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About Me Art Status: Commissions: Ask (sketches, and maybe simple speedpaints only) Art Trades/Swaps: Closed Kiribans: Closed* Requests: Closed* * = indefinitely Zodiac: Taurus/Monkey B-day: May 16th You do not have to thank me for the fav or watch, you can give me a llama badge (it's free, just click the "give" button on my page, and select 'give a llama badge') if you haven't already if you want to leave some sort of thanks.

Links FAQ Commission Prices My Site The deal with future trades Photography: On dA (DyslexicDesert) Side account: DyslexicDesert (Sketch/photo/WIP/etc account not very active atm,)

Some other sites I'm on Redbubble Flight Rising Furaffinity Fine Art America

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Pokemon, Okami, BDO, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Planet Zoo
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Paint Tool SAI
Haven't been the most active with art lately, but with dA being anti-artist supporting AI, even after checking to opt out on all my pieces, not sure if I want to stick around on here... I will not be removing artwork at this time that is already here as it is proof that I am the original artist with the timestamps. However, for the time being at least, I will not upload any more artworks to deviantart, so if you wish to continue following me, here's some options: Most active is my discord https://discord.gg/vE99x4uh6h (it also has all the other links posted here, plus a few extra) Another I don't have much on atm, but am on currently is Inkblot (I plan to upload here most once I get more art worked on) https://inkblot.art/profile/Kaseiko When taking new commissions, I might use the new commissions feature on Ko-Fi https://ko-fi.com/kasaurus (Commission info is also on my website https://kaseiko.wixsite.com/commissions ) My characters are all uploaded on toyhouse
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Just found out about Buzzly recently, so made an account over there: https://buzzly.art/~Kaseiko
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Following a massive burnout associated with health issues and bad mental state, once again attempting to get back into art. Took longer than planned as well since tablet problems arose last year, but now I have a tablet working again. For the time being I plan to do art for me, so all commissions are closed for the foreseeable future. I have plans to try to get proper reference sheets for all my characters over time, as well as update old refs, and/or redesign some to better fit how I may see them now, or to just have more fun with them... Then make some actual pieces with them, or revisit old WIPs. Sprinkle in the occasional sketch or painting of whatever, and hopefully it'll break up too much monotony. In any case, I need to step back and focus more on stuff for me to avoid another complete burnout on art I think. (That, and just getting back into the swing of things, and re-remembering how to art in the first place!) In addition, I made a discord server where I'll post more of
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Oh wow are you actually still on here? That's great! I think you're the only person I used to talk to and follow that has posted this year at all.

Don't know if you remember me but my old account was @ookamianiyou 😅 not the best username I admit

Good to see your art again

Off and on haha, I tend to want to come back, but then go recluse mode for a while D:

That goes for art and art websites haha, doesn't help that making art at all anymore is difficult , really would like to do more.

And I remember the username for sure, but my memory has been so trash lately I might need refreshers for a lot of people I used to talk to.

Thank you though! Anyone reaching out again always means a lot~

That's understandable. I'm sorry to hear it has become difficult but I'm glad you're doing what you need to for you.

I don't blame you, it's been like 10 years since we used to talk. Used to watch you stream a lot and you, Courtz (Courtney), Laurz(Lauren) and I used to chat a lot in streams. Can't remember their usernames exactly but Crosshound and AranelElensar I think 🤔 Your username was Kaseiko at the time I think.

Used to chat with them both for a while but the only one I really have any contact with anymore is Courtney and that's just the occasional like or comment on each other's art on Instagram. Like I said it's been a long time so I don't blame you if you don't remember.

I certainly don't remember every detail and some of it came back from looking through your gallery, I remember watching you paint so many of them. You were always so kind and your art was a big inspiration at the time and I really admired and looked up to you as a person. I'll never forget that, so thank you for the good times ☺️

I even named one of your pieces while in the stream apparently which is hilarious considering I never know what to title things anymore 😅 When I was looking back through the ones I remembered most you mentioned it in the description and it jogged my memory. I would link you to things but it has been so long I don't remember exactly how and I don't know if it's changed.

Sorry for such a long comment. After coming back to dA and making a new account I took a little walk down memory lane and visited a bunch of people's profiles. This place and the people I used to talk to meant a lot to me and the memories still do and I just wanted to thank you for your part in that since you had such a big impact.

Been trying to get to doctors here and there, but it's so exhausting dealing with them too that even though I was really wanting to do more art this year, I started off doing a ton of ref sheets, streamed once, and then got burnt out lol. Whether the burnout was from so much art too quick, or having doctor appointments every week (sometimes multiple), I don't know. Could be both honestly? Then I blinked and almost half a year passed since the last time I posted in the discord and I was like oops D:

But yeah, hard to imagine it's been so long lol, it's hard to remember a lot of what happened during that time, but I do remember those times were more fun and I miss them a lot. dA's changed a lot over the years too, but I keep coming back to it probably bc of the good times I had, and the fact that not many other art sites have been going very well lately (especially a certain newer one that had a crazy amount of drama, so I left that one.. ). But my username used to be animalartist16 (probably one of the worst usernames hahaha, I never could get Kaseiko as a username unfortunately bc an inactive account had/has it. But I got either Kaseiko or Kaseiko16 on most websites, depending on what was available)

And thank you though :heart:

Sometimes it feels like I never had a big impact on anyone, so just hearing that is always surprising to me, and also means a lot ;w;

I was tempted to make a new account too at times, but there's so much already here, that when they rolled out the name-change feature, I did that instead, and just kept popping in every so often. Some of the older descriptions/comments/replies I made can still make me cringe at times though lol, but there's a lot of old memories there as well. Honestly I should go through them more often to see if things jog my memory as well.

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Thank you so much for the fav and watch 🌻

Take this llama and HAIL FRIDAY NIGHT TIGHTS!!:la:

Do you do commissions?