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A few days had passed since Otheno first met Ylith. He would often sneak out to spend some time away and do the things he was used to doing, mainly wandering around aimlessly or stealing things in the marketplace. Then he would return to Ylith's home and sit in silence. It was morning and he ventured out of the guest room to look around. Since Ylith had been in pain, he wasn't sure what to do. He didn't have magic and couldn't take the pain away, like she could for him. It was frustrating. He stood by a window and rested his hand on the stone sill, lightly scratching it while he watched the particles float by. Then he wondered if Ylith would feel well enough to speak to him, and frowned.

"Good morning...” Ylith's soft voice called out to her guest. With a small sound, she set her staff to the stone floor and smiled at him. She tilted a head a bit, then said "I see you are well?" She walked over to him and looked out the window for a moment. Somehow she felt glad to be better again, she felt bad for not talking to Otheno during the past days.

Otheno turned to the sound of her voice and watched as she made her way over. "Well well, if it isn't my lovely host. It's been lonely around here." he replied, then looked back to the window. "My wounds are better than before, thanks to your talents, though I haven't done anything with the bandages. If you wouldn't mind..." he trailed, turning his body to face hers and closed the gap between them. He was suddenly right up against her, a spur of the moment decision on his part. "Well, how are you feeling, Ylith?" he grinned.

"I feel much better, thank you." she replied and smiled, looking up at him. "I'll change the bandages if you wish. And I'll cook something after that, I'm sure you are hungry." She patted his chest lightly and went to her room to get some new bandages, then called "Anything special you want to eat?"

Otheno followed her halfway but stopped before entering her room. "I'm sure anything you have in mind will be good. I've lived on the streets since I was a child, so I don't know anything special." he replied while frowning. It was true, having a cooked meal was a luxury for him as he was just used to stealing basic food to get by and curb hunger. He didn't know anything about cooking or what sort of meals you could make.

"We'll find something, I'm sure." Ylith said and picked up a bowl of water before returning to Otheno's room with him. When they both sat down, she slowly removed his bandages and began washing his back gently with a piece of cloth. "The wounds are healing quite nicely." she said and picked up the new bandages to replace the old ones. When she had finished, she quietly leaned against his back and closed her eyes, wrapping her arms around him a little.

Otheno raised a brow, feeling a little surprised, as Ylith wrapped her arms around him. His fingers intertwined with hers, and he sighed. "Well, well, this is ought to sit with me more often." he suggested with a low voice. After spending a few days without her touch, he just wanted to sit for a while. Maybe, more than sit. But he wouldn't press the issue...yet.

Ylith snuggled a little closer, holding his hands a little tighter. "I agree...” she sighed quietly and relaxed. She had grown to dislike the time she spent alone and was glad to have have Otheno around her. Why did she feel so strange near him, she thought to herself. She then chuckled after a moment. "This is nice...I hope you don't mind our breakfast turning into lunch for today."

Otheno began to feel desire build up within him, just by listening to her speak and hold him. He found he wasn't hungry for food anymore, but instead wanted Ylith. He tilted his head downward and moaned, before lifting his head again and let out a deep breath. " can wait." he finally replied.

Ylith sat with Otheno for a while before she finally stood. She stretched her arms and let out a deep breath. "I think it's time for us to eat something." she mused and turned, offering him her hand. "Come with me?"

Otheno had a deep smirk on his face and slowly reached for her hand. This would be a perfect time to toy with her, see how far they will go. His desire still present, grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her to him, where he moved her to straddle his lap and held her there with his hands on her hips. Then he grinned. "Oh I think that can wait a little longer, Ylith my dear. Stay here with me."

A deep blush spread across Ylith's face when she found herself on his lap. She stuttered when she spoke. "A-alright...I, um..." she almost whispered, growing more silent with every word. A shiver rushed down her spine when she felt his hands on her hips and his breath on her bare shoulder. She felt her heart beating faster while a strange mixture of feelings rushed through her. How come he made her feel this way, she wondered?

Otheno lowered his head a little to kiss her shoulder while keeping a firm grip on her hips. "Let me teach you the ways to take your desires...accept them as part of you--" he breathed heavily, then looked up to meet her gaze, "--Ylith"

Ylith shivered a little upon his words. A hand brushing over his fingers, she tried to form her words. "I...This is new, I--" she spoke, but cut herself off when she felt his breath brush over her neck. "What…will you do…?" she asked quietly a moment later, a little insecure being so close to him.

Otheno grinned, keeping his dark eyes locked with hers. He then took her hand and pulled it up by his face, "Well then, let me show you...first I will leave a trail of kisses on your arm..."he trailed, then kissed her hand, her wrist, and up her arm until he reached her shoulder, where he paused. "Then, your shoulder...your neck...just to send shivers down your spine." he breathed, and resumed his kisses on her shoulder, up her neck and stopped right under her ear. "Getting warm yet, my dear?" he asked in a low voice and with a grin on his face.

Ylith breathed a little harder while Otheno kissed her and gave a slight nod in response to his question. "Guide me..." she whispered, barely audible. Her desire grew within her with every single touch. She inched a little closer, enjoying the feeling of his breath on her skin, and rested a hand against his chest. Ylith grew curious, where would this go? She placed a shy kiss on his neck, her dark lips barely touching his skin, and closed her eyes for a moment.

Otheno moaned in response, encouraging her to touch and kiss him more. Meanwhile he reached down with both hands to the hem of her dress and pulled it up a little, sliding his hands up the bare skin of her legs from her ankles to her thighs. "I can do so much more." he breathed, and kissed her lips more passionately than before. He knew where this was going, and what he wanted.

Ylith rested her hands on his shoulder kissed him shyly once more and her body flinched slightly when he touched her leg. With her desires having swallowed up the worry about her curse, her curiosity increased. Even if a bit hesitant, she felt like she wanted to learn from him, all those things that might be hidden within her.

Otheno felt her flinch and just lightly rubbed her thighs in response. "'re nervous--" he paused to kiss her again, "Let your desire take over. Make these pleasures yours..." he said again, brushing her hair off her shoulder to kiss the bare skin there.

"I-I am..." Ylith stuttered quietly and again placed a kiss on his neck. She scratched his shoulders lightly and held on to him, trying to stop her body from shivering. Her body against his, she slowly grew more secure and kissed him lightly while moving a hand from his shoulder to his chest.

Otheno moaned, tightening his grip on her thighs for a moment, "'re catching on..." he breathed. Then he kissed her again. It was brief, but he hovered just inches away to look into her eyes. His gaze unshaken, he decided to take the next step. His hands were already under the fabric of Ylith's dress on the skin of her thighs, so he slid his right hand up further. He traced the curve of her hip and followed it up to her waist. He intended to go further, but stopped when he touched the bandages below her chest.

Suddenly he felt a wave of energy, as if a spark of electricity hit his fingers. He gasped and widened his eyes, quickly removing his hand from under Ylith's dress and held it to his side at shoulder height. He just stared at it, not really knowing what happened, but it felt good in a different way. Then the thought hit him--'Is this...what magic feels like? But how is it possible? Is this her power?' While it was literally just a taste of magic, he wanted more. Somehow he needed to get more. Then he blinked, realizing the woman in his lap was looking, and he dropped his hand. "I...I'm sorry, Ylith. Did I hurt you? Is this your wound that made you ill a few days ago?" Tentatively, he quietly kissed her on the lips again.

Ylith quickly broke the kiss and stood. Her eyes wide and her breathing heavily, she backed away against the wall. She, too, had felt a sudden spark of energy and was confused. "I..." she began, trying to figure out what had happened. “I-I’m fine, yes...that was...strange..."

Her hand rose to where her curse was located and gripped the cloth of her dress tightly while the rest of her body slowly relaxed. She took a deep breath and came back to him and placed a kiss on his cheek, then said "You did not hurt me, Otheno. It was more of a surprise than anything else. I believe it was the wound, yes...Perhaps I moved too quickly?" She sat back down next to him and gently held his left hand. "Are you alright, though? Are you hurt, Otheno?" she then asked quietly, worried that her curse may have affected him somehow.

Otheno frowned. Yet another time he failed to completely seduce Ylith...but this time was different. He looked at his hand again, then turned to Ylith as she held his left. "I'm fine, just trying to understand what happened." he replied, shaking his head. "Well, it was as though I felt your magic, your energy. It flowed through my hand when I touched you, but I don't know why." he explained.

Ylith held his hand between hers and stroked his hand gently. She gave him a smile in relief. "I'm glad that, at least, you are unharmed." she said quietly. She then stood hand and shyly kissed him on the lips before pulling him up from where he sat. "Let's get something to eat now!" she chuckled and let go of his hand, heading for the kitchen.

Otheno reached out to grab her arm but missed as she left the room. He grinned. Something about her would lead him to great things, he felt, and wanted to find out more about this 'wound' she has. He could tell she wasn't telling the whole truth about it, but he would know in time. He does care for her, but the feeling of wanting power was beginning to grow within him as well.

After a few minutes alone to think, he finally left the room and followed Ylith to the kitchen so they could spend more time together. When he approached her from behind, his stomach suddenly growled very loudly. He frowned. "And here I thought I could sneak up on you. Looks like I'm hungry after all." he chuckled.

Ylith giggled. "Well, at least I'm almost done." she said and grinned. She handed him two spoons and a small basket with bread, then said "Take a seat, I'll be there in a minute."

'It's been a while...' Ylith mused to herself. She hadn't shared a meal with anyone in a while and now she would eat with a person who made her heart beat a little faster. How was it she felt so strange? She quickly dismissed the thought, filled two bowls with the soup she had cooked and carried them over to the table in the room next door. "It's nothing special, but I do hope you enjoy the meal." she said to Otheno and sat down.

Otheno raised a brow at the things handed to him, but then swiftly turned around to set them on the table in the next room. He set them down in a perfect manner, arranged how they should be. It had been years since he last set a table, but it's something he could never forget after his servitude as a child. He waited until Ylith sat to then sit himself. He smiled, a genuine smile, at Ylith. "Thank you, Ylith. I'm sure anything you make is good to the taste." he replied, and began to eat.

"I certainly do hope so." she chuckled. She blinked with mild surprise at how perfect Otheno had set the table—making her more curious about the man she was to dine with, and began to eat. During the course of their meal, she kept a hand under the table and fiddled with her hair. She was nervous, Otheno almost had found out about her curse and she was afraid she might scare him off. She hated lying, but she just couldn't bring herself to tell him. She simply sat there and ate without another word, not knowing what to talk about.

Otheno made approving sounds as he ate, then set down the utensils for a moment to look at Ylith directly across the table. "Just as I thought, the food is wonderful." he said with a smirk and winked. He could tell Ylith was uncomfortable, likely because of the weird spark that happened when he touched the bandages. He tried to play off the incident as if it were nothing to worry about, and acted as if nothing happened before. "It's been a long time since I've had a meal with anyone. Sharing that with a beautiful woman makes it only better. Now my dear, tell me, where did you learn to cook?" he asked, then resumed his meal.

Ylith looked up from her food. "Ah, thank you." she replied with a slight blush on her cheeks. "My aunt taught me when I was young. She insisted I learn." she then chuckled.

Ylith soon lost herself in her thoughts again and, without noticing, ate up rather fast. She sighed quietly and looked at her empty bowl before she stood and picked it up. "Otheno, I'll go out for a bit." she said while she was in the kitchen, cleaning the bowl and spoon. She returned to the main room and picked up her staff. "Should you still be hungry, there's some soup left in the kitchen. Is there anything you need before I go?"

Otheno looked up from his bowl and just offered a smirk. "Ylith my dear, I'll be fine here. Take the time you need to...think about us together." he replied, grinning. Otheno didn't mind her going out for a little while, as it would give him time to study his thoughts and try to figure out that energy spark that occurred earlier.

Ylith tilted her head and smiled at him. "Alright then. I will be back later." she replied and turned to leave.

'Maybe I could look for some new recipes...' Ylith mused to herself in thought and made her way to her mentor's library. She knew the halls well after the little tour her sister gave her a little while ago. Once she arrived, she looked through some books, trying to find something she might like to try out. Yet, she could not quite relax, she was unable to ignore the events of the morning. Deep in thought, she flipped through the pages in an attempt to finally distract herself.

Within the library, a few aisles away, Ylith's mentor himself was looking through books. He had only opened his school only several years prior, and still felt the need to study in his library in order to prepare for the next lesson. He could hear someone else was in the room, and took up his staff to investigate. When Faheem turned the corner, his eyes glowed warmly at the sight of Ylith. She had a tendency to come visit if she needed advice, so he noticed, but he also knew her fairly well since she was a small girl, being the younger sister of his friend and colleague. She often helped him whenever he had to spend time in the infirmary.

"...Good day, Ylith...what brings you to my library today?" he inquired as he approached her, then stopped with a comfortable distance between them.

Ylith turned and looked up at Faheem. She bowed slightly to him before speaking. "Ah, good day, Master Faheem...What a pleasant surprise to meet you." she said with a gentle smile on her lips and put back the book she held in her hands. She fiddled with her hair for a moment and evaded his gaze before looking at him again. "I came looking for some new recipes and...I came with a question."

Faheem nodded, then turned his head upward slightly. With a tap of his staff on the floor, a couple books from the top shelf floated down and hovered in front of Ylith. "...You may find recipes in these books that are good to the taste...I recommend these for your cooking endeavors." he said, then cleared his throat. " come, I am confident this discussion will best take place while sitting, so that you may exercise your inquiry." Then he turned, beckoning she follow him, to sit by the library's window. There were several soft chairs and couches provided for those that wanted to read in the library. Faheem set his staff aside, and sat in a large chair, motioning for Ylith to sit on the chair across him.

Ylith set her own staff aside and sat down. She took a deep breath and thought about what to say for a moment, wanting to avoid mentioning her own recent experiences. When she thought of a way to ask her questions, she let out another nervous sigh. "I...have been reading one of my mother's books a while ago and I stumbled across something...strange, something that was entirely new to me." she began and folded her hands to keep herself from nervously fiddling with her long locks, then said " you perhaps know the meaning of desire?"

Faheem scratched his bearded chin while thinking on his answer to an odd question, then placed his hand on the armrest of his chair. "...Hm...It depends on the context of desire...There are many ways desire can be used. It is a strong feeling of yearning for something or wanting something to can be used in search of power, although that is not a want many people have in the twilight..." he paused, cleared his throat, and felt a little uncomfortable to continue, but it was important to answer. "...more commonly, desire is lust...a sexual want and need. This kind of desire is normal between lovers and it leads to intercourse for procreation or as an expression of one's love for the other. I cannot provide personal insight, as I have never felt this kind of desire...but should the time come for you to rightly express your love for another, the desire that comes in those intimate moments are natural and you should not need to fear it...unless the person is not right for you, or the time is not right..."

Ylith's right hand rose and hovered over her curse while she thought about Faheem's answer. "What a strange term...isn't it? Hiding so much thought in a simple, little word..." she said and shifted in her seat, resting her chin on her free hand. Her grip on her dress just above her curse tightened as she thought of the day's events. She grew quiet and was deep in thought, almost forgetting her surroundings.

Faheem nodded, "...yes, there is much to learn about the simplest of words...perhaps, one word is not enough to encompass all of the ways desire can be." he replied, then watched Ylith's posture and expressions for a few moments, then frowned. "...I assume something must have occurred to inspire such deep thoughts? ...Indeed, you do seem troubled...I have enough time to discuss them, if it would be helpful to you..." he offered, not having moved much in his posture. He was always so formal and preferred not to relax in front of students and peers.

"I...yes...I have been thinking too much lately, I believe" Ylith replied and sat straight, still holding on to her dress. "Desire seems to arrive quite quickly...You mentioned desire is common between lovers, yet I do not quite understand...Please forgive me if my questions seems strange, but, how should I put this, what exactly is love?" she asked. She felt strange, talking about a topic so new to her and bothering her mentor with her many questions. What was it that had her feel different near Otheno?

Faheem's brow furrowed slightly, then he leaned on his right fist for a moment to think. The only kind of love he really knew, was that from his mother. He had never felt romantic love, but he knew love. It was trying to explain it that suddenly became difficult. Then he sat up straight again, rubbed his bearded chin, and rested his hand on his lap.

"...Love, there are many kinds. Love is unchanging, kind, and charitable. Unconditional love...such as the love a mother would have for her child, never falters nor fades away...there is love in friendship, taking time to help one another without any reward. You are a healer, Ylith...your love for those that are injured or sick is of charity. You do so because you care for them..." he paused, then cleared his throat, "...such is very much the same for romantic love. You cannot control when it comes, nor how it comes, however it is a feeling, or stirring in your bosom. Many describe it as...a warm fluttering sensation, which occurs just by being around your significant other, which is also considered a first sign of love...a willingness to be with them, regardless of who they are or where they came from. Acceptance of their character...a desire to be with them longer than life also invites sexual desire, the ultimate and raw expression of love between lovers. No words are needed, as lovers give of themselves completely, all the good and even their faults."

'A first sign of love, hm...?' Ylith thought to herself, then cleared her throat. "I have one last question..." she began hesitantly, aware her question affected her as well. “I..." She tried to ask but didn't dare and thought her words over. She remained quiet for a few moments, feeling like she had lost her voice. " you think a cur-- an illness might scare off a person one has romantic feelings for...?" she finally asked quietly, fearing an answer given her very own situation.

Faheem shook his head. "...No, I do not believe so. If one truly loved another, they would stay despite any challenges that arise, even from illness or other hardships...a true test of love is opening yourself to the one you love...and taking the risk they might reject you..." he replied, then cleared his throat. His eyes glowed warmly, as if to smile, when he continued, "...I do not believe you have anything to fear, is not fear, but gentle, and bold...I am confident you will come to accept this knowledge and move forward in your life, and so succeed with whom you love. I am pleased to see that you have come with only shows that you are carefully considering someone close to you." Then he stood from his seat and took up his staff, though he wished he didn't have to leave so soon after such a discussion.

"...I'm afraid my time has run short, and must attend to my duties shortly." he said to her, then turned back to face her again. "...I do sincerely hope my answers help you find peace, are always welcome to return should you need more you have any lingering questions before I take my leave?" he asked, wanting to make sure her questions were answered.

Ylith looked up at him and gave him a slight smile. "No, thank you. You helped me a lot." she replied and stood after picking up her staff. I shall head home now, it has gotten rather late. Thank you, Master Faheem. May we meet again." She then bowed to him and left the library, heading home.

Faheem only nodded in reply to Ylith, watched her leave, and took his own way out of the library. He considered their conversation for a time, but turned to focusing on his students and his studies once more.
Long time no story post! ^^; But here we go finally! With a new preview photo and everything lol And we see Faheem for the first time as well XD 
Many apologies if Otheno makes you uncomfortable orz. He really has no boundaries. :facepalm:

A Remedy for Madness -CH.2 <---Part 2 :bulletblue: Part 4---> A Remedy for Madness -CH.4

Faheem, Otheno © Me
Yldae, Ylith 
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