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I'd love to friend more people on playstation if any of my watchers/mutuals play ;o;

My currently playing list is:
Red Dead Redemption 2
Monster Hunter World
Dragon Age Inquisition
Soul Calibur VI
Beat Saber
Nier: Automata (just recently finished before new year yeee)

My PSN ID is Muushi (with a pink winking emoji avatar), let me know yours so I know it's you owob)
<': thank you for reading~

//edit new year bump owob)
I'm totally digging the teams and so glad I ended up in mine uwu hopefully will get quick doodles and the like for opposing team!!

come at me bro
T7T //converts this into a regular raffle boost journal

also sorry in advance for the unforeseen hiatus o<-< rl work is eating me up alive


[CLOSED!!] June Bookling + myo slot Raffle! by Cappuchi
it was about time I made one of these o<-< reselling/trading some designs I've lost connection with (not my designs) ; o;/ hopefully to much better homes (surely!!) <3 will update this once in a while (as little as possible) if there are major additions/batches

priority is USD>points>art>designs

feel free to comment below or PM if you're interested in any ;7; thank you for looking!
I… am sinking deep v quick all over again

hmu on 5225 5996 310 and let's kudos pls thank………

yoooo by animaiden
raffles ayyyyyyyy Fool Emoji-47 (Star) [V5]  fabulous artists and designers + chance at free art sign me up pls

<da:thumb id="725887719"/>
o<-< apologies in advance as now that I've finished up my latest owed art I've got a long list of MYO slots to design Emoji26

you can look forward to lacies, yenomis, an eeray, dreamy, lunaith, starry knight, fleuroses, a kowaiko, drowl, dainty, nerilaux, and bubblecorns to be specific :iconpapmingplz:

in other news I'll likely be doing some sort of kiriban at 100k and giveaway/raffle at 4k watchers (passed 3.5k some time ago)

also that FTO batch from yuki is bless please protec #3 forever new owner, and I'm in love with the spade oto from lamp's current auction b y e
  • Playing: persona 5
  • Playing: persona 5
Joining again this year! :') I got sorted into Sun..
  • Playing: persona 5

tagged by LilaBun ty bb ;3; and sorry to everyone for the deviation pings omg

Your character that represents you!
Animals Crossed by animaiden
(art by me, design based off AC:NL avatar tho a bit outdated tbh)
Because I'm nerdy, geeky, and slightly goth with very selfish/greedy tendencies fit for a spoilt queen <: OHO.

Your 'Guardian Angel'
You protect yourself through them, vent through them etc, they keep you strong.
You probably have a deep emotional connection with this character.

(design and art by @/istasha, sorry about the ping!)
TBH I haven't specifically done so yet but I'm setting her up as probably the most diverse oc I have personality wise with very human emotions,etc so uh look forward to seeing her drawn in the near future I hope TvT

Your Sunshine!
A character that never fails to make you smile. Maybe they have bright colors.
or maybe they are very cute. A character who's your own personal sun.
Ana refsheet (revamp) by animaiden
(design and art by me)
Ana is my pride and joy and I wish I drew her a lot more often (and posted) ; 3;'' she's set up to be a super bubbly and cheery kid and well, help

The Odd One
The odd ball character you're not sure why you have, but you treasure them deeply. Perhaps because they're just so weird?

(design and art by me)
my little shrimp sushi warrior from a project that's been dropped? x'D he's a tough to find an occasion to draw but I'm really proud of the little design bits, he's supposed to be a dragoon type of warrior

Sentimental Value
Okay, now who has the most sentimental value? Maybe a character you received from a friend, or who you have fond memories of. Perhaps they're very old?
Paint Tool Nim by animaidenDTA: Bashful Spring by animaiden

(CS nubeirus and design by @/pairoe, art + gijinka version by me)
My first (if I recall correctly) DTA win ; _; he's so presh I don't-- there are plenty more babs with sentimental value none that I can remember too well ahaha I'm getting old o<-<

The fancy one!
You're flashiest character! Probably the prettiest one or the one with the most fancy design.
[MYO Hoshi-Gami] Arzu by animaiden

(art + design by me, species by @/yamiepuff)
eeeeyeah solar panel bae in the lead so far with all that gold ovo;;

The rare one!
'The rarity' How about a character you're so surprised you actually managed to get. 
You probably won't be letting go of them anytime soon!

(Adopted from @/yukibuns)
The galatier from above ;3; now at home with me under the name Ziya ... my most expensive buy to date ahah but for reason of being a christmas and birthday present to myself with my own money TvT;

The Fandom character
You heard me! Everyone's got one, fork them over!

//shields face

The newbie
Okay who just joined your family of characters? Let's see them!
AUCTION (CLOSED): Nerilaux #38-39 by Buru-Chii
(designs, art and CS Nerilaux by @/Buru-chii who's obviously been pinged now)
both of them LOL AAAA //fawns over the beautiful children can't wait to set up their TH profiles and make em smooch; 3;

Alright, now that that's over, go on, tag 5 friends or idols! Feel free not to do this I'm just tagging y'all cause I love y'all ; v;//
Bambeiis confettiparfait Piffi-sisters Kisyunie Symsae

  • Drinking: cough syrup ahaha
If anyone could help claim a myo nu slot for me if I'm unavailable when it opens I'd be super grateful <3 (I'll be paying for it dw)…
PWYW = pay what you want // also known as name your price

I'm actually really liking this format so gonna open it for different comm types on a rotation basis. Paypal is preferred but I'll consider points or mix as well.

Current batch: sketch fullbodies
SC: Bambeiis 3 by nippan AP: Shrymps 2 by nippan [P] Oshiro by nippan

comment or note with this form:
image ref(s):
personality (3 keywords):
if paypal, e-mail:

if your comment is hidden it means I've either completed or declined it, but feel free to fill out another form to try again (I pick based on character design against money offer) completed ones go up on nippan
Had a random thought today that seemed like something interesting to try out

I'm offering a redesign / repackage service for adoptable creators that are having trouble selling their originally created adopts. There's a lot more to it so if you're interested, read on over here on the journal with full details:

[CLOSED] Animaredes - Adoptable collaborationsAnima = soul+my name // Redes = short for redesign ;)
This isn't anything too serious, just testing the waters for interest and might give a couple of designs a go until I get bored :') It's probably confusing so feel free to ask questions
How this works
This is a collaboration, but will need at least a colored doodle for me to judge whether the design is inspiring for me to level up.
Comment below with the form and your ref (it could be a design that you've been struggling to clear out!).
If accepted, I'll 'repackage' the design so that it hopefully catches more attention, and post it up for auction. This means by extension that by applying you're giving me rights to redesign and sell it, and design would be listed as 'design (c) your name + animadopts'
Do note that the auction will likely run at the following rate:
SB: $5/500pts
min. inc: $2/200pts
AB: (if you decide on an AB price please be realistic about it as my designs don't sell for very high amounts weep; )

I've found that I really like reworking designs, because I usually see nice aspects or themes that can be brought out in them. This little initiative of mine is aimed at helping give some exposure and hopefully some profit for those who have trouble even selling adopts for $5. Signal boosts are appreciated, and feel free to refer friends who might be struggling adopt designers.

Thank you for your time <3
If you're interested in a commission please follow the information on my commissions account, check the below journal for samples and prices.

please note that all completed commissions will be posted on nippan !

I know there are free raffles for invite codes but I… am v selfish and greedy sorry o<-< I'm sure there'll be first come first served codes out there so if you're looking for those I'm sorry T_T;; If you don't know what is or does just head on to their frontpage to see what the site is available for: , and here's an official announcement that'll help you make an informed decision before offering anything:…

I've got 9 codes (right now) I can generate specifically for users I confirm to trade with and I'm looking for the following (do not work on any art until I specifically ask you to start because I may decline) :
- Art of my characters: (please have a look to see who I might ask you to draw)
- SPECIFIC designs you're willing to part with in exchange for it (I'm a lot pickier now because while I'm always on the lookout for characters I've reached a slight saturation point, also bear in mind the cost of premium which is ~5USD when offering)

Kindly note I'll be expecting the art/design to be traded/sent first before I give you the code via private message/notes

To offer just comment below with links and/or specific examples of the art you'd like to offer (optionally who you'd prefer to draw from my characters), if you're not confident in your skills feel free to offer points or USD again bearing in mind the cost of premium to be 5 ^^;

Thank you all for considering and have a happy new year(!!?) o<-<

Slots/trades accepted: 
1. :icongabster08: 
- art received, code sent
2. :iconaroade: - art received, code sent
3. :iconnurikeraku:
 art received, code sent
tagged by omotavi this makes me so happy I haven't been tagged for anything in forever oml ; _____; /tears of joy


1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars.
(You can tag back if you'd like, just with a different character)


gonna try putting trivia that isn't already available on his toyhouse desc
  1. Refuses to admit he's a huge motorhead
  2. Likes birds, it's his edgelord way of subconsciously yearning for real freedom
  3. It takes exactly 3 times to convince him on most if not all matters
  4. He used to always wear an olive green camo-esque jacket, but that got passed down to Kita because it matches her eye color and makes him feel proud
  5. Prime steak is his favorite food
  6. Hates claw games to death but is often pressured into winning things
  7. Has a height difference fetish and likes frilly gothic dresses on women, sadly Kita doesn't share the same sentiment about dresses
  8. His smokes are specifically tailored to his genetics and will instantly kill anyone who has them firsthand

I tag (feel free to ignore and I'm sorry to bother weeps I'm just a potato) :
omotavi Bertolf
confettiparfait Rune hehe;;;
Bambeiis Atlas
Kcici Nakia
vxrbxl grey (??r these their names veda??)
Cydnee-B Glaze
starcaIler Australe
3712 Chimo
If interested drop an oc and 3 personality keywords in the comments below ;v; they'll be a bit sketchy because it's a big price drop from my usual comms but still colored with some shading uvu

thanks for reading <3 these will be open until I've completed about 25 probably, so batches of 5 per round c:

Current slots (first batch):

- DumplingYumYum (completed)
- QuakeArts (completed)
- viinyls (completed)
- confettiparfait (completed)
- SilverAngel907 (completed)
as an update I decided to pick out 25(!!) winners from the raffle (via, and do something similar to yooani's halloween event but for this one, themed christmas ;v;

This means: hot cocoa, holly, (ugly) christmas sweaters, santa outfits and several other christmassy items and a palette to match!

Of course, I'm not at senpai yoo's level so it won't be as impressive //weep// but I thought I would challenge myself for this as an opportunity to try more poses and maybe improve as I go

Most likely these will be line sketch with flat color, and outfits will be tailored to fit the christmas theme ;v; (if this upsets any owners who are sensitive toward their ocs I hope you will just treat the drawing as fanart or an alternate universe fanart or similar);; I can remove/silhouette your character if it is very uncomfortable for you once it's done

AND SO WITHOUT FURTHER ADO, here's the WIP! (you might or might not notice who's who)

aniXmas2016-sketch by animaiden

:iconpapmingplz: so there you have it as a rough composition, most likely I'll be posting a pilot deviation and updating it every so often with the progress (IDK would this be annoying or not…)

wish me luck weh ;////;
Edit2: :new: raffle entries are closed :') thank you all for entering

Edit: the request limit is lifted! Submit each gift request as a separate form and each will be counted as a separate entry; changing the title to something nocer and updating every so often with maybe more details ...

Hi all! with 75k pageviews very close at hand but my next official kiriban being at 100k I decided to put together a very weird and somewhat christmassy raffle request journal to spread the spirit of giving! 1 'winner' will be picked at random using (will choose more to accommodate a larger number of entries if it comes to it)

how to join:
  • doesn't matter if you're a watcher or not because I would hate if you watched me only for purpose of unwatching me as soon as raffle is over
  • the character you request to have drawn MUST ADHERE TO THE FOLLOWING:
    • character belongs to your friend, not yourself (acquaintance/idol is ok too, I will put up a checking journal and do a personal investigation to make sure you're not just using an alt account ^^)
    • character is not designed by you (even if it now belongs to the friend you're recommending)
    • not a fan character, official character or actor from a series/game/movie (only original characters or adopted designs)
    • note: the point is to get the chance to 'gift' free art to a friend this holiday season! 
    • single character only, no couples or multiples (valentine's might be a different story…)
  • feral is ok but I must admit my strongpoint is with humanoids
  • recommended: share this journal and remind to put in your UN in the referral box to get a consolation prize if you don't get picked, but please don't harass or try to force users to do so
  • suggestion: teaming up with a friend and requesting each other's characters is A-OK as long as it does not violate the designer/creator rule mentioned in previous points
  • fill out the following form:
    • character reference (images only, no text descriptions):
    • character owner site link (username/link):
    • (if applicable, and optional)referred by (username/link):
  • If your comment is set to featured, consider your entry counted!
  • you may enter for several friends by filling out a form for each, feel free to make new comments under the chain to get a different number placement (reply with your filled forms under the 'FILL OUT YOUR FORM HERE' comment) but are free to edit until the raffle closes and winners are picked on Nov 23 2016
  • any 'winner' artwork is intended as fan art and/or free art for the requester's friend
  • the gift art may vary from chibi art to fullbody art and is not selected by the requester
  • The prize artworks will be signed off with 'from (requester name) to (character owner name) by animaiden'

I have a feeling this is going to be a pain in the butt to moderate but hey everything's a learning opportunity;; thank you everyone for your support for this barely active online granny