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Bring Hither My Treats, Humble Servant


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Bring Hither My Treats, Humble Servant


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Tutorial: Edit your newly journals w/ Stash Writer


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Glass Weather


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Art for Me

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$3/3KTT AoAs

$3/3KTT AoAsI decided to open up this AoA set Commission~ It is $3 / 3KTT per tokota. So If you want me to draw 3 tokotas then the price will be $9 / 9KTT. Canon Locations Bonuses will be for free. So you don't have to pay extra for this bonus. Just tell me if you want it added to your set and in how many images. You'll have to $1 / 1KTT extra for the other bonuses. I do take other payments as well apart from USD and TT. Here are the alternatives : Hand Paint Dyes x1 = 3 tokos in setSmall Items x1 = 3 tokos in set + 1 bonus (apart from the canon location)Large Item x1 = 2 sets of AoAs with 3 tokos in each + 1 bonus in each set (apart fr


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PD's Dust off those designs SHOW

I haven't really been active in the HARPG community for well over a year now due to various reasons, but I figure one way to be involved without forcing myself to draw is to host a show. Event timespan: April 15th - September 1st 2020. Disciplines: All English and Western. Judging: RNG AND Effort. The main premise of this show is to get people using those old designs they've been hoarding or had stashed at the back of their folders. Because it's pretty sad sometimes to see designs that have had effort put into them gathering dust and never seeing the light of day, all entrants for this show will be required to use horses that they have NEVER drawn before! Let's face it, we've all done it; been suckered in by a cute design but had no motivation to draw it. So now's the chance to get those crucial refs drawn, get those done-nothing horses some experience, and hopefully have some fun in the process. RULES Pretty much anything goes. Don't want to do a background? Fine. Don't want


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