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Deep in thought, Ylith entered her home after a short walk home from Faheem's library and headed straight to her room. She let herself fall onto her bed and sighed, closing her eyes and taking a few deep breaths.

Otheno entered in from a window after seeing that Ylith returned. He had a few black flowers in hand that he found and decided to bring them to her. He hoped it would allow him to get close to her again, not just to see if the energy spark would happen, but because he enjoyed being with her. Strange that he was beginning to consider her feelings more, and not just act on his lust. He opened the door to her room while hiding the flowers behind his back, and smiled at the sight of her lying in bed.

"Well well, my dear, you were away for some time. Did you enjoy your walk?" he asked, approaching her bedside. Then he pulled the flowers from behind his back and held them out to her. He wasn't sure if he should smile or not, so he kept a calm expression. "I thought you might like my thanks for continuing to let me stay here."

Ylith sat up on her bed and gently took the flowers from him. "Otheno, these are beautiful...thank you." she replied and smiled at him. She stood and placed a kiss on his cheek. "You didn't need to thank me, though. You are welcome to stay here." She looked at the flowers in her hands and couldn't help but smile; she was beginning to like this new situation—and Otheno as more than just a friend.

Otheno grinned when she kissed his cheek, and for a moment was at a loss for what to say. He then realized he was falling for this girl, if he hadn't already, but wasn't sure the best ways to show it. His guess of using flowers was on point, but other than that he didn't know much. He was never taught specifically how to be kind when he was young, but he tried. Then he stepped towards her, gently grasping her arms just below the shoulders. "You're welcome--" he replied quietly, and locked his dark eyes with hers. "I'm...happy to have a home."

Ylith reached up to gently stroke his cheek, her warm smile still present on her lips. Her gaze locked with his, she put the flowers on the bed and slowly wrapped her arms around him. She then snuggled close and closed her eyes, wishing this moment could hold on for just a little longer.

Otheno returned her embrace, moving his hands from her arms to around her. His fingers ran through her long hair, and he inhaled the sweet scent of it as she snuggled up against his chest. He sighed. Then he moved his right arm and placed his hand on her waist. His thoughts then turned from the moment, to thinking about the bandages he touched and the energy he felt. He wondered if he could focus his thoughts to reduce the chance of a shocking spark between them, so as to be slyer about his actions.

"Ylith...I want you to kiss me." he whispered.

Ylith chuckled quietly at his request and reached up to him, gently pulling him down by his neck. She then stood on her toes and closed the distance between him and herself, kissing him on the lips. She carefully ran her fingers through his hair and broke the kiss a few moments later, looking up at him with a warm little smile and resting her hands on his chest.

Otheno moved his left hand to the back of her neck and leaned in for another kiss. This time he held her there, and began to move his right hand up from her waist to the area below her chest where he first felt the bandages. He was careful and didn't press, but instead almost hovered over it. He continued to kiss her more deeply, and focused his mind on feeling for her energy through that weakened part of her body. He didn't know why it was covered in bandages, but he wanted to see if he could control the energy flow. And he did. The tips of his fingers tingled and he could feel a slow trickle of energy and magic flowing from Ylith to himself. Finally, he broke the kiss, and looked into Ylith's eyes. He also moved his hand away and wrapped his arms around her, feeling confident in his newfound ability. For now, he would focus on the woman before him. She was the first woman to pay attention to him like this.

"Being with you is...different. I want to keep it that way." he breathed.

"Me too..." Ylith whispered and leaned against his chest. She almost did not want to let him go, but instead wanted to stay close to him for a little longer. Although, for a moment, she wondered what he was up to, she barely noticed the flow of energy, having lost herself in his eyes. She simply snuggled closer and closed her eyes, sighing and inhaling his scent.

Otheno gently grabbed Ylith's shoulders and pushed back gently so she'd let go and to allow him to take a step back. Then he took her hands and walked backward, pulling her along, until they were in front of the mirror. There, he twirled her around so her back was against him with her arms crossed in front of her, hands still intertwined with his. Then he kissed her shoulder, watching her expression in the mirror.

"I want you to see your desire...see us together." he whispered into her ear and breathing on her neck. He wanted her, but also wanted to make sure she didn't know what he had done just moments before with her magic.

"What are you...?” Ylith began, surprised by his actions, but cut herself off when she looked in the mirror. Almost startled, she wanted to take a step back but couldn't with Otheno holding her close. A deep blush spread on her face as she watched him with lidded eyes. She slightly leaned against his chest when a shiver ran down her spine and she tightened her grip on his hands. " sounds nice..." she then whispered, not sure what else to say when she, too, felt her desire awakening within her.

Otheno kissed the soft skin right under her ear, and whispered " want you, Ylith." He then let go of her hands, to put one arm around her waist, and the other took her hand on the same side to bring it up against his face. First he kissed the palm of her hand, then her wrist, and pressed her hand against his cheek. He then let go of that hand so she could touch him herself, and moved his arm to meet his other around her waist and held her close. He was full of want and lust and didn't plan on letting her go.

Ylith let her fingers brush down his neck and rested her other hand on his while tracing his movements in the mirror. Her breathing grew a little heavier as her desire grew stronger. "Otheno, I good enough for this..?" she asked quietly and unintentionally scratched his neck. She felt ready but was still insecure which showed in her movements. "I-I don't know what to do...Will...will you guide me...?" she breathed barely audible and looked up at him.

Otheno moaned into her ear when she scratched him and held her a little tighter. Then he looked up to watch her in the mirror. "Yes, are good enough for this--for me! I will guide you to experience the unspoken pleasures...just trust in me." he replied under his breath. Then he turned her around to face him directly. For a few moments, he just stared at her with his dark eyes, and removed the long vest she gave him a few days before. With his upper body bare, he then took her hand and held it against his chest. "Touch me, Ylith..."

"I trust you..." she whispered and brushed her fingers over his skin, tracing his form until she rested her hands on his shoulders. She stood on her toes and shyly kissed his shoulder and his neck. Slightly digging her nails into his skin as she grew a little nervous, she then asked quietly, "Would the same...?"

Otheno shut his eyes and just relished the warmth of Ylith's hands and the soft kisses of her lips, then opened them to meet her gaze. He could see she was nervous, probably scared. He wondered if she would trust him enough to give all of herself to him. "Of course, my dear...I trust you." he replied, and kissed her gently.

Ylith broke the kiss a few moments later and looked up at him, then sighed. "Otheno...Come sit with me for a moment..." she said calmly and quietly started removing her dress, the black cloth falling down to her feet, before she sat on her bed. Her mentor's words echoed in her mind while her hand hovered over the bandages. She then held on to the bandages before she spoke again a few moments later. "There...there is something I believe I must tell you..."

Otheno's eyes widened for a moment when he realized what Ylith was doing, and just looked at her. He took in the beauty of her form, and then his eyes settled on her bandages. Then he sat by her as asked, brushed her hair off her shoulder so he could see her face. "I'm listening..." he replied quietly, and watched her. He desperately wanted to do more, but he waited.

Ylith took a deep breath and took off her tiara, then, while partially removing the bandages, almost whispered, "I believe the time is right, now that we're here like this...You probably already noticed, but it's no mere wound that I'm hiding." She held the bandages tight and stood up and in front of the mirror. "It's neither a wound nor an illness I'm suffering from--"

Hesitantly and more scared than anything else, she then removed the rest of the bandages that covered the circular runes on her torso and dropped them. "'s a curse." she admitted quietly and brushed her fingers over the scar-like runes that glowed in a sick red color at their center.

Ylith was certain Otheno would run off in disgust any moment after seeing her curse. Tears shimmered in her eyes at the thought and she tried to cover them with her free hand. "I'm a disgrace...." she whispered while she cried, despite her mentor's positive words about love still echoing in her mind.

‘This risk was too great after all. This was a mistake, silly girl...' she thought to herself and did not dare look at Otheno.

Otheno frowned at first at the sight of Ylith...her fear and hesitation to show him her secret, as if it were something to be ashamed of. Quickly he stood from the bed and embraced her from behind, so that they both could see their reflections in the mirror again. Then he moved his left hand to gently rest on the middle of the cursed runes.

"My beautiful Ylith. Open your eyes and see us in the mirror," he said to her, and kissed her shoulder. "How long will you hide? Whatever this curse is, there is no disgrace that I see..." he paused and moved his right hand to rest over her heart. "Turn around, my sweet...I'm not going anywhere."

Ylith watched Otheno and herself in the mirror for a few moments and her expression softened. She then turned to look directly at him with tears still in her eyes. "Otheno..." she whispered and took his hand, holding it gently. “If your words are true...I shall hide no longer..." She blushed slightly and gave him a small smile. "...and yours entirely."

Otheno pulled her close and bowed his head so that his lips were right by her ear. "I've been waiting for you to say that." he breathed, then kissed the skin of her neck below her ear. He pulled back to look her in the eyes, took her face in his hands and wiped the tears away with his thumbs. Finally, the moment he was waiting for. Otheno took a few steps back from her and shamelessly removed the cloth from his waist and dropped it onto the floor. "And now, you will be mine...and I will be yours." he said with a grin.

He wasted no time as he picked her up, her legs wrapped around his waist and his hands under her thighs. They kissed as the desire increased, and Otheno carried Ylith to her bed. With bodies intertwined in moments, completely submitting to each other, Otheno showed her all that desire and love is, together with no shame.


Ylith woke up rather early the next morning. She slowly cracked her eyes open and couldn't help but smile when she found Otheno sleeping next to her. She watched him sleep for a while and gently placed a kiss on his forehead, being careful not to wake him. She then quietly got up and stretched her arms before she stood in front of the mirror and started brushing her. However, she stopped when she saw her curse and looked at it for a moment before she suddenly grabbed a new set of bandages and began covering her curse like she did every time she saw it.

Otheno woke up after Ylith kissed his forehead, and quietly remained on his side to watch her. He frowned when he saw the bandages. "Why cover it up, my dear? There's no shame with me.'d only have to remove them again every time I take you to bed." he chuckled and grinned.

Ylith stopped when she heard him and turned to meet his gaze, and looked back at the bandages in her hands before she chuckled to herself. "Silly's a habit." she mused and set the bandages aside. "I woke you up, didn't I?" she then asked when she sat on the bed and reached out to gently run her fingers through his hair.

Otheno looked at her with lidded eyes, stifling a yawn and then smirked. "Well I am a light sleeper after soon as your warm body left my side, I couldn't help but wake." Then he sat up, not paying any mind to the fact he was still completely bare, and leaned towards Ylith with a grin on his face. "Well my dear...I thought you'd be more tired after last night. After all, you learned a lot, used a lot of energy. I might not be able to keep myself from laying my hands on you again."

"Ah!" Ylith gasped and stood straight, blushing deeply. "Th-This is still so new to me, I don't know..." she stuttered and turned, put her dress on and returned to brushing her long hair.

After having calmed down a little, she spoke again. "I'll have to work for the next days, just to let you know I won't be here that much...I hope you don't mind, Otheno." she said and sat by his side. She kissed his cheek and leaned on his shoulder for a moment, her fingers running over his skin.

Otheno laughed when Ylith gasped, and continued to chuckle to himself while watching her prepare for the day. "Don't worry about me...I'm sure I'll find something to do while you're gone. I expect to see you in bed when you come back." he teased, then after a moment’s thought, took Ylith's hand and kissed it.

"...Before you go, will you tell me why you have the curse? Maybe...I can find some way to help." he said quietly.

Ylith's eyes widened at his question and she was quiet for a few minutes. She took a deep breath and held his hand tightly. "This curse...was originally intended for my mother." she began and clenched her fist, digging her nails into the palm her hand. She barely noticed the blood when she continued. "For some reason, however, it was transferred to me during her pregnancy. She would have died from it otherwise. It's a deadly spell, like a spreads until its victim dies." Ylith stopped talking for a moment and looked at her reflection in the mirror. "...if it wasn't for my healing powers, I'm sure I'd long be dead."

Otheno frowned. This curse...could lead to an early death for her. Then he took her hand, noticing the blood from clenching her fist too hard, and quietly retrieved the unused bandages from the floor. He was deep in thought as he tried to wrap her hand. It wasn't a perfect job, but he tried. Then he kissed her palm where the bandages were, and looked up to meet Ylith's gaze. "There must be a way to cure this curse." he said finally, though more to himself. He smiled when he looked at the poor bandaging he did, "I'm not a healer like you are, my dear. But you do need to be more careful...I'm not about to lose you. Never."

Ylith smiled when she looked at her bandaged hand. "I could tell you the same." she chuckled. She held his hand for a moment before she finally stood and picked up her staff from the stone floor. "I'll be leaving then. Take care of yourself, Otheno. You know where to find me, should you need anything." she then said with a smile and left.

Otheno didn't say anything when Ylith left. He was a lot quieter than usual. Now that she was away to work, his mind kept going over the events since they met. Namely, his ability to take energy from others with weaknesses. He wasn't sure if it was something he had always been able to do. For some reason, he couldn't remember anything at all before he was 5 years old. He frowned. Then there was the curse Ylith had...he didn't want to lose her. But could he do anything? Maybe...just maybe if he stole enough power he might find a way. The only way to figure that out, he decided, was to return to Master Tellah's old mansion where he once served. As far as he knew, the old man was long gone and the mansion abandoned, with a library full of books and Tellah's personal studies.

Otheno took a few minutes to get dressed and then stood in front of the mirror. His dark skin, dark eyes...most of the time they scared people that met him. But...Ylith was drawn to it. He smirked at the memory, the night before when Ylith finally gave into him and he took her to bed. He never imagined a woman would ever want him. But she does, and she would stay. Otheno finally left to make his long trek to Tellah's mansion, after more than 20 years.
Moving along! Finally past the beginning chapters :dummy:
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