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Ok I haven't done a journal entry in months so let's use this to do this thing :B

-For the first 10 people who comment, I will feature one of their characters I like the most and put it in this journal. (I will go to your gallery and pick one character and one picture I like, you don't need to tell me which one.)

-If you comment, please do the same in your journal (unless you've already done it), and put me in the first feature slot. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone! 

1. NationGirls2018 (these two are so cute <3)
Sweden and Brazil 2 (NB Brazil) by NationGirls2018 
2. Athena--04 (I really love your character, she's adorable! Also I love elks as well :3)
ATHENA- Character Sheet by Athena--04 
3. Nationmice (Dese cookies~)
Animmies by Nationmice
4. BigDsWorld (Well of course Lily! And her friends. I love Danielle too :3)
The Riverside Girls by BigDsWorld (Hannah and Crystal belong to Raingrass and Darkmegafan01) Danielle by BigDsWorld
5. MrDilly2011 (The Madame herself :B)
Madame Blossom logo by MrDilly2011
(stolen from NationGirls2018)
  • Listening to: Took Me by Surprise by Maria Mena
  • Drinking: Pepsi :B
This looked like fun so I decided to steal it from :iconblazeato: X'D lol

1. Post these rules.

2. Post 8 random facts about your character.

3. Tag 8 other creators. (Can I tag less than that-)

4. Post their OCs' names along with their creators' names and avatar. 

Okay! Let's get started XD 

OC: Louise  My new OC by anilovespeace

Note: Keep in mind that I haven't come up with really interesting things about Louise, so sorry if it sucks :B 

1. Louise has a thing for all kinds of clothes: boy stuff, girl stuff, unisex stuff, any kind of clothing. Put her in a fashion show and she'll just work it!
2. Her favorite drink is a strawberry smoothie.
3. She's an ambivert, meaning she's an outgoing and energetic kind of girl but she also likes to keep to herself at times. She loves making friends with everyone too lol. The only people she won't be friends with are bullies. 
4. She dislikes violence in any shape or form. However, if she sees anyone or her friends getting hurt, that's when she'll use violence when necessary. 
5. Louise may come off as shy at first, but she'll totally get along with you any time at any day once you get to know her.
6. When she grows up, she wants to be a fashion designer :3
7. saving the best for second-to-last lol Louise also has a secret; she loves video games X'D She's a huge sucker for RPG games and dating sims. 
8. She loves to read and draw.

:iconsupernovaarts: (I'd like to hear more about Flare!) :iconbigdsworld: (Your character Danielle seems like a cool gal. I wanna get to know her a bit more :D)
And... anyone else that wants to do this, feel free lol
Tagged by :iconsonicfazbear15: :P

Pick 5 of your characters. If you don't have 5 characters you can include your friends or characters from fandoms!

1. Benedict
2. Jayden
3. Brainilly
4. Bellisa
5. Riley

[1] 4 decides to go to the library and forces everyone else to tag along. 5 refuses, why?

Riley: I'm not a library person, so-
Bellisa: YOU'RE COMING WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT~ ^w^ *drags Riley along*

[2] 5 and 4 argue on the drive to the library and nearly drives everyone down a slope. 1 takes charge and drives instead. Was that a good idea or will the drive now be the group's last?

Riley: Bellisa, I swear to god I don't know why you dragged me into this.
Bellisa: Oh come on! You're an art kind of person right? So they'll be some comics at the library here and there
Riley: Yes I like art but I'm pretty sure comics are not a form of-
Benedict: Uh guys...? I can drive if you like
Jayden: But Benedict, you're not old enough to drive yet! You don't even have a license!
Benedict: Pfff, I've driven Go-karts before, so we'll be fine~
Bellisa and Riley: BENEDICT NO-
*and then they got into a car crash but they somehow survived :V*

[3] Well either way everyone makes it to the library in one piece. As they enter the library, who's most likely to talk too loud and get yelled at by the old librarian at the front desk?

Probably Benedict because she's loud and crazy :B

[4] Everyone splits up to go find some books, some more excited than others, but everyone does so anyways. While looking for books to read, 3 and 5 reach for the same book both at the exact same time and their hands bump into each other. What happens? 

Riley: Oh hey! Fancy seeing you here Brainily!
Brainilly: Yes... fancy seeing you here indeed o3o *totally not reading about yanderes while covering up with romance stuff*

[5] 1 is in the Children's book area and 2 spots him/her. What's 2's reaction and how does 1 explain him/herself? 

Jayden: Uh... what are you doing reading kids' books?
Benedict: I'm just uh... catching up on my childhood! DUN JUDGE ME ;O;
Jayden: Weirdo

[6] Either way, 1 finds a (treasure?) map behind one of the children's book's shelves. What does 1 do? Believe it and go search for it on an adventure, or just toss it in the trash? Or recycle it because, well, it's environmentally friendly... 

Benedict: Oh hey! There's a treasure map!
Jayden: Yeah, but it also looks like a coloring book page that's been ripped off.
Benedict: ...Meh we'll just leave it, it DOES look kinda fake.

[7] 2 and 3 bump into each other in the 'Romance novels' section. What happens? 

Brainilly: Well hello Romantic Person~ I didn't know you were interested in anything other than manga.
Jayden: O////O H-hey, sometimes I like romantic things too!
Brainilly: Lol isn't Itcho the only thing romantic enough for you?
Jayden: Oh shut up. -////-

[8] 5 suddenly starts laughing as if he/she is insane and gets kicked out of the library. Why, and what happens afterwards? (Remember, the car keys are still with 1)

Riley: I'm sorry, but the part where the girl got drunk and tipsy and messed everything up? That was so funny! It's not MY problem!

[9] It's getting dark and they all regroup, 5 is off wherever and no one realizes. Everyone checks out their books, if they have any, and as they go into the car, 1 realizes he/she lost the car keys! What happens?

Brainilly: I have no idea, where'd you leave them last?
Benedict: How the hell am I supposed to know?!

[10] As the trash collecting truck drives away from the library, it turns out the keys was with the possible treasure map. If 1 threw away the map in the trash, well everyone's doomed and someone needs to go chase after the truck and dig in garbage. If they threw it in the recycle, it's still there and all is saved!(Though someone still needs to go and get it) If they kept the map, great! No one even has to get out of the car.

Jayden: Don't worry, I got this *runs to garbage truck and digs in the garbage*
Benedict: O-O
*1 hour later*
Jayden: FOUND EM!
Benedict: Jayden, my savior!! *takes keys*
Bellisa: Your TRASHY savior >->

[11] As they get the keys back either way and drive home, 2 suddenly realizes 5 is not in the car! Does the group go back and look for 5 or no?

Jayden: Hey where's Riley?
Bellisa: I dunno, probably at a museum?
Brainilly: Let's look for her
Benedict: Good idea!

[12] Well no matter what happened and what 5 did, they didn't find 5, because they somehow found a winning lottery ticket on the ground, checked the numbers, and won the lottery's grand prize! (7 mil. USD) What does 5 do with the money?

Riley: YES! I WON 7 MILLION BUCKS! What should I do?? *GASP* I could donate to the poor, I could donate to a museum, I could use that money for travel purposes...

[13] When the group finds out 5 won the lottery, what is everyone's reaction?

Benedict: ON EARTH?! I'm so jealous
Jayden: No. WAY. How is that possible?!
Brainilly: Give some of it to us!

[14] A trip to the library ends in 5 winning 7 mil. USD, and yet 5 was the one who didn't want to go in the first place! What is everyone's reaction to this?

Jayden: Wait. You didn't want to go to the library in the first place!
Bellisa: Yeah, and then you got kicked out!
Riley: Not my problem :V
Jayden: Just... don't get yourself into so much trouble again okay?
Riley: I'll try

[15] 1, 2, 3, and 4 all spend the night at 3's place for a sleepover just for fun! How does it go? 

Jayden: Well technically, this is the Sourpen Girls' place, but it's not so bad
Benedict: Our home is anyone's home! ...Except for bad guys
Bellisa and Brainilly: It was so fun~

[16] End of meme! Now tag some people, and don't forget to link me back here at the blank version! I'd love to read these with your characters! 

I tag anyone that wants to do this ;P
I saw a couple of friends making some Christmas wishlists so I thought I'd jump in on the bandwagon :P This is optional so you do not have to do this if you don't want to. I don't want you to feel obligated ^^; Anyway! Let's get started!

Here Are The People/Inspirations/Friends I Am Tagging

Again, I don't want you to feel obligated to draw me a gift so if you don't want to do this don't worry about it. Also if you are not tagged and if I missed you or anything like that, you are welcome to do this too! Don't feel like you've been excluded because you're always included in my family no matter what!

What I'd really love some fanart of!

My babies: My new OC by anilovespeace  My new OC, Riley by anilovespeace Jayden, A5 by anilovespeace(crappy ref I'm sorry XD) Meet Terra by anilovespeace Sourpen Girls' New clothes by anilovespeace(Over at the left is Bellisa, in the middle is Benedict and at the right is Brainilly) Sourpen Boys' redesigned clothes by anilovespeace(In the middle is Brandon, at the left is Brent and over at the right is Bellamy)

My comic, The Day I Met My Crush:…

UPDATE: Omg I forgot about Five Nights at Mario.exe's X'D It is REALLY old, but here:…

What I would like in general
A Core membership and maybe a few dA points :B That's about it

And that's what I would like this Christmas! If you are making a wishlist, feel free to tag me Santa :la: 
:iconanutdraws: has really good drawings and I've been his watcher for a long time! Go to his dA page right here:
Tagged by :iconmrdilly2011: and :iconjasmine23gril:

1. fav music

2. fav deviation
Can I possibly pick one?

3. Do I like to have fun?
Yes I do xD If you mean like video games or something

4. Fave TV channel
I don't watch TV very often

5. Fave Mane 6
Twilight I guess

6. Do I like this website?
Yeah it's really fun :P

7. Do I like to write stories
Yes but I'm never motivated enough to do so ;-;

8. Do I like modern games more than classic
Well I mean, I like both modern AND classic.

9.Best Friends
Since I'm too lazy to name them on the top of my head... here is my list :B
:iconseantg246: :iconblazeato: :iconenriquetehfox: :iconellenwitch: :iconmisse-the-cat: :iconserrara: :iconruffcarly: :iconfnaf2poster: :iconjmpfnaf22: :iconhelenqueenoftheworld: :iconpeach110: :iconpowerpuffsunny: :iconbigdsworld: :icondarkmegafan01: :iconmarioandblossomlove: :iconkareena08: :iconnationmice: :icontrickster-mind: :icontheeviljinn90123: :iconfabulousanddumbness1: :iconkini-rini: :icono-bscuritea: :iconthe-realhorrorshow: :iconcheezecaike: :iconjasmine23gril: :iconsupernovaarts:

10. Favorite Month?
July and December

11. Favorite Marvel Character
Spider Man :B

12. Least favorite episode of The Simpsons
I have no idea, I haven't watched The Simpsons a lot

13. Element?
Earth bby

Tagging: :iconseantg246: :iconenriquetehfox: :iconfnaf2poster: :iconjmpfnaf22: :iconbigdsworld: :iconcheezecaike: :iconkini-rini:
tagged by both :iconmrdilly2011:, :iconjmpfnaf22: and :iconfnaf2poster:

Write the Rules
Write 13 things about yourself 
Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions
Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know that they are tagged
Don't say ''You're tagged if you read this"
It is forbidden not to tag anyone
Tag backs are allowed
If you don't make this tag in a week, you need to obey a wish of the person who tags you! 

13 Facts

1. I wake up and sleep in late at weekends and at holiday breaks XD (meaning summer break, winter break, etc)
2. I listen to random music every day- that just shows how much I love music~
3. Sometimes I'm good with technology, sometimes I'm not
4. I get artblock a lot
5. At times I also like to write poetry :P
6. I used to do sprite work. I might do that again one day
7. I've never been taught to speak up so that's why I force myself to give people answers they want
8. I play a ton of video games
9. My favorite Undertale character is Sans. I don't know why, he's a pretty cool guy like Papyrus XD
10. I'm naive at times
11. I like cheese :B
12. I care deeply about my friends and their safety
13. I also care a lot about my grades. Because I'm a freshman in high school, I don't care about learning, I just want to pass something with either an A, B, or a C

MrDilly2011's Questions

1 . What is your favorite Music instruments
2. What is you favorite food?
Spaghetti Kawaii Papyrus and pizza, chocolate, burritos, and Asian food :B
3. favorite Console?
Wii U and Wii
4. What is your greatest fears
The most common one, heights
5. What is the darkest video game you played
Can't think of any
6. What is the lightest video game you played
A Steam game called An Octave Higher. It's got a sort of Hunger Games feeling to it and it's mainly about 3 characters who go on an adventure and they all have magical powers. I haven't played the rest of the game yet but it's pretty fun :3
7. What is your favorite color
8. Who is the most disturbing boss you fought
I can't think of one tbh
9. Favorite Movie?
I uhh don't have a favorite one, but if I had to pick, it'd be the BFG (Big Friendly Giant) movie.
10. Favorite Character from Sonic?
Sonic of course! Oh and Tails
11. Least Favorite Movie?
I have no idea
12. Funniest scene? (game movies etc)
One time I watched this Harry Potter movie with my sister on Christmas break, and one of the funniest scenes was when Ron goes "Go to Leviosaaaa" and Hermoine was like "It's LeviOsa, not LevioSAA"
13. Do you like vampires?
As a matter of fact, I think they're cool :P

FNAF2Poster's Questions

1. Who is your fav youtuber? :D (Big Grin)
Jeez it's hard to pick XD Uhhh YandereDev? He's super informative :P Go here for his channel:…
2. Do you hate me? ;-;
No! Why would I hate you?
3. What do you think about me? = _ =
You're a really awesome artist and you're fun to be around ^^
4. Are you alone in home?
Only at night time a lot
5. Do you love UT? :D (Big Grin)
Yeah it's pretty cool :P The fandom however is out of control
6. Fav Tv Shows? :o (Eek)
Steven Universe and original PPG show
7. What do you think about yourself? :/
I'd like to say that I'm nice and sweet, but also reserved at times
8. What powers do you want to have? :/
Telekinesis and flying. Telekinesis because one time in math, my group (3 boys at my group) and I were going "TELEHHHH" flicking everything around the room and at each other until the teacher was all "ok stop". God it was super fun XD 
9.  Am i a good person to you? :1
Why yes, yes you are :0
10. Whats your fav art? :3
Oh jeez that's hard to pick XD I like all art!
11. Do you like my arts? :1
I do, it's very nice :3
12. Did we collab before? :/
Yeah we did. We did double memes twice and one time we did one with you, me and Misse
13. Would you buy me a chocolate? :3
And if I could, I'd buy myself a chocolate bar too. That way we'd both be eatin chocolate :B

UPDATE: JMPFnaf22's Questions

1. Would you watch a horror movie with me? >:D (Big Grin)
If it's not too scary then yes X'D
2. What is your favorite food?
I've mentioned this earlier, but spaghetti, pizza, chocolate, burritos, and Asian food
3. Would you rather watch SMILE HD 24 hrs str8 or play the most scariest game ever created?
Watch SMILE HD for 24 hours straight. Tbh it's not that terrifying to me XD
4. What would  you do if you're home alone?
Bruh, I stay at home alone a lot XD So I just cook myself spaghetti and just derp around my computer
5. What you would do if you got chased by Sans?
I'd just run like crazy, but Sans would probably teleport to where I am and give me a bad time :B
6. Would you rather jump on a building or stay underewater until you get drowned?
Jump off a building
7. Would you stay with someone you don't like or stay with a stranger?
If the stranger's nice then stranger?
8. In an apocalypse, you saw your best friend/s turn into a zombies, would you shoot them/him/her or nah?
Only if I absolutely had to. 
9. Yuno Gasai or Ayano Aishi?
Ayano Aishi all the way xD 
10. Cold or hot?
It depends on my mood
11. Rain or sunny?
Rain- it's pretty nice ^^
12. Night or day?
13.  What's your favorite season?
Probably Fall 

My Questions
1. What music do you like?
2. Favorite fruit?
3. Do you have a favorite song?
4. Oh look, a moving potato!happy potato 
5. If I were to make a video game would you play it?
6. Do you like to read comics? If so, what's your favorite? It can be anything from mangas to graphic novels XD
7. Any pet peeves?
8. Favorite soda? (or beverage if you don't drink soda)
9. Would you like fries with that? :B
10. Who's your favorite Youtuber?
11. What was the saddest thing you've seen?
12. Do you take constructive criticism well?
13. hOI IM TEMMIE Temmie Emoticon Icon Gif - Undertale excited 

I'm tagging: :iconmarioandblossomlove: :iconkini-rini: :iconchibicupquake: :iconmarioandblossomlove: :iconcheezecaike: :iconfnaf2poster: :iconsonicfazbear15: :iconjasmine23gril:
and that's all the people I'm tagging because I'm too lazy  :B
<da:thumb id="671509535"/>
Go check this journal out! :P
I just saw this cool journal by :iconmichpajamaartist: and thought I'd give it a shot. Tbh I don't mind having a little positivity once in a while, so you can say something nice if you want ^^ If you wish to participate, go here! The Positive Note ChallengeHello fellow dreamers!
During the past few years I've noticed lots of people thinking less of them, feeling small, worthless, talentless, among many other issues, incluiding myself, and I see that it is slowly becoming a meme to be depressed and for others to feed that depression, and while it is okay to search for understanding, it is not okay to feed yourself with that kind of message, because your brain will always find a way to make it true, the brain doesn't take a no for an answer; and even if it's with something as small (some might even call dumb, but who cares) as an internet challenge, I want to try and make it different. I want to make happiness viral.
I want to start a little challenge I'd like to call "The Positive Note Challenge" which objective is to remind people that there is always something special about us, even when we refuse to believe it; to remind us that there are beautiful things about us that we may not see, but others can.
The Rules are

The Rules are very simple:

  1. You must post all the rules. NO EXCEPTIONS!

  2. Tag as many people as you want/can. LET THE MESSAGE OF LOVE BE SPREAD!

  3. Tag backs are allowed. Let yo honey give u some sugah~*

  4. YOU MUST TAG SOMEONE. It will be key. Plus, everyone deserves the chance to be loved.

  5. Write a nice comment to those you tag.

  6. Get a notebook or sketchbook. Easy, right? It doesn't have to be expensive, but if you want it to be, go ahead. It doesn't have to be big, if you want it can be a little notepad. But you'll need something to write on.

  7. At the top, write one nice thing about yourself. You don't have to think it much. If you want to write "your hair is pretty" "you're funny" "you run an awesome blog" you can do it. The point is to remember there is something nice about you and you know it.

  8. Share a journal/status post about the challenge. Use the #PositiveNoteChallenge hashtag and ask for a nice comment. That's it. Tell your friends, followers and those you tagged to write something nice about you, and write all those comments in the notebook.

  9. Be yourself. If you want some notes to be bigger than others, do it. If you want some to be one color and others with another color, do it. If you want to draw do it. If you want it to look like someone just puked a rainbow and glitter on it, DO IT. Take all those beautiful comments and make them even more beautiful by adjusting them to YOU.

  10. POST A PICTURE OF IT. It doesn't matter if it's full, it doesn't matter if it's only 3 comments, because 3 people took the time to remind you that you are loved.

:iconserrara: You are a really brave girl and I admire that. While we have our moments, we'll always be there for each other. Never let anyone push negative thoughts in your throat and keep being you.
:iconbigdsworld: Okay. Not only are you one of my greatest friends, but you're a really great artist too! We have so much in common, it's crazy in a good way XD
:iconpaintedrose13: You're an awesome artist and a really great friend ^^
:iconchibicupquake: Your life might be really tough right now, but never forget that I'll always be here for you if you need anything. You're also a really good friend and I'm glad that we're friends :heart:
:iconkastanik: You are SO awesome at MMD and your art is fantastic too X3
:icontheonephun211: We might not talk as often as we used to, but I still care about you so much! You are one of the most awesome friends I've ever known and you're super supportive X3
:iconkini-rini: Where the hell do I start? XD You are one of the most random people I know (in a good way), and you're also a really good friend and artist. Never change your personality XD
:iconcheezecaike: Even though we don't talk a lot, your art is epic and you're so fun to talk to! I'm so glad we're friends =P

You don't have to do this if you don't want, I just thought it'd be fun to try ^^;


Tagged by :iconsonicfazbear15: :B

Rules: Tag 8 people you wanna get to know better

Name: Ani/Camden

Star Sign: Cancer


Lucky number: I don't have a lucky number

Average hours of sleep: Uhhhh 6 to 8 hours on weekdays, 10 hours on weekends XD

What do I post: PPG drawings, anime, sometimes sprites, sometimes literature

Amount of watchers: 212

When I started this account: I started this account at August 16 2013 :B I was very immature at the time

Do I run anymore blogs: Uhh my dead YouTube channel and Facebook

Do I get a lot of comments: On art no not a whole lot but I do get some. On my profile every now and then.

Why I chose my username: ....PFFFFF I don't know, I was dumb at the time X'D Now I'm debating whether to change my username or not.

:iconcheezecaike: (Happy early birdday)
:icongaymew: (Happy early birthday to you too :>)
I can't think of think of four other people so for those who have been tagged, have fun Deal With It

If you're "Viewer #" or "insert random name" please tell me your dA so I know who you are

I want nothing to do with politics whatsoever, even though I'm pissed that Trump won.

If you guys say you'll move to Canada like "TRUMP WON OMG I'M GOING TO MOVE TO CANADA FUCK IT I'M DONE", you're overreacting. I know you never wanted this to happen, and I didn't either. But we'll just have to take a stand and fight. Fight for our fucking rights. Am I the only one who thinks like that?

Now, I advise you guys to stop making such a big deal out of this.