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Welcome to Animal-Resources!

Greetings and welcome to Animal-Resources! This group is aimed at collecting and promoting animal stock images and resources.

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This is something I have been thinking about for a while but can't quite come to a decision. The new rule I have been considering adding:

"All resources submitted to this group must be available for free. We do not accept submissions that require the payment of money or points in exchange for use."

When I started on DeviantArt, most resources (if not all) were available for free. It's become more common now for me to see resources available for points or money. The whole points thing is still weird to me, but of course artists have the right to charge what they want if they want to charge; it is their work and I see nothing wrong with it. What I am not sure of is whether I want that to be the spirit of this group. Do we want our group's spirit to be "A helpful place for artists needing animal resources" or "a venue for stock/resource artists to display their animal resources?"

An alternative to the rule change would be to create a new folder in the gallery for the resources available for charge.

PLEASE comment with your opinions!
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Haha, hi there again. Yes, it certainly seems you're the only one :( I hope the founder gets back soon, there's not a lot of active animal-stock-only groups
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