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Welcome to ALF!

If you have any group questions, comments, or messages of any sort please leave a group comment or send a note to the group. And do not send messages directly to any group moderators. Otherwise, they most likely will be ignored. No single individual has full say of how this group runs. We kindly ask you to not single out moderators with your inquiries. We will be happy to reply to you through a group note, etc.

:new: Although it has been enforced along with the clothes and humanized clauses, it has come to my attention that we have neglected to list excessively human hairstyles to the list of what is not accepted by the group. The overall look of animals should be natural. It does not apply to pets which may be styled so. :new:
We do not accept odd colored animals, nor do we accept strangely marked animals.
The only exception to this is common cartoon colors on the cartoon animals. Like a decent light blue color replacing the grey on cartoon wolves and huskies, and red on cartoon foxes.
We do not accept fanart of popular media.
We don't mean fanart for popular artists here in DeviantArt, nor do we exclude commissions, it's just that we don't accept most popular media. Maybe we'll accept a classical book character turned animal, but we don't accept MLP, Disney, Warriors... No.
Animals may not wear clothes they usually do not wear.
Wild animals do not wear clothes. Exotic pets may wear clothes. Dogs no not wear Ipods. If you managed to snap a photo fast enough of your dog with your MP3, congratulations, and yes, we'll accept it; but that won't set a new guideline for art.
We do not accept reference sheets.
We feel reference sheets are for personal use only.
We do not accept anthropomorphic animals.
Not in the traditional Aesop illustration style, and much less the kind with a human body.
We do not accept injured, bloody or dead animals.
Any kind of animal cruelty or graphic themes will not be accepted. Skeletons of Extinct animals are okay. While Taxidermy is an art form, we do not accept stuffed animals into the group.
We do not accept Humans.
No humans in animal photography or animal art allowed. Hands and parts of humans can be accepted if done tastefully. (if you see some in the group, they have been added before this rule was made. people in the past abused the chance of exposure for less quality work. )
On animal photography
The animal subject must be clear and in focus. The background of the image must not take up more space then the animal subject. The animal subject must be the focus of the image. The image must also not have a cheesy date on it. All above rules still apply.
On Mythical and Extinct animals.
Documentation of the species or type of Mythical animal or Extinct animal must be provided in the image description. No made up, OC's, or hybrids allowed. If its obvious like a Triceratops or a Unicorn we usually accept with out question. However we may ask for documentation from a reliable source if we are unsure of the animal was made up. All above rules still apply. This is not a anything goes folder.
On General Quality of submissions
We do not accept overly watermarked images that take away from the subject, or any obtrusive clip-art/text. Please only submit once. This includes several photos of the same subject, please pick your best photo out of the set to show in the group. Photographed traditional art must be clear, in-focus and presented tastefully.
The default folder is Flying/Avians, and the least we find submitted there are our winged friends.
Also, the Photos of Our Pets folder has subcategories for Felines and Canines, use them.
However, the Canine and Feline folders also have a subcategory for photography of their domestic kin.
The Photos folder is for snapshots or for showing your pet showing off his unique brand of quirky, the species folder is for showing off the animal.

It isn't our fault if you don't read the rules first before joining.






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Gallery Folders

Shere Khan by thomsontm
Bear Cub 2 by Les-Piccolo
True Blue Friend by ThreshTheSky
Home Builder by Grouper
Amphibians Art
Big Mouth by Nuvvola
Eastern Grey Tree Frog Commission by Damien-Shade
:.Sleepy tree frog.: by XPantherArtX
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Amphibian Photography
The common Toad by Skaldur
Oyster Toadfish by Darkendrama
Mighty Croak by EvelynVictus
Lemur leaf frog by AngiWallace
Aquatic Art
Shark by Livandriya
and then i saw her face by OrIando
friends are family by OrIando
Stained Glass Lionfish by FauxHead
Aquatic Photography
Hello, there by MidnightTiger8140
Drifting by LyricalAutumnWind
Fish by Xhemile
BEAVER PILEUP by lenslady
Avian Birds Art
170928-23 ACEO Happy sleepy owl + TIME-LAPSE by Crateris
[F2U] cardinal bounce icon by Shalmons
Kingfisher by Verenique
Belted Kingfisher by CenturyWild
Avian Birds Photography
Look At Me! by NicoFroehberg
The Chew by rainylake
Inca Tern by rainylake
Family Tree~ by MelissaBalkenohl
Bear Art
Polar Bear Country by JaneEden
Black Bear by CenturyWild
DAILY PAINT : Happy red panda  #90 by Dan-zodiac
DAILY PAINT : Playful Panda cub #87 by Dan-zodiac
Bear Photography
Chillaxing by suezn
The Polar Bear by roamingtigress
Half A Smile by suezn
Drops of Water (e) by KaraFee
Canine Domestic Art
Baxter by Sinister-Sweet
:.Victor.: by XPantherArtX
Happy-Christmas-2017 by JaneEden
Christmas Dog by Livandriya
Canine Domestic Photography
Happy 2018 Year! by dashakern
Canine Wild Art
Solus Borealis by Falcolf
Canine Wild Photography
Polar fox by KlaraDrielle
Extinct Animals
Piscivorous theropods / Skull comparison by Dennonyx
Feline Domestic Art
Tortie Lady by FreeMeadows
Feline Domestic Photography
Gray Beauty by Bastet-mrr
Feline Wild Art
Lion scratch by Ryuko3
Feline Wild Photography
Can you tell me how to become a tigress? by NB-Photo
Hooved Art
Hakan portrait by AnsticeWolf
Hooved Photography
Mr Llama by Candyfloss-Unicorn
Insects Art
Polyommatus icarus by SivaKonieczna
Insects Photography
Web of deceit... by cricketumpire
Marsupial Art
Cartoon Koala 3D Model by 3DSud
Marsupial Photography
Young Red Necked Wallaby by BreeSpawn
Mollusks, Snail, Worms
Slowly now by Skaldur
Multiple Species Art
Hello friend~ by MidnightTiger8140
Multiple Species Photography
Dreaming (For FireAquila) (e) by KaraFee
Mythical Animals
Primates Art
Kiki Monkeys by Nuvvola
Primates Photography
Lar Gibbon by Skaldur
Reptile Art
Reptiles study by Nimphradora
Reptile Photography
Stare Down by rainylake
Rodents Art
Crested Porcupine by philippeL
Rodents Photography
Squirrel by EvelynVictus
Other - Small Animals Art
Handmade octopus pendant - Close up by IkushIkush
Other - Small Animals Photography
2017 Christmas Greetings by natureguy
Other - Large Animals Art
Comradeship by AfroditV
Other - Large Animals Photography
River crossing 2 by NB-Photo


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