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Typical D&D dragon. I might put some colour on it at some point too...When i stop being bored all the time...


Since there's so many of you out there who liked it, I would like to thank everyone who has commented, faved and included my dragon to their groups. I am quite honored indeed and long overdue to appreciating all of your comments, so, really, thanx!

EDIT 19/12/2012:

I am writing this because it has come to my attention more than once that some people here on DA seem to think that this drawing belongs to them, as they claim it's their art.


Art theft is not something new in the DArt community, but it's been happening too often lately and it's a bit of a shame really. If people can spend the time to claim one of my drawings as their own, I'm pretty sure they could also spend their time more productively making actual, original art of their OWN.
I'm no Leonardo Da Vinci myself, but I do work long and hard on my stuff and I'm damn proud of my work to let some stupid sod think they own it.

I am not above letting people create their own version of something I have made, with due credits and all, like this guy here: [link] who ASKED me first, but this THEFT thing is kinda ridiculous.

I can obviously not prevent anyone from actually stealing my stuff in the larger scale, but, next time one of you decides this is a good idea, please consider that from *my* point of view, deciding to STEAL my art means:

1) You're too LAZY to get your butt down to work and create something original of your own.
2) You're too WORTHLESS, UNINSPIRED and/or INSECURE to create something original of your own.
3) You're too IMMATURE to care at all.

And I am too pissed off to be polite about this. If anyone feels offended by this statement, please send me a note with your argument and we can talk about this like grown ups.

And that is why I'm putting the watermark on this.

-You CANNOT alter this artwork in any way.

-You can create your own version using this as a guide and WITH DUE CREDITS TO ME, but that's just about it.

-You can reblog it, share it or whatever, BUT WITH ALL CREDITS GOING BACK TO ME AND THIS DEVIATION.

-You CANNOT sell this anywhere.

-You cannot use it in your portfolio or whatever. It belongs in mine.
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Awesome and badass.

funny the little man is so screwed haha
ANIMAfelis's avatar
Well, he should have known better than to mess with big, scary dragons who use him for scale comparison reasons only! :P
01OnlyMe01's avatar
This is beautiful
ANIMAfelis's avatar
Thank you so much! ^^
01OnlyMe01's avatar
You're welcome :)
jessicawright31's avatar
This is amazing!!!! :D I work a lot in traditional techniques also and I also draw many dragons, you should check it out some time!! :D This is really well done, great use of shading!!! :)
ANIMAfelis's avatar
Oh, hey thanx! I'm glad you like my dragon and his shading!
Lovely gallery you have there too. Keep it up! :D
DusktheArtist's avatar
This is the perfect example of a dragon, a true beauty which I could see soaring the skies. You, my fellow artist, are one of the best artists I have ever seen in my life. Best of luck to you!
ANIMAfelis's avatar
Oh, myy! I'm flattered! Thank you so much for your good and encouraging words!I appreciate it and I'm happy my art has touched you.
Best of luck to you too, my lady. :)
TallTalesOfRodcairn's avatar
This is incredible. I picture this giant soaring through the air as men cower in fear. Tremendous sketch really!
ANIMAfelis's avatar
Oh, hey! Thanx a bunch for the comment. Much appreciated! :D
Zapushkae's avatar
Awesome work man! It kind of reminds me of the shape of a horse. I wish I could draw like you.
ANIMAfelis's avatar
Oh, hey, thanx man! Tbh, the body was partly based on a horse, but loosely.
Thanx for the compliment, and on my part, just keep trying and you'll find your own way some day! ;)
(love your robots, btw. Very shiny!)
Zapushkae's avatar
Heh, you're welcome. And thanks you so much for looking at some of art. It means a lot to me! I'm a bit new to DA and you make me feel very welcome here!
ANIMAfelis's avatar
I'm glad you already feel welcome here, dear! Please make some more robots. And then some dragons, or better still, some robot-dragons! ;)
Tolleren's avatar
Well done!

- I have drawn dragnons on my own, and a know how hard it is to draw the head and wings, but this is just perfect.  :)
ANIMAfelis's avatar
Heeeey! Thanx! I appreciate the comment. Keep up the good work yourself! ^^
Tolleren's avatar
Ok, I try again:

Well done!

- I have drawn dragons on my own, and I know how hard it is to draw the head and wings, but this is just perfect. Congratulations  :) (Smile)
danielflemming's avatar
I wouldn't even raise my sword! I'd just say calmly
"Ummm...sir...can I just go AROUND you and we won't have an issue! Okaaay?!"
ANIMAfelis's avatar
Weeell... It's still a colorless dragon, so if you imagine a nice friendly color on him, you just might end up having a tea session with him, let alone going around him and all. Who knows! Maybe you'll have caught him in a good mood or something. :P
danielflemming's avatar
I'd LOVE to have tea with him! I'm quite open minded like that! :D
ANIMAfelis's avatar
Marvelous, ol' chap! Bring the cookies and a mustache and we'll call it a proper tea party! :D
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