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Memory Kiss by Anilede Memory Kiss by Anilede
When her feet met the dark grass below her, Yldae immediately hid away, moving along the mansion's wall and sticking close to them while she neared the garden. She didn't dare call for her friend in case someone was listening, just waiting for the two friends to make a mistake. Therefore, she carefully peeked around the corner, and finally spotted Faheem. Their bright eyes met for a moment and widened when the two saw each other. She noticed Faheem standing against one of the garden's pillars, hiding just like herself. He lifted his arm slightly, motioning her to come over. Yldae looked around once more, feeling paranoid almost, before she gathered her strength and courage, and rushed towards Faheem to throw her arms around his shoulders in a tight embrace.


Faheem returned her embrace, although her embrace knocked the air out of him at first. The last time she embraced him was on her birthday…they had been kept apart all this time, save for when Yldae managed to hand him his talking stone. But even then they only saw each other for a moment. Confused at the fluttering sensation he felt in his belly, he furrowed his brow until Yldae pulled back from him to look at his face. It was like he read in his book, he realized, when the characters embraced each other. And then…


Faheem, deciding to do what he read about, leaned in and kissed Yldae, holding her there for several moments with his hand on her cheek—just like he read about. When he pulled back, he saw the surprised look on Yldae’s face and then he cleared his throat awkwardly. “…that’s what I wanted to try. I-I read about it in a book I’m not supposed to read.” He said quietly, but he didn’t really know what it was he felt. It was strange, the act of putting your lips on someone else’s. The fluttering feeling didn’t go away, but he thought it was probably adrenaline from sneaking out late at night. When Yldae didn’t respond to his explanation right away, he just hugged her again. “…I-I’m sorry, I should have explained first…but I am happy to see you, Dae.”


"I-I....I'm happy to see you too..." Yldae stuttered, her eyes wide in surprise. She slowly raised her shaky hands to rest them on his back and gently return his embrace while slowly patting his back. It was true that Faheem had asked her to come see him because there's was something he was eager to try, but she definitely did not expect this turn of events. As a result, Yldae blushed deeply when she realized what he was doing. She tried to hide her face by partially burying her head in his shoulder while they held each other. But although she was surprised and a tad embarrassed perhaps, but at the same time, she felt...strange. She was confused for a moment, unable to figure out what this surprise kiss caused within her or what she felt at this moment. She fell silent, but then cleared her throat. To call for her this late in the day as well as kiss her was overwhelming almost. But she was glad to know her friend was safe. "Don't just surprised me...a lot. But-" She paused, then released him and gingerly cupped his face with her hands, looking for any signs of bruising caused by his master. "...I'm...I'm glad to see you are alright...I haven't seen you in so long...I'm sorry."


Faheem shook his head. “…it is not your fault. My Master forbade me to leave here…the sol guardians…he knows how much they scare me, so he’s using them to keep me here.” He replied quietly, with a shaky voice. But then he looked at Yldae with determination in his eyes. “…which is why I’m learning as much as I can on my own. H-he still does not know I’m taking books without permission. I-I don’t want to be like him…ever.” Then he hugged his friend as tightly as he could with his one arm, not wanting her to go. He was so lonely in the mansion. Most of the time he was only allowed outside his room to care for his hygienic needs, and servants brought him food. He was supervised in all things, but after discovering the spell he could use to allow him to move through the mansion without noise, he left as often as he could late at night.


“…Dae, if something happens and I am not able to reach out to you anymore…will you wait for me? My Master is cunning…eventually he will figure out that we have talking stones. I-I just want you to know…if I ever stop responding, it’s because I was found out.” He whispered, fearing for the worst. Even being outside like this was dangerous…but worth it to see his friend. Finally he pulled back again and took her hand.


"I'm not leaving you alone, ever!" Yldae stated and returned Faheem's tight embrace. "I'm not losing you." She wished she could hold him forever, but knew that his master was a dangerous threat, ready to do anything. The things her father told her and what Faheem went through because of Tellah only served as proof. She could easily tell Faheem felt the same way from what he said to her now, and she wished she could just take his hand and take him with her, to a safer place, but she knew they had no chance against Tellah... 


Hope you liked that sneak preview of "A Master's Requiem"!! :D The very idea of Faheem kissing Yldae when they're young came about while Camara-san and I were working on "A Remedy for Madness". Originally they were just close friends, and we lovingly referred to this moment as the kiss for science pfft xDD It didn't take long before we realized that Faheem and Yldae (Daeheem) had a naturally occurring romantic relationship, budding over 3 decades. It just takes that long for Faheem to realize it. :aww: 

And my second attempt of the two as teenagers turned out way better than the first one though :dummy: 

Enjoy!! :heart::love:

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Yldae © Camara-san 
Faheem and Art © me
My work may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted or uploaded in any way without my written permission. My work does not belong to the public domain.

Camara-san Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Now that I actually saw you already managed to finish this, let me just say

AAAAAAAAAAAAH MY GAWD it's beautiful >U And that sky amg so pretty...How do you make it look so pretty! Great work as always <33
Anilede Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
pfft that sky was more trouble than it looks >U Trying to make it look like it's nighttime in twilight was complicated xDD
But thank yooouu <33 So glad you like! :heart:
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