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Impcat adoptable auction open by GlitchLight
Ceratosaurus by Thek560
Pericotoxodon by Zimices
Diplodocus muscle anatomy study by Sketchy-raptor
Specimen Sheets
Dvinia prima by Ivanbel
Australobarbarus kotelnitshi by Ivanbel
Deltavjatia rossicus by Ivanbel
Karenites ornamentatus by Ivanbel
bug bird by tigergalxxypunk
scanned xeno horse by tigergalxxypunk
Wolf Pose Study by Jacy13
Wolf Head in Profile View Sketch by Jacy13
Sectoral Heterochromia Iridum by Sapphiresenthiss
Get Low by tanikel
Azimut by tanikel
03.28.2021 3 Mocha by PretendToBeHappy
Coryphodon relative size by Franz-Josef73
Beetle Study Page by Jacy13
Northwestern Salamander Studies by Jacy13
Ghost study by Assink-art
Tiger WIP by TiiaTanner
Making Of Flying Cyckle by TiiaTanner
Horse Skeleton in Motion by TiiaTanner
Dachshund Study by TiiaTanner
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Sketch Studies - Horses 5 by JeromeNicolasArt
Sketch Studies - Horses 4 by JeromeNicolasArt
Sketch Studies - Horses 3 by JeromeNicolasArt
Sketch Studies - Horses 2 by JeromeNicolasArt
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Patchi1995's Hyaenid Guidelines by Patchi1995
Wolf Anatomy by Yo-dra
Avian Guides
Turdus iliacus by Chotacabras
Larus fuscus by Chotacabras
Alectoris rufa by Chotacabras
Phoenicopterus roseus by Chotacabras
Reptilian Guides
Megalosauropus broomensis: WA's Megaraptorid by Paleonerd01
Copperhead Educational Poster by SpoonwoodVisuals
Dsungaripterus Weii Muscle Study (No Labels) by TheDragonofDoom
Dsungaripterus Weii Muscle Study by TheDragonofDoom
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Salamander coloring page by Banvivirie
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Prehistoric scabbardfish Anenchelum by mixtix-freeman
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Golden Orb Weaver study 01 by Baron-Engel
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Deep sea life by Bionautic
Platyzoa Animal Challenge
Polycelis tenuis by sumie--dh
Platyzoa Studies Contest
Planaria torva by sumie--dh
Hello Everybody,

I am the mastermind behind The Pencil Tip idea and the designer and all the other small things, and with the help of artists worldwide , im giving birth to this awesome magazine in February. It will be educational and art related , interviews, featured art and tutorials, critique, etc...All the details and updates about it can be found here :

Im also hosted 2 contests , a simple one (fav/watch/like stuff like that) and a interesting one, Art theme that you have to draw after a Theme which is Tree Of Wisdom

I also noticed some amazing case studies and tutorials and stuff around the gallery that are amazing and I would love to feature them in the magazine. I will start looking through the gallery and contact some of you to ask for permission in using it in the magazine but you can also contact me if you are interested in featuring it in the magazine. Credits will be given for everybody.

So im looking forward in getting engaged with all of you through contests or any other way. If you have any questions or want to contact me feel free to note me.

Have an awesome day/night !

Hello faithful members!

It's been some time since I last talked to all of you and it's about time that I posted this journal. I would really like to hear your feedback, suggestions and just comments on this group. What I want to know is what do you want done and/or changed. What don't you like about this group? What do you think could be improved?

A few ideas I have to improve this group are:

- Add additional folders to help with sorting of deviations (such as a "bird wings" to the photography folder)
- Create a calendar and promote world animal days and regional animal days (and feature themed deviations)/
- Make some sort of directory to help in finding certain guides (may take some time to do)
- Get some custom artwork in the journals and custom boxes to make these place nicer

This leads me to the second point of this journal. I would really appreciate any donations of points to get this group a subscription to become a super group. I'm unable to add sub folders or use custom css and this is really hindering improvement in this group. If you have any extra points please donate them to pandemoniumfire. I currently have exactly 444 points which will all be going towards this group. Everyone who donates will be featured on the front page with their own little promo space for whatever they like (within reason, I won't be accepting porn or extreme gore for featuring).

Note: I'd just like to say that I'm well aware that some do not like human anatomy posted here but humans are animals and I keep those submissions down as well. I'd appreciate that comments about "don't accept human anatomy" not be posted in this journal unless you have a suggestion to help balance humans against all the other animal anatomy tutorials.

Note 2: I would love to buy the sub myself however the inflation is really bad for me atm so I'm trying to avoid buying anything in USD.
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I think our groups have a certain affinity. Lets affiliate pls !
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hey there, to anyone who is interested in extinct animals, there is currently a kickstarter project about a card deck full of cool extinct critters! check it out here: +fav… +fav 
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Sorry for the late reply, they are here: Gallery Index and Guidelines [Updated]
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Thank you!
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