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May 17, 2004
This wonderfully drawn vector is a twist between the abstract and the realistic. aniline portfolio design by ~aniline shares a nice balance of both.
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aniline portfolio design

a illustration I made of myself as a background for my portfolio

let me know what you think of it
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akosilovin's avatar
nice nice nice... love it... :D
spieluhr666's avatar
really nice work
Inspired87's avatar
thats real cool, I dont know how people do vector art? Do you highlight parts then colour them with a brush? nice job anyway :)
jo3ntj3's avatar
lots and lots of Layers .. mostly done in Adoby Illustrator, could be done in Photoshop. Just work one layer/color at a time, and add detail as you go. :)
kasovitz's avatar
Great galery, I´m big fan of japonese movies to, do you see suicide clube and batle royale.
See you around
davebackpacker's avatar
I loved
You're so good!
keep the good work!


betontech's avatar
nice vectors, like i mean rediculus man
kermet43's avatar
this picture rocks! :nod:
aniline's avatar
kermet43's avatar
your welcome :D
camosoul's avatar
omg, this is an amazing work! would be perfect for a flyer.
keep up the good work! :worship:
Rancid-AD's avatar
OMG that's awesome :)
i really wanna be able to make those vector images...
0rdep's avatar
This piece is really great.
i love the shoes =P.

cyuan's avatar
that's a cool portfolio
hoodedboy's avatar
Ohhh thats lovely. Urban and contemporary.
aplix's avatar
sapphire-pyro's avatar
I first saw this as a wallpaper in my friend's desktop yesterday and MY GOD!!! This pic made me go like this ---> :jawdrop:
Seriously, my face really went like that :XD: Maybe except for the eyes though ^^;
THIS PIC IS REALLY AMAZING!!!!!!! I love it so much!!!!!! Your style is great! I worship you :worship: Maybe I should visit your gallery after this ;P
But for now, I've gotta fave it ;P Then stare at the pic for a few more minutes :omg:
aniline's avatar
wow thanks so much
I'm glad you like it so much
thanks again
XanderTribal's avatar
Omg Commodore T-shirt, I have one too :D And I love your shoes =o And great art, of course.
aniline's avatar
hehe yeah! C64 rocks
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