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My Bio

Current Residence: Santa Maria, CA

Favourite genre of music: Obscure B'way musicals/Rock and Roll

Favourite style of art: Mine

Skin of choice: Does anyone answer this question with anything but a joke?

Favourite Movies
"Back to the Future" trilogy, "Who Framed Roger Rabbit," "Ratatouille," "Zootopia"
Favourite TV Shows
"I Love Lucy," "Frasier," "Everybody Loves Raymond," "Dinosaucers," "Road Rovers"
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Beatles, Queen, Squirrel Nut Zippers, West
Favourite Books
"Watership Down"
Favourite Writers
Richard Adams
Tools of the Trade
The 3 "P's" - pencil, pad, Photoshop
Other Interests
Art, literature, film, theatre
#Television #TV #Entertainment I was thinking, the pacing of modern streaming shows is like an angry sitcom dad trying to make good time on a road trip. KID: Dad, stop the car! I need to develop my characters! DAD: We can't stop now! We're making great time! Besides, I told you to develop your characters before we left the house. KID: That's ridiculous, Dad! How could I develop them before we even started?! DAD: Your sister did! KID: No fair! She's a reboot! Someone else developed her characters for her! SISTER: So? I still have tailor myself for the younger generations! Right, Dad? DAD: That's right sweetie, so long as we don't have to stop this car for you to do it. KID: Yeah, well all the geeks on social media hate you before they even watch you! SISTER: At least I get hate watched! That's better than not getting watched at all! DAD: YOU KIDS BEHAVE BACK THERE OR I SWEAR I WILL TURN THIS CAR AROUND AND CANCEL THE BOTH OF YOU!!! MOM: Honey, everyone's hot, tired and
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I'm here in my new home in Western New York state. This is the city where I was born, but we moved to California when I was about 3. I went on leave from work due to the move. My managers and co-workers all said they'd miss me. The week leading up to the move seemed like even more work than my job. Though we sold or gave away much of our stuff, there were still a ton of things we didn't want to part with that had to be boxed and mailed. Our landlords recommended a guy to help us clear the place out. He was very nice and hardworking, but we asked him to bring us boxes and he kept saying "yes" and never brought any. Finally, I got some from my workplace, a couple days before our flight. Then we got a notification of potential dangerous weather in Dallas, where we catch our connecting flight. We imagined flying into a tornado! :D We were panicking while my mom was on the phone for like 12 hours to get everything changed to a day later. Luckily, the flight was very smooth. We did
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On today's edition of "Brent Doesn't Like Anything Anymore," here are my thoughts on the seemingly popular "X-Men '97" animated revival series on Disney+. I should have been the perfect audience for this new series, because as a kid I only caught a few episodes of the original. So while I'm nostalgic for the time period, I'm not going to nitpick it to death comparing it to the original, like I would for one of "my" cartoons. And before anyone gets angry, let me say: this is a quality show. The visuals, the action, the voice acting, the writing (for what it is, I'll get to that) and so on are all better than most recent MCU projects I've seen. That's not my issue. The first couple episodes drew me in. It reminded me of a soap opera and I mean that as a compliment. It was juicy and cheesy. The characters were allowed to have over the top personalities and emotions to match the over the top terrible things that constantly happen to them. I find this rare in current superhero media
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Happy Birthday. :)

Happy birthday, Brent! Hope you see many more birthdays in your life, and we get to see more Tarzan art from you;)XD

Thanks for faving sundazed kid 💪

He's so handsome! :)

Thank you for the fave!

Thanks 4 the fav

Thanks for the Faves and Watch