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'Ballad's First Mandolin'

Balodyquil, a.k.a. Ballad Quill, the Renaissance-era gryphon musician, being given his first mandolin for his "Hatching Day" by his roommate/musical partner/best friend Sondrew Hayne the human. Musical instruments aren't prevalent amongst Quintessentian gryphons, so he's pretty excited. The banner in the backdrop that is half-obscured by Ballad and features a cool but nearly illegible font reads, "Happy Hatching-Day, Ballad!"

The mandolin is sitting on top of a desk, and Sondrew has just pulled a sheet (or some kind of silky material thing) to reveal it to Ballad. (He's probably saying "ta-da!") He made the mandolin himself. I considered putting some tools in the corner to show this, but I decided I wanted the mandolin to be the only thing in the bottom part of the picture.

This is a handmade Quintessentian mandolin, so naturally, it may not look exactly like mandolins from other parts of the world :).

The scene is their charmingly dilapidated artists' flat on the Zoho Bridge, the artistic district of the capital city of Paromdon. The thing in front of the patterny window is Ballad's nest, where he sleeps.

I also made a separate picture of the backdrop, since a couple other things that I drew were obscured when I put it behind Ballad:

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I still get a kick out of Ballad's smile.