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YGOTAS: 2010 Group Shot

Happy new year, YGOTAS!

I tried to include as many characters as I could, but after a while I started to fray a little bit and stopped sometime after the Paradox Brothers. Anyway, here's to another season of card games and madness. Enjoy!

EDIT: Hilariously, LK somehow found out about this and linked to it within about half an hour of my posting it, causing my DA account to suddenly explode with activity for no immediately apparent reason. I was clueless until everyone started mentioning how they came across it. Thanks, Internet!
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Where is Dartz?
AlienGooPrincess's avatar
Super Special Awesome!
TyphonDestroyer's avatar
Best. THING. Ever.
Ah-Mold's avatar
And now it's time to destroy the world! Again! (CUE THE LAUGHTER)
Cosmic-Eevee's avatar
crashn85's avatar
he really does look damn good in one of those
drfunk98's avatar
can you draw one of these for my series dragonfail
HetalianMiss's avatar
What, no Slenderman?
ZelleonHex's avatar
Words cannot do this justice
rocknjade77's avatar
I love the way you draw the charactors~!
Starflower95's avatar
Really *EFF*-ing amazing!
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Is... Is this what awesomeness looks like?
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so... i herd u leik purpel.
CheetahCheetahraplz's avatar
OF COURSE it's the best color ever
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BEHOLD! MEGA ULTRA CHICKEN! also lol at steve the mime
Copperfrost's avatar

There are so many I could say....Tristan quotes are the best :'D
Vasilisa-Uzhasnaja's avatar
I must have this!!! This is the most amazing thing in the world. I've pretty much 'grown up' with YGOTAS ever since it came into creation, and nothing makes me more happy than to see this glorious and colossal gathering of our favorite hilarious characters :love: My favorite part is Bandit Keith's Americanadian flag. And that freaky fish guy.
chaos-sandwhich's avatar
i loved season 3 :)!
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too many availble puns.

Head bursts
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