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The Lovable Nerd by anilovespeace The Lovable Nerd :iconanilovespeace:anilovespeace 3 0 Dare me 114 by anilovespeace Dare me 114 :iconanilovespeace:anilovespeace 3 2 Dare me 113 by anilovespeace Dare me 113 :iconanilovespeace:anilovespeace 2 2 De hippie by anilovespeace De hippie :iconanilovespeace:anilovespeace 2 3 The Day I Met My Crush- pg. 54 by anilovespeace The Day I Met My Crush- pg. 54 :iconanilovespeace:anilovespeace 4 6 Character Profile- Laura by anilovespeace Character Profile- Laura :iconanilovespeace:anilovespeace 2 0
Mature content
Mario and Powerpuff Girls: Let's Do This! Chap. 15 :iconanilovespeace:anilovespeace 1 2
Character Profile- Lucy by anilovespeace Character Profile- Lucy :iconanilovespeace:anilovespeace 1 0 Character Profile- Roselyn by anilovespeace Character Profile- Roselyn :iconanilovespeace:anilovespeace 1 4 The Day I Met My Crush- pg. 53 by anilovespeace The Day I Met My Crush- pg. 53 :iconanilovespeace:anilovespeace 2 9 Character Profile- Brandon by anilovespeace Character Profile- Brandon :iconanilovespeace:anilovespeace 2 5 Character Profile- Brent by anilovespeace Character Profile- Brent :iconanilovespeace:anilovespeace 2 0
Mario and Powerpuff Girls: Let's Do This! Chap. 14
Mario and Powerpuff Girls: Let's Do This!
Chapter 14
Mario's POV
As we get out of the warp pipe we get to a place that's... really creepy and very Hell-like. It looks like your typical Hell, except more grim. It also feels as if there's a really dark presence among us. Luigi and I exchanged worried glances towards each other, not really knowing what to expect from this place.
"Uh... girls... w-what is this place?" Luigi asked nervously.
"This is Him's home," Blossom said.
HIM? That is a really creepy yet odd name that I feel obligated to ask what his full name is.
"Yeah, it's really creepy," Bubbles agreed. "Him's a dark and evil villain who likes to play mind tricks on people, especially me and my sisters on some occasions!"
"What's his full name though?" Luigi asked.
"Oh we can't mention his full name. Because if you do, you'll explode!"
Luigi's face goes pale and then he starts screaming and running around in circles. This goes on for a minute until Buttercup grabs him and
:iconanilovespeace:anilovespeace 1 2
Sketchy Dumpy 3 by anilovespeace Sketchy Dumpy 3 :iconanilovespeace:anilovespeace 3 20 Dare me 112 by anilovespeace Dare me 112 :iconanilovespeace:anilovespeace 4 10
Mario and Powerpuff Girls: Let's Do This! Chap. 13
Mario and Powerpuff Girls: Let's Do This!
Chapter 13
Mario's POV
"Wait, remind me why you're dressed like an architect again?" Blossom asked.
"So I can look for TEE-" Buttercup stops mid-sentence to correct herself. I could've sworn I heard the word teeth. "Uhh I mean... so I can look for piranha plants!"
Blossom looks at Buttercup suspiciously. "Ooooooookay..."
Luigi and I look at each other with a puzzled expression and he just shrugs as opposed to what's going on. We keep following the banana path until we hear a very loud growl almost blowing us away. Then we turn around to see a humongous pirahna plant. A plant with one large head and two other small heads.
"A three headed pirahna?!" Blossom and Luigi exclaimed. Buttercup looked amazed at said piranha.
"That's not just any ordinary pirahna," I explain, "that's the Lava Piranha Plant. This thing's really dangerous and it can shoot fireballs everywhere: I should know, I fought this guy once in Lavalava Island."
:iconanilovespeace:anilovespeace 1 3

Requests - Friends Only by SweetDuke Requests - On Hold by SweetDuke
Requests are for my friends and best friends. They are also currently on hold.

Trades - Open by SweetDuke
I'm not as harsh as some others are about art trades. ^^; Just make sure you do your part and not to have sloppy art.

Collaborations - Open by SweetDuke
I'd love to do a collab with you! Tell me what you want to do and we'll figure this out.

Point Commissions - Ask Me by SweetDuke
If you would like a point commission, read this journal here:… ...and then drop your points off to the donation pool.

Gift: Chibi Ani by Blazeato


Happy Birthday Charles Martinet by kalebdouglass2 Happy Birthday Charles Martinet :iconkalebdouglass2:kalebdouglass2 11 1 ~Hug From Goat Mom~ by SonicFazbear15 ~Hug From Goat Mom~ :iconsonicfazbear15:SonicFazbear15 32 21
Mature content
Tyler and Alexis - Chapter 3 - Oil Stone Caverns :iconmrdilly2011:MrDilly2011 2 3
Bellamy meeting another Green Boy by MrDilly2011 Bellamy meeting another Green Boy :iconmrdilly2011:MrDilly2011 4 5 Character Profile - Tyler Sharpclaw by MrDilly2011 Character Profile - Tyler Sharpclaw :iconmrdilly2011:MrDilly2011 4 2 Executive Capture by MrDilly2011 Executive Capture :iconmrdilly2011:MrDilly2011 4 0 Topo by Selene-and-Luna Topo :iconselene-and-luna:Selene-and-Luna 6 25 Girly Brick by MrDilly2011 Girly Brick :iconmrdilly2011:MrDilly2011 2 3 Brainilly On A Halloween Show by MrDilly2011 Brainilly On A Halloween Show :iconmrdilly2011:MrDilly2011 3 7 I feel bad for him. by NottheEdgey I feel bad for him. :iconnottheedgey:NottheEdgey 4 3 Do Not Disturb by SuperMurrio Do Not Disturb :iconsupermurrio:SuperMurrio 17 0 Artist Bubbles by MrDilly2011 Artist Bubbles :iconmrdilly2011:MrDilly2011 3 31 Her Name Is Appuls by MustachedBain Her Name Is Appuls :iconmustachedbain:MustachedBain 95 66 Franziska von Karma pixel by NottheEdgey Franziska von Karma pixel :iconnottheedgey:NottheEdgey 10 2 Madame Blossom by MrDilly2011 Madame Blossom :iconmrdilly2011:MrDilly2011 2 4 Bubbles Kong by MrDilly2011 Bubbles Kong :iconmrdilly2011:MrDilly2011 2 5



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The Lovable Nerd
lol I got bored but then the whole "Barney without glasses" thing started to come up in my mind and thus I drew dis :B So with Barney, if he takes his glasses off or if someone else knocks them off then he becomes a handsome man that nobody recognizes. And then everyone falls in love with him. Even the school bully (Roastlyn lol) falls in love with him XD And that's why he's the secret ideal lover's boy when his glasses are off. THE END :B

Barney and Roselyn belong to me
Drawn in FireAlpaca
Dare me 114
Dared by :iconanastasiyaandreeva:
I tried beating Hawk Moth but he may have possessed me- XD
De hippie
Just a random hippie dude I made out of boredom. Also I wanted an excuse to practice effects and anatomy :B Yeah I gave him a name because yes lol. Hope you like it
This looked like fun so I decided to steal it from :iconblazeato: X'D lol

1. Post these rules.

2. Post 8 random facts about your character.

3. Tag 8 other creators. (Can I tag less than that-)

4. Post their OCs' names along with their creators' names and avatar. 

Okay! Let's get started XD 

OC: Louise  My new OC by anilovespeace

Note: Keep in mind that I haven't come up with really interesting things about Louise, so sorry if it sucks :B 

1. Louise has a thing for all kinds of clothes: boy stuff, girl stuff, unisex stuff, any kind of clothing. Put her in a fashion show and she'll just work it!
2. Her favorite drink is a strawberry smoothie.
3. She's an ambivert, meaning she's an outgoing and energetic kind of girl but she also likes to keep to herself at times. She loves making friends with everyone too lol. The only people she won't be friends with are bullies. 
4. She dislikes violence in any shape or form. However, if she sees anyone or her friends getting hurt, that's when she'll use violence when necessary. 
5. Louise may come off as shy at first, but she'll totally get along with you any time at any day once you get to know her.
6. When she grows up, she wants to be a fashion designer :3
7. saving the best for second-to-last lol Louise also has a secret; she loves video games X'D She's a huge sucker for RPG games and dating sims. 
8. She loves to read and draw.

:iconsupernovaarts: (I'd like to hear more about Flare!) :iconbigdsworld: (Your character Danielle seems like a cool gal. I wanna get to know her a bit more :D)
And... anyone else that wants to do this, feel free lol


anilovespeace's Profile Picture
Ani/Camden B.
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Note: Dis DeviantID was made by :iconseantg246: .3.

Hey there, my name is Ani, but you can also call me Camden or Cam. I'm a loving and caring person, and I do what I can to help people. I have high functioning Autism, and I love people with special needs too. I live in Idaho with my mom. I may be a bit hyper at times, so don't be surprised if I get all excited and stuff. I do digital and traditional art and sometimes poetry. I'm still trying to learn how to do poetry so you might see that at rare occasions.

Genderfluid stamp by pulsebomb + Unsure of Sexuality Stamp by sunbirds
GenderFluid flag by PIantea | [F2U] QUESTIONING SEXUALITY FLAG by cute-quts | Romantic Orientations - Panromantic by TwinkJinx

American English language level NATIVE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy
KoreaLanguage Level stamp3 by Faeth-design (I'm a bit rusty NOW, but I used to know a little bit-)
Japanese language level BEGINNER by TheFlagandAnthemGuy
(None) Sign Language Level Stamp by imakocoa (But I wanna learn sign language tho ;u; )

Best friends :meow:
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If I forgot anybody, please let me know. If you mess with meh besties, I mess with you.

Great friends :dummy:
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All the great friends I have at the moment ;P

GENDERFLUID BUD :iconlawooplz:
Proud to be your m8

Inspirational people!! :la:
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Super Smash Bros. 4 Fan Button by ButtonsMaker

Ello, welcome to my dA page. Make yourself comfort
Wanna get to know me more? Add me on...
Discord: Camden707 #7598 (ON HIATUS)
Instagram: anichap_101 (be warned, I might not use it often)
Facebook: Ani Besteder


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