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Mario and Powerpuff Girls: Let's Do This!

Chapter 8

Mario's POV

A snotty voice suddenly speaks up and we turn around to see who it is. There's a girl with dark red hair with two curly puffs on each side and she seems to be wearing a crown and the same dress the girls have except yellow. She also has a jetpack on her back.

"Well well well, if it isn't the Powerpuff Girls!" The curly haired girl exclaimed.

"Oh no! It's Princess Morbucks!" Blossom exclaimed.

"That's right! And I'M here to- huh?" She points to me and Luigi. "Who the heck are those poor plumbers?"

Poor plumbers? Now I've heard everything.

"This is Mario and Luigi," Buttercup says. "Also known as the Mario Brothers."

"Hi," Luigi and I say.

"See? They're nice," Bubbles explains. "They're also heroes of the Mushroom Kingdom!"

"So... you must be Princess Morbucks then...?" Luigi says.

"The one and only!" Princess exclaims confidently. "My dream is to become one of the Powerpuffs but these STUPID girls won't LET me!!"

I can see why... seriously, who does she even think she is? Queen of the world?

"You're way better off being a villain Princess," Blossom says. "You're spoiled, mean, greedy... and you're a snot faced brat."

Suddenly, I get an idea. I think I know how to make her tick.

"Wait a minute... you know what's so ironic?" I said.

"What?" Luigi, Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup asked.

"Since her name is Princess... isn't she supposed to be in distress and yell for help?"

We all laughed at that joke and Princess looks really furious. Luigi adds, "Yeah, you should've been kidnapped instead you brat!"

"How dare you mock me?! I'M the princess!!" Princess shouts.

"Yeah, the princess of villainy," Buttercup remarks.

"You're so spoiled even Mojo wants nothing to do with you!" Bubbles says.

"And furthermore... once a brat," Blossom begins, "always a brat."

We laugh even harder at the wannabe villain. God, she's even worse than Bowser Jr. And he may be really bratty but HE wouldn't even stoop this far to being so greedy! Suddenly Princess lands right in front of us.

"Oh yeah?? Well... YOU girls are so puny!" Princess says to the girls. They all gasp. Then she points to us. "And YOU! I don't even think you're heroes like the puffs! All you ever do is plumber works for a living, considering you have plumber outfits."

Luigi growls at the arrogant Princess.

"HEY!" I exclaimed. "Who gave you the right to insult us like that?!"

"Oh gee, I don't know... maybe my DADDY?"


"He ALSO gave me my very own fortress! Watch!"

She snaps her fingers and there's a rumbling sound. Slowly a fortress comes out. This fortress has a golden tiara and a giant one dollar bill on top. We all gasp at the sight and I am completely speechless. That girl is so rich. How does she get away with this at all?
Blossom’s POV

"So? What do you think?" Princess asked. "My daddy used his WHOLE allowance on this!"

The fortress is miles away from the dock and we're all in shock and disbelief. This thing is HUGE! The whole thing is unbelievable.

"Ahh why didn't we think of a fortress before?!" Buttercup exclaims. "It has water on it!"

"And there's pipes," Bubbles said.

"Correct! It's a water fortress," Princess explained. "This fortress has all the sea animals I want to destroy you guys! Like... sharks, octopi, and uhh... well you'll see! Ta ta!"

She flies off to get in her said water fortress like the coward she is.

"Well then... let's-a go!" Mario says. "If we want to get that Princess, we'll have to get to the water fortress fast."

Mario and Luigi get on the motor boats that they notice at the very second. Mario then tells us to fly over to the fortress and he and Luigi will use the motor boats to get there. They start their engines at top speed and we start flying.

Eventually we make it to the fortress: However on the way Luigi got chased by a bunch of fish called cheep cheeps and he goes faster than the speed of light. I think he got here way before we did.

We look around and Bubbles was right. There are a bunch of pipes here... except that they're filled with water? This is really strange. Luigi tries to get in the pipe only to be pushed back up by the water.

"Gah! Who puts water in pipes?!" Luigi questioned.

"I mean, it is a water fortress," Mario replied. "There are bound to be water in pipes at some point... which is very strange."

"Yeah but we can swim," Bubbles chimes in.

"This pipe will try to suck you in the water so keep your guard up." Mario points to a pipe in the middle which looks... really dangerous.

"Got it," Buttercup and I say.

"Gotcha- OOH LOOK OCTOPUS!" Bubbles looks down at the pipe and there it turns out to be an octopus swimming in the water.

"Bubbles no!" Buttercup exclaimed. "He said to-"

"AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!" Bubbles gets sucked into the pipe just like Mario had said.

"Well, there goes Bubbles. Off to who knows where."

"We gotta go save her!" I said. "Oh what do we do?!"

"I got an idea. We should split up," Mario suggests. "Blossom, Buttercup, you head down that pipe over there and see if you can find Bubbles. Luigi and I will head down this pipe."

"Roger that!"

"You can count on us," Buttercup said.

So Buttercup and I go down to the water pipe to look for our lost sister. I really hope she's okay...
It seems that Princess Morbucks is here to try and destroy the Powerpuff Girls and the Mario Bros. And she has her very own water fortress to which in one of the pipes Bubbles gets sucked in and the bros and the sisters have to save her and get Princess. See what happens next in Chapter 9! :D 

Mario and Luigi belong to Nintendo
Powerpuff Girls belong to :iconcmcc: 
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