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Foursona - Feugen

" Feugen is a 9 year old boy, he is very scared of (literally) anything.
The things he likes to do the most are drawing and playing puzzles.

Feugen having many nightmares that someone was always watching him, very tense ..

With these nightmares running in your head and fear growing, Feugen decides to sleep with his mother, but when he opens the bedroom door, Mom is not there.

He desperately tries to find his mother everywhere
Try calling
Mom is nowhere, where can she be?

Not finding her, Feugen decides to go to sleep ... will she show up in the morning right?

The next day, Feugen is no longer at home, but in a very dark forest.

But what the hell is going on here?
Shouldn't that be so !? "
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