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Ylith looked at her bandaged hand on her way to the infirmary and tightened the bandages a little before she arrived. Once there, she set her staff aside and got ready to work. She was quick to finish her preparations, since it was hard to know when someone might come to the infirmary for help. She was deep in thought for a while...thinking about him. She had to leave Otheno again after only little time she was able to spend with him in the morning. His offer to help surprised her as much as his reaction to her curse. She looked at her bandaged hand again for a moment before looking up at two chattering healers that worked with her. Then she felt a sudden shiver run down her spine and she looked up at a window.

"...something's off today…"

There was a busy day at the school, with children chattering in excitement about their short walk with Master Faheem. A small class waited by the classroom entrance for Faheem to arrive. Today they would have a lesson outside instead of in the classroom. The chattering quieted down as Faheem approached, and a few of the children jumped up and down in effort to keep quiet. Faheem nodded to them. "...Children, you have done well to exercise patience today. Come, follow me...we shall venture outside." he said, then tapped his staff on the floor so the children would pay attention. They immediately got in line behind him and followed his long strides through the hall and out the main door.

It didn't take long for Faheem to realize something was amiss. It almost seemed eerily quiet. He stopped in his tracks in the middle of the courtyard and the children also stopped, chattering amongst themselves about why they stopped. "Master! Master!! What's going on?" said one of the oldest. Faheem shushed them.

Suddenly a huge kargorok came flying in from another isle, headed straight toward the group. It stopped in front of Faheem, and let out a hideous gargle. He knew then, that something was very wrong with this beast. A disease, wreaking havoc within flocks of kargorok, making them incredibly hostile and dangerous.

'It wasn't often that the kargoroks would turn hostile, why now? And of all beasts, the largest is the one to cross our path!' Faheem thought to himself angrily. The kargorok let out another gargled trumpeting sound, setting its sights on the small children it would consider its prey. As it flew from side to side, Faheem knew they couldn’t turn their backs on it. There was no way to ensure the children would be safe if they ran—the moment any one of them strayed too far from the group, they would surely be caught by the beast’s talons. 'I will protect these precious children, even if I have to do it by means of sacrifice.' He lifted his arms, using his only hand to grip the opposite shoulder. From the corner of his eye, Seda and two other children began to move away from him.

"Do not run! The beast will hunt you if you stray away from my side!" Faheem yelled over his shoulder. They froze in place next to him, huddling close to his side, with one clutching the fabric of Faheem's robes. Faheem grimaced, the pain seared through his body as he forced the magic to the end of his disintegrated arm. The particles were accumulating, the kargorok flapped its wings to create an updraft as Midna screamed, clutching the older girl next to her. The other children were quite frozen with fear as the beast trumpeted its gargled roar.

It was then that the shadowy clawed hand burst forth from the empty sleeve, leaving behind a trail of particles as it raced towards the kargorok's neck. It made contact and the claw tightened its fierce grip around its neck, with the sharp claws digging into the beast's flesh. Faheem roared, not just in pain, but in fury, wrestling the beast until it gave way. It tried to score a hit on Faheem, but instead swiped at the cloud of particles between the claw and Faheem’s body. It flapped its huge wings in panic as he fought it, bracing his shoulder and pushing his feet into the stone pavement—until finally, the beast fell to the ground. Faheem let go of its neck and took a few tired steps toward the body, and smashed its head in with the claw clenched in a giant fist. As the beast began to disappear into particles of death, Faheem turned around to face his terrified students, who were now cheering and celebrating. Feeling that all was safe, he ended the flow of magic and energy and the claw disappeared, with Faheem collapsing to the floor. His eyes were bleary for a moment as the sounds of the children's voices turned to scared cries.

'When I wake, my only wish is to see their smiling faces.' he thought, and slipped into unconsciousness.

From there, the children gathered around Faheem in panic. Some were trying to shake his torso in effort to wake him up. When they saw their efforts were in vain, they scattered and sought for help. Half of the group ran to find other adults near the school, the other half ran back inside to get the first teacher they could find. At sight of one, the child cried. “Teacher Yldae!! Please!! Master Faheem is hurt, please help!” she cried in panic, grabbing Yldae’s skirt to try and pull her in the direction Faheem was.

Yldae furrowed her brows and tried to shush the children. “Children, be calm. Take me to Master Faheem.” He said to them, and then followed them outside. She saw a small crowd around Faheem. The other children from that class had found other people to help, but no one seemed to know what to do in the panic of the situation. Yldae clapped her hands to catch everyone’s attention, and kneeled for a moment to look at Faheem. She frowned, and then stood back up. “We must take him to the infirmary right away. Come, assist me.” She commanded.

Together with the group, they brought Faheem to the infirmary quickly. Yldae used her magic to throw the door open, and in came the group of strangers, carrying Faheem’s nearly lifeless body inside. The children were not far behind. When Yldae saw the look of bewilderment on her sister’s face, she wanted to act as her big sister, but couldn’t in the presence of others. Faheem was placed upon a bed, and Yldae rushed to one side. “Ylith, Master Faheem collapsed after protecting his class of students from a kargorok. He had been using his forbidden power, with his own life energy.” She said, then whipped her head to look at the strangers. She thanked them calmly for their help, and bid them to leave so work could be done. A few of the children stayed behind, too scared to leave just yet. Three young girls, Midna, Seda and Esme, who were close friends, watched with concern and tears in their eyes.

Ylith and the other healers rushed over to the bed Faheem was placed on and Ylith frowned at Yldae's words. "He used his life power again?" she asked in fear for her mentor's life and looked at his lifeless form after giving orders to the other healers. She reached out and moved her hands above his forehead and chest, hovering a few inches above his skin while her runes glowed stronger. "He's weak..." she whispered and placed a hand on his left shoulder. “Master Faheem is comatose...the healing process will be a long one, but I will do everything I can to help."

The frown still present on her face, she then looked at her sister while she let her magic flow into Faheem's body. "You said it was a kargorok?"

Yldae gave just a curt nod, with a frown still written on her features. "Yes…eyewitnesses say it looked sick. Likely rabid with disease. However, Master Faheem managed to kill it before it hurt anyone and now...his own life is at stake. So foolish of him to use that power." she replied. Yldae wasn't terribly happy with the situation. She was concerned for Faheem, but until he recovered, she would have more work to do at the school while its headmaster was gone. She grew quiet as she thought about possible scenarios, but wasn't sure she couldn't handle additional classes in her schedule. They may need to go on break until Faheem is well again, she decided.

"The number of kargorok attacks is increasing...Not too long ago, a kargorok attacked me and a friend as well. What's gotten into the creatures?" Ylith wondered but focused on her work. Faheem's life was at stake, and she was not willing to let him go. She quietly looked him over for a moment, thinking about the situation. The kargoroks were not known to attack too often, and they were not sick before either. Ylith slowly felt a little worried, hoping for Otheno to return unharmed. 'Please be safe...' she prayed in thought before focusing on Faheem once more.

Yldae turned quickly to her sister when she mentioned a kargorok attack. "You didn't tell me you were attacked, Ylith. I'm not so sure living by yourself is safe." she replied with a scolding tone of voice. Then she sighed and shook her head. "I certainly hope this disease will pass through the kargorok flocks soon. It may mean a great loss in numbers however..." she trailed, and then noticed the three young girls were still watching. As things started to calm down in the infirmary, they approached their Master's bedside to get a look. "Will he be okay?" piped Midna, the shortest of the three. Seda looked shaken up and didn't speak, while Esme watched Ylith curiously, finding the healer's abilities fascinating. Then she looked to Faheem, and her small fingers reached up to touch her Master's hand.

Ylith frowned at her sister's scolding tone. "I wasn't harmed..." she mumbled, remembering how Otheno had saved her, and sighed. However, she looked at Esme when she noticed the girl resting her hand on Faheem's. She smiled a little, seeing how much the girls cared for their teacher. "He'll be alright, I promise." she replied to Midna and gently rested her hand on Faheem's forehead. “And I never break a promise. I will not rest until he recovers."

Yldae raised a brow at her sister, then shook her head. She moved from the opposite side of Faheem's bed over to the door, then turned back around. "Come, children. It's time to leave here." she beckoned to the girls, whom hesitated to leave, but obeyed. They knew their Master would want them to listen to the other teachers as well as him. Midna and Seda met Yldae at the door first, while Esme lingered for a few more moments. The young girl took Faheem's hand with both of hers and held it tight. "...please feel better soon, Master Faheem." she said quietly, then let go of his hand to meet the others. Yldae looked to her sister again, "Ylith, do make sure you care for your own health. You can't do anything for Master Faheem if you don't." she said, then looked down at the girls next to her for a moment, "I'm sure these children will be back to visit again. I will visit if I can, however I have additional duties for the time being. Until we meet again." she finished, and led the children out of the infirmary.

"I'll take care, sister." Ylith sighed and watched Yldae and the children leave. "It's nice to see them caring so much about you, Faheem...Please wake soon." she then whispered when she looked back at Faheem.

While taking care of her mentor along with the other healers, Ylith found herself deep in thought and glanced at her bandaged hand. One of the healers pulled her from her thoughts. "You didn't wrap that up yourself, did you? Whoever did, didn't do a great job." the healer mocked a little to lighten the mood a bit, having noticed how quiet Ylith was. Ylith herself chuckled quietly when she replied. "I didn't, but I think it's perfect..." she mused and smiled, then looked out of the window for a second. 'I wonder if he's alright...'

It took the better part of the day for Otheno to find his way back to Master Tellah’s old mansion. After being away for more than 20 years, he had forgotten how to get back. But as he stepped onto the isle, he breathed in a shaky breath. The last time he was there, he had been chased out by Tellah…threatened with death if he ever attempted to come back. Even though Otheno served Tellah in his household his entire childhood, it had been nothing to Tellah. Otheno frowned at those thoughts, shook his head, and approached the entrance.

Inside, the air seemed stale, as if no one entered nor left the mansion in a long time. But that didn’t bother Otheno…he was there for one purpose: to find a way to cure Ylith’s curse. He found the library with ease and looked around. Aside from a lot of dust, the library was still perfectly organized, just as Tellah would have wanted it to be. He pulled out a few books, blew the dust off, and flipped through the pages. He would spend hours doing this, but didn’t know what to look for, or how to find it.

Otheno didn’t find much information on the first day, but on the second day, stumbled upon a book that no one was ever meant to read. It looked rather worn, as if it had been used a lot during its time. When he opened it, Otheno’s eyes widened as he realized what he was looking at…was Tellah’s journal. He tossed aside the other books he pulled out, and began reading Tellah’s personal writings.

For the better part of the second day, Otheno learned where he came from, and he stopped reading just to process it. He stepped away from the desk he was sitting at and punched the wall, screaming in fury. “HOW??? HOW CAN THIS BE?” he screamed. No one could hear him. His breathing grew heavy. Tellah was in fact, his father. He read about Tellah’s life before Otheno was born…how Tellah slept with a servant-woman, and she bore him a son. But she died when Otheno was a young boy. How is it that he couldn’t remember her? She died when he was 4 years old…unless, Tellah didn’t want him to know?

Then he hurried back to the desk and kept reading, only to confirm his suspicions. Tellah cursed Otheno to forget his mother, Venori, and continued living as a servant-boy in the house instead of the way it should’ve been…with him learning from his father and spending time with him. No, it was all taken from him.

Otheno began to lose track of time as he continued to read this journal he found. He didn’t know what time it was, or what day it was. All that mattered was the truth, all of the horrible, ugly truth that was kept secret. Then he learned he wasn’t the only child Tellah sired. Maybe it was the next day, but Otheno learned the horrible things Tellah did in order to have a second chance at a child who would serve him well. Otheno grimaced.

’The talentless child served no purpose. It was necessary to replace him with another to be the heir to inherit all things. My rightful son, Faheem, all that the son of my seed ought to be. So says I, Tellah.’

“Faheem…replaced me?” Otheno asked aloud. He had enough. Then he slammed the book shut and stood, just to pick up the chair and throw it across the room. Everything in this mansion, all of Tellah’s powers and titles, should have been his. But now, it belonged to Faheem. His brother---no, half-brother. Otheno wasn’t sure he could call him that. Then he screamed in anger again, throwing books from the shelf.

But wait, what of this power Otheno discovered? He suddenly remembered being able to glean magic and energy from other people. It worked with Ylith…

“Ylith…” he breathed. He couldn’t stay here. She needed him. Above all else, he needed her. Just to get away from the filthy truth he uncovered. But he would return again…after finding out who Faheem is and where to find him.

Otheno left the isle and traveled back home, to Ylith’s house. It didn’t take as long now that he knew where to go. When he arrived, it seemed quiet inside, as if no one was home. He climbed in through the window and sat by the window sill, and waited for Ylith to return.

Ylith yawned on her way home. She had lost track of time and had not eaten during the past days she spent at the infirmary. It was late when she finally arrived after the other healers had sent her home to get some rest. When she entered, she soon noticed Otheno sitting by the window. "Otheno..." she said quietly, and stood there for a moment, just looking at him before she slowly made her way over to him. How long had she been gone?

Otheno turned his head to see Ylith standing there. Before he realized it, he wept. All of the things he learned brought up a lot of different emotions, first anger and disbelief, then sorrow. He wanted to stand to meet her, but fell to his knees instead of standing from the chair, and gripped the hem of Ylith's dress. "...I've learned horrible things while you were away..." he managed to say quietly, keeping his head down. He wasn't sure he could look at her, knowing he actually came from a line of power, but was cast out. How could he be worthy when he bore such shame?

Ylith kneeled down in front of him and set her staff aside before she reached out to him. She wrapped her arms around him and pulled him close, gently stroking his hair with one hand. She closed her eyes and breathed slowly. "I'm here..." was all she said while she held him. She then quietly kissed his shoulder and forgot how tired she was. She just wanted to help him and do nothing else.

Otheno returned her embrace and held her close to him, while trembling in his grief. "I...I don't even know how many days went by. I was engulfed in reading...reading about where I came from. I bring shame to my line." he said to her, shuddered, and continued, "Master Tellah...the previous master of magic...was my father. He cast me out for lacking talent and replaced me with his second-born." then he let go of Ylith and stood up, pacing around the room just to try and calm himself. His sorrow was quickly turning to anger as he talked about the truth. "Faheem. My half-brother. He took all that should've been mine." he seethed.

"Otheno..." Ylith called, worried about her beloved. She still knelt on the floor and watched him pacing around the room. "Please calm yourself..." she said calmly, but looked up when he mentioned her mentor's name. “Faheem, you say...?"

Otheno stopped pacing and side-eyed Ylith for a moment. "Why, do you know him? I'm sure everyone does. He is the current Master of Magic after all." he said, then sighed. He was angry, but he didn't want to direct his anger at the wrong person. Then he crossed his arms and rubbed his temples with one hand.

Ylith hesitated before she replied. "I've been taking care of him for the past days at the infirmary..." she replied quietly, fear of his anger rising within her. She then stood and picked up her staff. "I will get some rest if you don't mind...I must return to my duties at the infirmary as soon as possible." she sighed and turned, heading to her room.

Otheno flashed a grin for a moment while his head was turned away from his beloved. This would be the perfect opportunity to see just who this man is, but quietly. Then he turned to catch up with Ylith and caught her hand, pulling her around and back to him and into an embrace. "My dear...I...I apologize for my anger. Please don't think I was angry with you...I was lonely during the several days I spent without you...and I'm still trying to process everything I learned--" he paused, then kissed her forehead. "Will you have me sleep alone tonight?" he asked under his voice. Perhaps he could sneak out and go to the infirmary during the night, he thought, but first wanted to be with Ylith.

Ylith sighed and smiled a little. "The past days have been difficult for both of us..." she breathed and leaned against his chest. “We should both get some rest, don't you think? Come..." She slowly freed herself from his grasp and took his hand, heading to her room with him.

Otheno sighed a breath of relief. He really didn't want to be alone, not after being apart for so many days. He sat on her bed and pulled her to sit on his lap. "It's been too long, my dear..." he breathed in her ear and then kissed her neck. “...I need you tonight."

Ylith felt a shiver run down her spine when she felt his breath on her skin. "O-Otheno..." she stuttered and rested her hands on his shoulders. “I...are you sure? I thought you were exhausted…" she whispered but cut herself off. His dark eyes drew her in, and she longed for his touch. "...alright..."

Otheno kissed her after she gave in. "Well my dear...sometimes we will need each other most when tired. This...this is one of those times..." he replied, then turned and leaned Ylith back until she lay on the bed. He kissed every bare place on her body, then settled on her neck. It didn't take long before they were lost in each other, letting go of feelings of exhaustion and loneliness, until the climax of their desire.


Later that night, Otheno lay in bed holding Ylith as she fell asleep. His mind was racing. Now was the chance he could take to see Faheem, while everyone was sleeping. After making sure his love was in deep sleep, he slipped out of bed to quickly dress himself again. He quietly left Ylith's house and traveled to the infirmary in the darkness.

There was an open window to the infirmary, which Otheno climbed into. He crouched on the window sill to look at his surroundings and make sure no one was awake. Last thing he wanted was to be caught by one of the healers Ylith worked with! Satisfied that no one was coming, he hopped down and landed in a crouch. Then he stood and looked around. A few beds away lay Faheem, still in a coma. He approached Faheem's bedside and glared. This was his younger, half-brother? The resemblance to Tellah was obvious, so Otheno had no doubt he found the right person. He didn't know why Faheem was in a coma, but he really didn't care. This was the man that Tellah entrusted everything to. The second-born son. Otheno gritted his teeth. He was horribly tempted to inflict harm on Faheem, but resisted. He studied Faheem's face, memorizing the features there, so he would never forget them. Otheno knew Faheem was powerful...if they battled that day, Otheno would surely lose. He continued to glare, scrutinizing the man laying before him. Then Otheno paced around to the other side. He tilted his head in curiosity when he noticed Faheem's left sleeve seemed rather he carefully lifted the opening to look inside.

Faheem's arm was missing? How odd... Otheno thought to himself. Perhaps he'd learn why, the farther he gets into Tellah's journal. He only knew the basics...for now. Then Otheno's head snapped up. Someone was probably coming to check on the patients. He looked back at Faheem, and in an instant, wondered...could he steal some of Faheem's power? Then he grinned wildly. His left hand hovered over Faheem's arm, at the end where it still had particles dripping.

Otheno's powerful desire and lust for power, matched with his anger and blood-relation, created a powerful link between the two. Otheno felt some tingling in his left hand, as if magic was flowing to him. He wasn't even touching Faheem, and the energy continued to flow in a slow trickle...but he knew it would take a long time before Otheno stole enough to be just as powerful, if not more. A single red rune appeared on his wrist as a result of the link, which Otheno found curious. But then he heard footsteps just outside the door, so he hurried back to the window and climbed out, ducking outside just below it. He sat for a few minutes, just looking at his left hand. He could still feel the energy from Faheem. And he could tell that Faheem was indeed powerful...someday, the power would be his. Otheno grinned again, picking himself up and returning back home to Ylith.

She still slept when he returned, and undressed himself to join her in bed, to make sure it seemed as though nothing changed during the night. Now feeling confident, he turned his body to Ylith and wrapped his arm around her waist, where he fell asleep.
Double chapter post tonight! xDD Many of you might remember, or have at least seen this older piece of art I did back in 2010. This was a rather defining moment for Faheem as an OC early in his development. Having it actually written in story sequence is pretty exciting for me! :dummy: But now we're getting into more of the story from here on out~ Otheno finds out Tellah is his father, and even more, Faheem is his half-brother! But you'll have to wait to find out why he doesn't remember that 20 years later, when "The Master and the Sorceress" takes place. xDD

Teacher and Protector by Anilede

A Remedy for Madness -CH.4 <---Part 4 Bullet; Blue Part 6---> A Remedy for Madness -CH.6

OC mentions ~ Seda © Niraven
Esme © Oomsda

Faheem, Otheno © Me
Yldae, Ylith 
© Camara-san 
Story © Me and Camara-san
My work may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted or uploaded in any way without my written permission.
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