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The Animal-Character-Art Group is all about creating feral animal characters. Be it for your own comic or story or even a fancharacter you made for your favorite manga/anime/book.

Here you can show off your characters and get help if you need advice in how to creating interesting designs or personalities for your project.

Before you submit please read the Submission Guidelines to the right first. It should answer all your questions. If not, don't be afraid to ask and we will try to help you with everything we can. c:
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Jul 27, 2014


Group Focus
Art Creation

354 Members
295 Watchers
21,337 Pageviews

Gallery Folders

Moral Talk by Qzedd
Don't Say That by Qzedd
Fan Art
The Lion King - The Tomboy and the Cuddlebug by imaginativegenius099
Happiness by RoughLady
Duchess by Pinky-Poodle
Vinyl Scratch by L-Starshade
Reference Sheet
GoldenFur by Tiny2005
Design: Taro by Svenrin
.gaston [reference sheet 2020] by as-kan
Digital art
Logana by AcaziaLioness94
Leafpool by AcaziaLioness94
DAILY PATREON by NorthernRed
By Mommy's Side by imaginativegenius099
Traditional art
Charlotte The Fox by Tiny2005
Dummy Portrait by FigoFox
Amber by Furrirama
Snow Valley by Furrirama
Hybrid or Crossbreed
Chinese Ink - Heart of Scorpio by kuroya-ken
Dance or die by NightrazeShadow
Patreon by Luna-Stark
Eros Headshot by Luna-Stark
T0xicEye Characters
AKitD: Lord Daichi ref sheet by T0xicEye
AKitD: Skylar ref sheet by T0xicEye
AKitD: Kazumi ref sheet by T0xicEye
AKitD: Acid ref sheet by T0xicEye
JB-Pawstep Characters
Bath Berries by JB-Pawstep
Mud Wood - Relaxing Day by JB-Pawstep
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Nike Nikita Casalos Characters
Q'zedd Characters
Chimera and Dragon by Qzedd
Nala by Qzedd
Simba- Finding peace by Qzedd
Scar- The Second Life by Qzedd
Red Willow Tea characters
- Yusuf - by Keqluneq
Comic Covers
Commissions, Trades, and Gifts
Commissions Open - SEE DESCRIPTION by AchakWildSpirit
First Draft
Oren Warm up Sketches by LaelaMcPitty
Tutorials and Advices
Flash Animation
Drown (PMV scene) by OokamiKuna
Open Commissions, trades, gifts, and adopts
Liger adoption by Qzedd




Lazy Days by D4N13L4sArt Lazy Days :icond4n13l4sart:D4N13L4sArt 11 8 Friends Forever + Speedpaint by ARVEN92 Friends Forever + Speedpaint :iconarven92:ARVEN92 482 334 Vikki2796 Commission by Nightrizer Vikki2796 Commission :iconnightrizer:Nightrizer 522 48 Wild Fangs N.04 - COVER by Tenaga Wild Fangs N.04 - COVER :icontenaga:Tenaga 470 59 Friendship double icon by T0xicEye Friendship double icon :icont0xiceye:T0xicEye 73 19

Submission Guidelines

Hello everybody and welcome to Animal Character art, a group to show off your orignal characters and get help from fellow artists. This group is dedicated to help everyone to create, share and evolved their original character, especially when you want to use those characters for stories or comics. Each good story needs equally good characters.

But first a few guidelines. Please read those carefully:

1. What is Animal Character Art?
ACA is a group that focus on your animal characters, be it characters you created for your own comic/story or fan characters you created for your favorite cartoon/anime/book. We focus not only on their outward appearance but also on their personality.
We will also provide a collection of tutorials you may need to create your characters and you can always ask T0xicEye if you need help with creating your characters for your own project or if you have any kind of question concerning the group.

2. What can I submit? And what not?
Anything that has to do with your animal characters. All colors, styles and forms are allowed. Fantasy creatures, chimeras, hybrids. Be it digital or traditional. Sketches and rough concepts/drafts are only limited allowed and go all into the First Drafts folder. This folder is also used for characters that are still in early developement.
If the image/referencesheet IS NOT drawn by you but a commissioned work or gift, make sure you have the original artist's approval before even uploading it to dA.

3. What animals are allowed?
All feral animals, fantasy or realistic are allowed. You have your basic like lions, tigers, and wolves. Hybrids or crossbreeds like ligers, wolfbear, or winged animals. Any animal-like fantasy creature is allowed, THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE ELVES, PIXIES OR CENTAURS! Anthros DO NOT count either and are right now not allowed. (That may change)
And please make sure you submit into the right folder!

4. Can I have my own Gallery?
All contributors by default and each member who has a serious project can have their own gallery. But you have to request first with your reason why you want an own folder. Be convincing. Contributors do not need to show us a reason to get an own folder. They already did when they became contributors (please read point 5 for "How to become a Contributor?")

5. How to become a contributor?
Everyone with a serious project (like a comic, fancomic, fanfiction, original fiction) can become a contributor. Or do you think you can give a hand and help members with their character creation for their own stories? Then please send an request to join contributors and give a reason why you want to become a contributor. DO NOT FORGET TO TELL US YOUR REASON! Otherwise we will expect you to not have read these guidelines and will deny your request!

6. What counts as fan art?
Characters that were or are in movies, T.V., or comic (Artwork that is not their's). Like The Lion King or Balto. Other shows where the characters are in animal form, like Bleach, Naruto, or Pokemon. Fanart of existing characters is allowed, but it is preferred you have at least one fancharacter in your submissions as well. After all this group is about creating your own characters.

That's it for now. I might add more points to these guidelines if things come up.

Recent Journal Entries

I noticed a trend of members not doing the whole reading-before-submitting thing. I didn't add the information on the gallery folders just for fun.
Recently a lot of people either missplace their submissions (it can happen by accident, but not several times) or submit into the featured folder. I might not have been clear enough on that but THE FEATURED FOLDER IS FOR FOUNDER PICKS ONLY!. Do NOT submit there.

For those having missed the folder descriptions, here a list of what to submit were:

This folder is for founder-picks. Here we will show off some images that represent the group the most. It will be newly mixed every other week.

Fan Art:
This folder is for all your fan-art images. Although we recommend to not only submit fanart of existing characters. Fanmade characters of your favorite animes/mangas/movies/books are also very welcome and belong in this folder.

Reference Sheet:
As the name implies, in this folder go all kind of reference sheets of your characters for everyone without an own personal folder. (read the Submission Guidelines to how get your own folder).


Digital art:
All images of your characters drawn with any kind of digital media. PS, GIMP, Paint Tool SAI etc.

Tranditional art:
This folder is for images colored with any kind of traditional media like watercolor, colored-pencils or pastels.

Graphit pencil images, meaning monochromic images shaded with graphit pencils, are also allowed.

Sketches and uncolored linearts ARE NOT ALLOWED!!!

Hybrid or Crossbreed:
What the name implies

Comic Covers:
This folder resevered for your story projects. Be it comic, manga, original fiction, fanfiction or fancomic, you are welcome to submit it to this folder.

BE AWARE: In this folder goes ONLY a comic/story cover and the first page. For solely written stories you can submit the first page in here IF you do not have any kind of cover for your story.

Commissions, Trades, and Gifts:
Finished trades coms and gift art.

First Draft:
Drafts and concepts, even uncolored sketches, of your characters go here.

Tutorials and Advices:
What the name implies.

Flash Animation:
Any kind of animation (does not need to be done in flash) goes here.

Open Commissions, trades, gifts, and adopts:
This is a folder for anyone that are open for a commission (Cash or Points), trades, gifts, and adoptions. Once done remove your post or let me know so I can remove it. YCHs auctions and any auctions in general go here as well.
More Journal Entries










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