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[OK KO] Lady Phantom and Dream Catcher

By Animahti
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Just some self inserts of me and :iconaquaproductions: since we both love the show!

Lady Phantom
Level 8
Lady Phantom is an anti-hero who uses her abilities to pull creatures and beings from the shadows. She can also manipulate the darkness in anyway she pleases. These beings she "creates" are said to come from a parallel dimension. While the darkness and shadows give her physical abilities, it also means they have the ability to be defeated and put back into the shadows where they came from. Her weaknesses include lack of shadows or dark areas and any usual physical damage. Her abilities also allow her to levitate and levitate small objects. 
Lady Phantom can be known to be quite intimidated or even scary to some heroes and villains, however, she is actually a sweetheart deep down. She treats KO and the rest of the plaza very nicely and can often be found being gentle and friendly with not only heroes but villains as well.
Fun Facts:
-Has a sweet tooth
-Doesn't like being lonely
-Enjoys video games 
-Is an artist/cosplayer in her free time
-Knows Kung Fu
-Has a HUGE crush on Professor Venom, but usually will not admit it
-Lady Phantom is not her real name

Dream Catcher
Level 6
Dream Catcher is a hero with the ability to not only put people to sleep, but manipulate their dreams as well. She also has the power to fly which she uses to get around when she is needed.  When her opponent or person in need is asleep, she can then not only manipulate their dreams, but enter them as well. However, when she is doing this, she is left completely vulnerable, as her physical body does not come with her. She is also not very physically strong, but mentally is a warrior. Along with that, she cannot manipulate the dreams of something that does not sleep nor have dreams.
Dream Catcher is a huge darling, and loves to help people. She frequents the plaza, enjoying what it has to offer. She is very good friends with KO and often plays whatever game he comes up with. She is incredibly helpful, and loves what she does.
Fun Facts:
-Friends with most people in the plaza
-Adores KO
-Often visits children and teens in the hospital who need some cheering up.  
-Met Lady Phantom back in high school and is still good friends with her
-Her hair doesn't do the heart curl on purpose. Nobody quite understands how it got like that
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I well forever love them, and heart curl is a secret shhh (and you almost made me cry about visiting childerns in the hospital ;u; ) 
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<3 I knew you’d like that last part, and I know it is totally something you’d do.

Also, Lady Phantom occasionally tries to figure out the hair curl in the mirror and just comes out of the situation more confused than she was
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I had this idea last night dont hurt me

LP: Oh Venom, today was amazin- wait a minute... DREAM CATCHER STAY OUT OF MY HEAD
DC: uh gotta go!
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Stomp: really?
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Thank you! ^w^
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