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Mario and Powerpuff Girls: Let's Do This!

Chapter 10

Mario's POV

The level that the warp pipe takes us to next is a very familiar one: It's a jungle filled with a lot of trees and you could hear the vultures squawking away like they don't care. It feels like a Donkey Kong Country level actually.

We all take a look around the jungle. It's beautiful with all the nature and everything.

"Woahhh look at this jungle!" Buttercup said.

"Yeah, it's exotic," Blossom agreed.

"Ehhhh, it's got piranha plants though," Luigi says as he tries to avoid stepping on the piranha plants.

"Ah it's no big deal. It's a perfect jungle for all the monkeys and birds and-" Bubbles stops mid sentence as her expression goes from excited to plain confused. "What's a piranha plant?"

"It's a plant that has sharp teeth and it'll try to eat you," I explained. "And it's really dangerous."

Bubbles looks scared at the mention of a piranha plant trying to eat people. I really don't blame her, to be honest.

"Speaking of plants," Luigi says, "there's a thorn right here." He taps on the thorn twice and out comes a giant piranha plant from the grass. This plant is HUGE.

"Woah! That's a big piranha plant!" Blossom exclaimed.

"Yeah, you haven't even seen most of the plants," I claimed. "Some of them can even shoot fireballs and- huh?"

I look around and Buttercup's nowhere to be seen. "Uh, where's Buttercup?"

Blossom, Bubbles and Luigi all shrugged. We look for Buttercup, hoping that she didn't get eaten by that plant already. After a minute or two, I finally find Buttercup and she's right behind Bubbles with fake vampire teeth.

Here it comes in three, two, one...

"NOM NOM NOM NOM!!" Buttercup screams and pounces on Bubbles with the dumb fake teeth. Bubbles yelps and hides behind Luigi, not wanting to be bitten.

Buttercup laughs at the success of her little prank. Oh mama mia... this is gonna be a long day.

"Buttercup!!" Blossom exclaimed with annoyance.

"Whaaaaaaat? I was just joking!" Buttercup claimed.

"That wasn't really right to scare your sister like that," I explained. "I mean, look at her, she's been scared enough already."

Bubbles is still hiding behind Luigi practically shaking.

"Yeah that wasn't funny. Now put the fake teeth down," Blossom tells Buttercup.

"Ugh fine." Buttercup takes the fake vampire teeth out of her mouth and puts them away.

"Good. Now step aside, I know how to get rid of this piranha plant."

We step back and Blossom freezes the entire plant with her ice breath. Then she uses her laser eyes to cut the plant in half and yells "TIMBER!!!" The top half goes towards us but we dodge it just as it falls down. And then it shatters to little pieces of ice.

"Nice work Blossom," I said. "Now let's get going."

After the little piranha plant fiasco, Buttercup collects one of the piranha plant teeth and we start to go halfway throughout the jungle.
Blossom’s POV

About halfway through the jungle, we encounter yet another thorn and Luigi steps on it, screaming in pain. However, the thorn manages to get stuck in his shoe as he starts wincing in pain every time he takes a step.

"You okay, bro?" Mario asked.

"No... there's a thorn stuck in my shoe," Luigi explained. He lifts up his foot for Mario to see. Bubbles, Buttercup and I gasp but Mario doesn't. He just takes it out of Luigi's shoe like it's lighter than air.

"No worries, I'm a doctor as well!" Mario says as he gives us a wink. Is he a doctor AND a hero?

"Get me a hospital," Luigi said.

"Is there even a hospital in this jungle??" Buttercup questioned.

"Does a monkey eat bananas?" Bubbles said. Buttercup rolls her eyes.

Mario looked like as if he had an idea. "Bubbles, you just gave me an idea!! Donkey Kong's shack is up ahead. Let's go there and see if he or his family can help us!"

We make it to Donkey Kong's shack--which is filled with banana peels and we accidentally slip on a few of them--and as Mario knocks on the door, an elderly monkey and the other monkey with a red tie answer it.

"Well would you look at that! It's the Mario Brothers, Donkey Kong!" the elderly monkey exclaimed. "Mario and... Luigi?"

"FINALLY! Someone gets my name right!" Luigi cheers. Mario chuckles.

"Hi Cranky," Mario said.

"So you must be the one Donkey Kong's always trying to get huh?" Cranky asked. "Man that reminds me of the one time a person named Jumpman practically destroyed me after capturing Pauline and everything..."

Mario nervously laughs. It must have triggered memories for him too? "Oh really...? That's interesting."

"OH! And who are these little whipper snappers?" Cranky points his cane at us.

"These three are the Powerpuff Girls," Mario explained. "The bow haired girl is Blossom, the pigtailed girl is Bubbles, and the one in green is Buttercup. Girls, this is Cranky Kong and Donkey Kong."

"Hi!" We all say.

"Hi, super hero girls. Okay cut the small talk! What seems to be the problem?" Cranky said.

Luigi takes his shoe off and lifts his foot up; it seems to be bleeding a little bit from the thorn. "I stepped on a thorn," Luigi explained.

"Oh. Well, that shouldn't be a problem sonny!" Cranky said. "We can just patch it right up and you can meet the other Kongs after this."

"Okay, that sounds good."

We go in the shack to get Luigi's foot bandaged up and we should be good to go... right after we meet the Kongs. I bet Bubbles will be so happy to see them since she loves animals.
The next world they go to is a jungle: A jungle you'd see in a Donkey Kong Country game. Along the way they encounter piranha plants and Luigi accidentally steps on a thorn. This results to them in going to Donkey Kong's shack... what will happen next? Find out on Chapter 11 :dummy:

Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong and Cranky belong to Nintendo
Powerpuff Girls belong to :iconcmcc:
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