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Gallery Folders

Come on, Roach! by kachy-mi
Nuova Fattoria by EpHyGeNiA
Jungle spirits by Odomi2
Forest Spirit by ApollinArt
Goliath by skarrh
Mother and son by MidnightTiger8140
Our Pets Will Meet Us in Heaven by JoshByer
Christmas card set - Winter animal series  by Sevrn
Chill by hazepages
Day and Night by FlashW
Catch the Moon by FlashW
Just a bear by CardboardHome
Anthro - Traditional
Painted caves by Slasher12
5 day inktober by NastyaLazyCat
July by kinachuku
Savage by Mistress-Kagura
Anthro - Digital
Finished YCH 'Wink' by Sherharon
2020 - year of the rat by Pengon1
Commission: Gold Dust by tinyninjagirl01
Story of my life by Dotachin-san
Graphic Novels
Path of Stars - comic page 76 by VanyCat
Bearroossom Comic Strip [Pencil Drawing] by Wolftall
TFG - page 64 by Fowento
Simbol 57 Spa and Eng by Zoba22
Great Read for Kids: The Pony Express by AN-ChristianComics
Umi's Quills - Publication - Children's book by Marcynuk
The Party by GabrielEvans


Contest Winners
Remi in the Deep, Cool Blue by AmandaDaHamster
Deep Blue Sea by RainbowReptile
Blue Ceetah by DanieleGrigo
Fish food by thomaswievegg
Cat Tutorial: Bodies by Uncognoscente
Canine v Feline Face Anat Tut. by Daesiy
Canine v. Feline Anatomy Tut. by Daesiy
Wing Structure 1 of 2 by ObloquyCondemed
Help - Critique
LO MAS VITAL por Jo Scivittaro by paraberio
Lynx and squirrel by EsthervanHulsen
Christmas card, grumpy cat by clefchan
Panda 1 or Panda 2? by artshell
Animals in DDs
Gator Gaggle by CourtneysConcepts
Heart by Davidjulianlopez
Macaw by BeeZee-Art
blossoms of spring by Ryanxart
FOR SALE Handmade Poseable Raccoon by MalinaToys
Cushion - Pillow Cases by Nojjesz
Cat Hat by KayPikeFashion
Acrylic Tag/Badge- custom your own kind by J-C
K: Bunny run run :3 by Snow-Body
Adoptables - Sprites
Feline adoptables OPEN for 6# and 7# by Kocurzyca
Adoptables: Wolves I (SOLD) by WrendingRae


A warm welcome from us!
Feel free to ask questions, advice or have a chatter :3
Contributors are those who have increased submit limits due to their consistent high quality - Don't pester them with Admin issues ;)


..:: Submitting Rules ::..

Our aim is to accomodate & support all budding illustrators in an open, friendly community...! And most of all, help show off your best works to everyone else ;)

To help us out we have a few simple folder guidelines for each user...


:bulletred: We do NOT currently accept: :bulletred:

Crafts / Non 2D-printable works
Poor (unclear) scans / Photos of work
Mature / Sexual themes
Doodles (often on note paper)
Animations (minimal movements accepted)
Work by others
Adoptables / Sprites
Free lineart
'Original Species' (unrelated to realistic animals)
Fanart (Sonic, Pokemon etc. at our discression)
Dead / Distressed animals (fantasy excluded at our discression)

:bulletblue: P.S. There will be a short delay before your images are added as we have to approve each one first. If your image is declined we will include a reason and some tips =)


For our icon as a STAMP, use the following...
: thumb148967442 :
Stamp - Animal Illustration by Faelourn
We've always been a very specific group in terms of our galleries, and that's what you guys watch us for. Our members are super and 95% of the time a declined image is simply because it doesn't fit our group's theme.

It is a shame when we decline awesome crafts and well-drawn animations for this reason, so we now have 4 new Fave Collections for you to submit these to and show us your work.
For those who watch the group for good old 2D illustrations, no fear, submits to the Fave folders do not show up in your messages, you only have to look if you're interested ;)

Let me tell you about new places to submit --> animal-illustration.deviantart…

:bulletblue: Help & Critique :bulletblue:
Submit your pics here specifically if you want some help, redline or critique. We do allow WIPs here, but don't flood with the same image! If you're looking here because you want to give critique, please be as helpful as possible and, most importantly, be polite.

:bulletblue: Crafts :bulletblue:
If it's 3D and animal-themed, show it off here! We see a lot of feather paintings, decorative boxes and sculpture in the submits, and now we finally have a place for them.

:bulletblue: Animations :bulletblue:
While we do allow 'minimal movement' icons into our main gallery, this is a more specific folder to show off longer, more detailed animated works!

:bulletblue: Adoptables & Sprites :bulletblue:
Love 'em or hate 'em, there are some good animal ones out there! As long as they're well-presented, anyone interested in their buying/selling/displaying can find them in here.

While we populate the new folders you may submit 1 per week on top of the normal gallery allowance.
We hope these folders work well for you and help show off some more work!
Best wishes :)

:bulletblue: Inbox Floods? :bulletblue:
As members grow, so will submissions! Here's how to stop recieving all notifications for every image put in the group, for those who don't already know ;)
* Click the dropdown 'Friends' tab at the top right - There's a button at the bottom "Add / Remove"
* Find 'Animal-Illustration' and click the green tick under the 'deviations' column.
* Now, to see any new images submitted to the group you can check back at your own leisure ;)
* We strongly reccommend you stay subscribed to our JOURNALS - This will be the only way to keep you updated on activities & submission changes!

More Journal Entries


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Gabzilah Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2021  Student Artist
Hello, I've been waiting for my submission to be accepted for over a week now. Might I know if there's a reason why the decision still hasn't been made?
Orphydian Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2021  Hobbyist General Artist
Our brand-new group has a certain affinity with your group scope. Ofc there is a lot of filtering and selection going on like there should be on any group. We kindly ask to affiliate with you.

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ArtsandMore Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2021
Hello =) i am new here =) 32, life in spain =) and i am happy to be here now. From where u are all? 

Leigh60 Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2020
Thank you for accepting me, so pleased to be here
Bizzarasaurus Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2018  Student Digital Artist
My submissions have been expired multiple times, so I have a feeling that this group is now inactive ;w;
I will be leaving this group unless this group became active again.
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