helicopter. We have to get rid of the machines right away, or else it’ll get bigger!!” Tom Nook gives out his speech “Destroy the machine and the base that surrounds it with the machines inside it, So that way it’ll be gone for good!!” Isabelle gives her another speech “Here take this!!” She will give you another heart, so you now have 6 lives “Now Go and demolish his disaster!!” So you found the other two and you destroyed them. Finally it’s time to go and demolish the base that Stegei has built. But then Stegei Stopped you by throwing a Tornado projectile at you. Stegei gives out his speech “What do you think you’re doing?! This is my precious creation, The glory of a powerful storm, don’t try to stop me! You’ll never defeat me, NEVER!!!” He laughs maniacally, And the last wave has started. In this wave, you have to repeat the whole steps again, after you jump on his head, quickly destroy the fog and the tornado machine before he pulls you in. There are two fog machines and four tornado machines, you won’t have time to destroy all the machines due to how Stegei can start attacking you again. All you have to do is stun him and destroy one machine as soon as possible, when you finally destroy all the machines that they are causing to your island, The Fog, heat, and the tornadoes have disappeared, and Stegei lost his power. Stegei gives his Defeat Speech “Nooooo!!! What have you done?!! My Creation!! My Destiny!! They’re gone because of you!! If I’m not surprised, none of the islands had a disaster like this!!” Tom Nook Angrily Comes in “That’s not gonna Happen! You have caused panic on (your Island’s name) Island!” One of your Villagers adds a speech “You Destroyed Our Homes! You Monster!!” Stegei gives out his speech “If I return, This is going to be really different, something useful to terrorize you all in (Your Island Name) Island!” He lets out his Maniacally laugh. All of a sudden, The police patrol helicopter has finally arrived and Stegei starts to run away across the island. The Officer is speaking on a PA “Stegei Stopped right there in the name of the law!!”, Stegei won’t stop running away, and then he fell into a pitfall. Stegei calls for help “Help! I’m Stuck!! Somebody Get Me Out Of Here!!” The helicopter landed by Stegei who is stuck in the hole, and the two officers, Copper and Booker, came out of the helicopter and Arrested Stegei putting him in handcuffs, “Stegei, you are under arrest for causing Panics in (Your Island’s Name) Island! You’re Coming with us!” Stegei gives out a message to you “You have not seen the last me, Y/n! There’s going to be changes going on! And don’t you forget it!!” Booker and Copper puts Stegei in the helicopter locked in. Copper gives his message to you “Y/n, Congratulations! You have saved your island, You’re a true hero! You’ve been dedicated to your island for years. When something is happening on your island, We got your back! Alright Have a great Day!”. Copper And booker Got in the helicopter and flies away with Stegei to put him in Prison. Everyone Cheers for you and then they feel depressed that some of their houses are demolished because of the terrible disaster that the black evil kangaroo has caused. Tom nook gives out his speech to you “You did it Y/n! You saved this Island, Now it’s safe and sound, But we have a lot of work to build'' Isabelle gives out her speech to you “It’s gonna take awhile to rebuild the houses, Nook's Cranny, and Able’s Sisters, Why don’t we get started right now!” You Agreed, and the Villagers agreed, and They started working. The screen goes black, The character appearing in the spotlight is K.K. Slider, sitting on his stool and strumming his guitar on his lab. So his message is “So you had a disaster on your island huh? Well that sounds terrible, That black kangaroo just came in and crashed the party! It’s really hard for your residences to find a place to stay, now their houses are destroyed. But hey you saved the day by Stopping your arch nemesis, I am really surprised, You are a true hero. Now I will fast things up to get the houses, and the stores fixed up for your villagers and life will be back to normal, even yours. Peace out, Y/n!”, The screen goes black again. The screen goes to the ceremony where everyone is gathered to celebrate their hard work and your heroic deed. They cheered and popped their party poppers, and the picture was taken, The screen goes black and the game is back to normal. You start off at your house like you usually do when you start the game and after Isabelle’s Announcement. You were really happy that you stopped Stegei and fixed the island back to normal. Some of your villagers are outside, and inside of their new houses, And now Stegei is in jail. And That is the suspenseful gameplay. I didn’t play the whole game in my dream, but I described the event for the game. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it. Check these out!
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