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Mario and Powerpuff Girls: Let's Do This!

Chapter 9

Mario's POV

Luigi and I head down to the other water pipe to look for Bubbles who supposedly fell in one of the pipes because she saw an octopus. When we get underwater, there are a lot of laser turrets ready to fire at us and a bunch of Cheep Cheeps and bloopers going and gone swimming. There are a few sharks nearby that stare at us with their deadly eyes but they don't try to eat us.

"Do you think Bubbles is okay?" Luigi asked.

"I hope so," I reply. "If she got kidnapped, I swear-"

Suddenly, an octopus comes up and looks at us with its sinister grin. It starts to chase us for five full minutes until it wraps us around in its tentacles and we can't get out.

We struggle to get free until Luigi gets a fire flower and throws fire balls towards the octopus. The octopus lets us go and Luigi chases it off until it's gone.

"Man Luigi, you really turned that octopus into fried squid!" I exclaimed.

"Well you know what they say bro," Luigi says, "you gotta play with fire."

"Ha ha! Good one."

Suddenly his face lights up as if he just realized something. "Wait a minute... did that octopus look familiar to you?"

"Uhh, maybe? Why do you ask?" I questioned.

"Because he looks like that same octopus that took Bubbles down the pipe!"

OH CRAP. My face goes pale as Luigi says those very words.

"We have GOT to find Bubbles fast before the octopus tries to choke her," I said.

Before we could get far, the PA system starts blaring out and screams "INTRUDER ALERT" over and over again. I'm assuming Princess heard us through her security cameras because all these bloopers and cheep cheeps come chasing us. Luigi starts throwing his fireballs at most of the bloopers but a few of them won't budge. Neither will the Cheep Cheeps.

Eventually they corner us and there's really no way to get out. One of Cheep cheeps gets near Luigi, slaps him in the face and causes him to lose his power up.

"Ahh! My fire flower!" Luigi exclaimed. "What the heck do we do?! We have nothing to stop them!"

"I don't know! I think that we're-" And just as I was about to finish my sentence, laser eye beams start zooming in towards the army. After a few more moments of laser eyes the bloopers are gone. We turn around to see Blossom and Buttercup floating right behind us with their smug smiles.

"Blossom? Buttercup??" Luigi said.

"That's right!" Buttercup exclaims. "We saw you guys about to get eaten by the stupid squids and fish so we just used our eye beams."

"Are you guys okay?" Blossom asked.

"Yeah, thanks to you," I replied. "Now let's go find Bubbles and-"

Suddenly we hear Bubbles screaming for help. We gotta hurry!

"That's Bubbles! She's in trouble!!" Blossom said.

"Well come on, let's save her from that dumb octopus!" Buttercup declared.

And so we swim and look in every nook and cranny in the water for Bubbles and the octopus. Jeez, I seriously hope she didn't get eaten by that octopus.
Blossom’s POV

After a few minutes of searching for our sister, we finally find her... in the arms of an octopus.

"ALRIGHT OCTOPUS, PUT OUR SISTER... down...?" Buttercup trails off to see that the octopus is actually HUGGING her?!

"Oh hi, guys!" Bubbles cheerfully greets us. "This is Olly the octopus, my new friend! He's a nice animal."

"Olly the... octopus?"

"Yeah! Don't worry, he's not hurting me, he's just giving me a hug!~"

We all looked at each other with stupefied expressions. I cannot believe this! This supposedly deadly looking octopus is hugging Bubbles??

"We just came here to rescue you, and all we see is a HUG?" Mario exclaimed.

"What- what even is this??" Luigi questioned.

"I'm just as confused as you guys are," Buttercup said. "It's like we... came all this way for nothing."

"Bubbles, you had us worried!!" I exclaimed. "We thought you might've gotten killed by that octopus! It could've squished you or strangled you or-"

"What?! No way!" Bubbles claimed. "Olly's actually a nice octopus! He wasn't going to kill me or anything."

We exchanged understanding murmurs towards Bubbles.

"Alright, we believe you," Mario said, shrugging his shoulders.

The octopus lets her go from its embrace for what it seemed to be a distress call.

"Yeah, it can help us stop Princess from trying to destroy us," Bubbles claimed.

"Oh my gosh, yeah!!" Buttercup said excitedly. "He can squirt ink at her, choke her, or at least squeeze her to death! That would be so cool to see."

"I agree," Luigi says, "then we could say her plot... has been inked."

We groaned at the bad pun Luigi just made. He just flashes a cheesy smile and goes "Ayyyyyy."

"Wow. That was the worst pun I've ever heard," Mario said.

"And I don't regret it," Luigi replied.

"Oy. Well let's just go find that Princess brat. I'm sure she's around here somewhere."

And so we looked everywhere Princess could be but she's nowhere to be found. She must've stayed in her fortress, the coward. Suddenly we hear a loud rumbling noise coming towards us. As we turn around, there's Princess Morbucks in her motor submarine.

"Not so fast, you lame heroes!!" Princess exclaimed.

"Oh look, it's Princess Morbucks with a submarine. I'm so horrified," Buttercup said sarcastically.

"Gee I wonder what it's gonna do? Throw toys at us?" I replied.

"No, that's Santa's thing," Bubbles says, "but I bet she'll throw more cheep cheeps at us. How terrifying!"

Mario and Luigi start laughing at our remarks.

"GAH!! Enough childish talk! Let's just see how many heroes I can squish today!" Princess claimed.

I roll my eyes. She's not gonna squish that many heroes. In fact I bet she wouldn't even squish a fly at a wall.

The battle begins with Princess charging her submarine at full power. Mario notices this and says, "Get out of the way!"

We all do as he says and swim out of the way. It's a good thing too because Princess' submarine speeds up but rams into a wall in the progress. It almost crushes her; however she gets out in time. But Olly the octopus just smacks her around.

"Oh no, my submarine!!" Princess shouted. "You're gonna pay for that! And tell your dumb octopus to stop smacking me!"

"Hey, you're the one that broke the submarine, so technically YOU'RE paying for it," Buttercup claimed.

"GAAAAHHHHH! Well I got some weapons in my secret stash! LOSERS!"

Then she goes up the warp pipe to escape.

"She's escaping!" Bubbles exclaimed.

"Quick, let's follow her in there!" I said as we go up the pipe and out of the water. "Oh, but I have an idea."

"What is it?"

I gesture my sisters to come closer and whisper my plan to them. Oh man, is Princess up for a challenge.~ On the other hand, Mario and Luigi look confused as to what's going on.

"Oh Mario, we have an idea but this is a girls' meeting," I explain. "Do you mind if you guys stay here?"

"Yeah, no problem," Mario said. I nodded a thanks for his understanding.

Bubbles, Buttercup and I then fly to the water fortress and as Bubbles giggles, I pull out three mega mushrooms and hand the other two to her and Buttercup.

"Alright girls, you remember this mega mushroom?" I asked.

"Yeah, you used it to beat the pokeys and to rescue Luigi," Bubbles answered.

"Yep! But now, you girls are going to be giants this time! And so will I. Also we'll get to humiliate Princess with our size."

"Alright!!!" Buttercup cheered. "This is gonna be fun!"

"Is it going to be anything like the time Mojo turned us into giants??" Bubbles asked.

"No, we're not going to destroy anything, just the water fortress," I explained.

"Oh thank goodness."

"Alright let's do this!"

We all ate the mega mushrooms and then in the matter of time we turn into the Mega Powerpuff Girls.

"Woah this is so cool!!" Buttercup exclaimed. "I can defeat bad guys with this!"

"This is gonna be so fun! And we're huge!" Bubbles squealed.

"That's the effects of the mega mushroom," I said. "Now let's show her who the grownup is around here."

We tear off the roof of Princess' water fortress and there she is, burrowing under throne to find some weapons. We called her name in order for her to turn around and look at us.

"Yeah yeah, whatever just give me a..." Princess then turns around and turns from annoyed to extremely shocked in just a few seconds. "WHAT?! Oh... my... gosh... How- how did-"

"We have a few tricks up our sleeves," Buttercup claimed. "Now say goodbye to your dumb water fortress!" She then stomps on the fortress which then turns into dust soon after.

"NO!!! My water fortress!! All gone!!" Princess screams.

"Hey, let's play a game I'd like to call... Stomp The Princess," I announce.

"Stomp.. the Princess?"

"It goes like THIS!" I stomp on Princess and she screams in fear. Good, that's what I like to see in Princess. I stomp on her some more and when I get done stomping on her she's in total pain.

"Okay okay, I give!! Just PLEASE stop this nonsense!!" Princess yelled.

"Not until you have what we want!~" Bubbles says in a sing song voice.

"...What do you want...?"

"The blueprint!"

"HAH! Not a chance-"

"If you get past Bubbles and Buttercup," I explain, "then you get a nice reward. After you get that reward, you'll give us what we want." I hide the poison mushroom behind my back. I've played Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels enough to know what this does.

Princess sighs in annoyance. "Alright fine! Bubbles... do what you want to me."

"Really? I can do whatever I want to you?" Bubbles asked. "Yay!~ Then let's do the skippy game!" Bubbles then proceeds to chase Princess by skipping and singing "La la la la la laaaaa!"

"No no no, get away from-" Bubbles stomps on Princess. "" She then picks up the injured Princess and does a little juggling routine with two broken fortress pieces and starts singing a little song.

"Princess Morbucks~ You're not so clever, aaah~ All your words are alphabet soup, a picture tells it better~ Because in your mind, ignorance is bliss!~"

She stops the routine and Princess starts to feel dizzy. As she tries to get out of this situation, she instead bumps into Buttercup, who looks at her with an evil grin.

"Hello, Princess," Buttercup said. "How about we play my version of Stomp the Princess?"

"Oh boy, I can't WAIT," Princess says sarcastically.

"Welp, ignorance is bliss." Buttercup proceeds to stomp Princess with her own two feet multiple times, then she punches her repeatedly. Then she pounds the ground to intimidate her.

Just as Princess thought she was finished, she looked up in terror as Buttercup did a ground pound on Princess.

"NO MORE! NO MOREEEEE!!!" Princess shouts while whimpering.

"Huh, looks like you sort of learned your lesson," Buttercup said. "Blossom, she's ready for the reward!"

"Alright Princess! Here you go!" I throw the poison mushroom to Princess and as a result, she turned tiny.

However, due to time limit, we also shrink to our normal size. Then Buttercup grabs her.

"Hey! What gives?! You girls are so stupid!!" Princess said with tears streaming down her face.

"And you might also be... be..."

"What are we? SAY IT!" Buttercup said.

"...stronger than me. There I said it! HAPPY?"

"As a matter of fact, I am." Buttercup smugly smiles. "Now off to toy jail with you!"

"Oh and before we forget... where's our blueprint?~" I mentioned.

Princess grumbles as she grabs the blueprint and smacks it into my hands. She grumbles some more as she gets in the tiny police car and then she shouts, "I'LL GET YOU NEXT TIME!!!" as the police car drives away. We giggle as she goes to jail.

After this we head back over to Mario and Luigi who look completely shocked with their mouths agape. Did we surprise them that much?

"Uhh Earth to Mario and Luigi? You guys okay?" Buttercup asked, waving her hand in front of their faces.

"Mario? Luigi?" Bubbles said.

They stay silent for a few moments until the only words they could find are: "...WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT?!"

My sisters and I giggled.

"Well, we turned giant," Bubbles began.

"Then we humiliated Princess with our punching and kicking," Buttercup said.

"And we taught her never to mess with us," I finished.

"Wow," Luigi said.

"I'm so proud right now," Mario said.

"Me too. Let's just hope we don't run into any more bloopers!"

"Luigi, they're more of a nuisance. They're not THAT bad."

"Either way-"

"Let's get to the next world!" Bubbles said, interrupting the conversation. "Also we got the blueprint."

"Oh that's great!" Mario said. We hand him the blueprint and he puts it in his pocket. "Now let's get going."

And so we go down to the warp pipe that leads us to the next level, awaiting to see what comes next.
Well well, looks like the Powerpuff Girls decide to teach her a little lesson along the way Troll!!! But before that, the Mario Bros, Blossom and Buttercup find their sister... only to find her being hugged by an octopus. What's gonna happen next? What awaits our heroes in World 4? Find out in Chapter 10. :P

A/N: Oh yeah, forgot to mention that if you don't know what Bubbles is singing in her juggling routine, it's part of the lyrics of the song "Ignorance is Bliss" by Jellyfish. It's an old song but it's really good :D Listen here:…

Mario Bros belong to Nintendo 
Powerpuff Girls and Princess belong to :iconcmcc:
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