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Character Fear Reference Sheet

The second addition to my Character Reference Series. I was going to do good characteristics first, but when I was working on a character, which I may or may not post, after I had given my character fears that are unique and tie into their history, I got stumped on common flaws that would make them relatable and bring humor to the story. Tell me what 'ya think and whether this helped or not.

Character Flaws :
Good Characteristics:
Character Hobbies:

Update: So recently I discovered that these lists that I made when I was 12 became actually pretty popular, especially on places like Pinterest. That was kind of weird, and I'm really glad that you guys liked these. I may make some updated (as in, better) versions in the future, but for now I'm going to leave this here but be a bit stricter in the sharing.
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I knew I'd find some good fears for a new character I'm making. She's gonna be afraid of snakes(Well rattlesnakes to be me precise since ordinary snakes are fine), losing loved ones and I don't know whether to choose between bugs or bees. I might go bugs. 
mrteamedward15's avatar
I'm actually scared of balloons
Lymmle's avatar
I have fear of a balloon popping, so I know how you feel...
mrteamedward15's avatar
For me it's only because I'm Allergic
mrteamedward15's avatar
it's ok It's only the rubber one's
lozfan15's avatar
If you ever want to make a part two, or for people who couldn't find a fear, I'm terrified of ants. *shudder*
Deadheart50's avatar
Yes! I fínd Ants creepy too, but I never found anybody who was scared of them. 
RoseAddict1's avatar
Thank you! I just figured out my hero's fear and it not only made him much more real, it also explained why he keeps doing the things he's doing.  Hey - I don't control my characters; I just write down what they do. ;-)

IndigoDreams100's avatar
I like your lists.  They have so many things that I would never think about using.  I plan on using this while developing characters for my new story.
icanthinkofgoodname's avatar
Mine goes into a panic attack whenever she sees jam...
KurtExpress's avatar
Thankls! Will use!
I'm afraid of gaping eyeballs, public speaking, over-asserting myself and sharp things impaling through me, especially knives. :)
My character is afraid of emotional abandonment, horses, violence and anything that flies.
AirGirl13's avatar
This is great!
My character is terrified and ashamed of his past.
samoholic's avatar
Ah, that's a pretty nice list you've got going there.
Sunny-Moon-Rising's avatar
I love all three of these and have favourited them all, thank you!
girlsrl's avatar
cool sheat of fears! lowl for being scared of them selfs
AnikaandAj's avatar
Thanks, yeah, I think someone who is afraid of themselves are angsty/emo or in a padded cell.
girlsrl's avatar
so true its like

random person: *looks in mirror*
" AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"
Lortharn's avatar
Or it can be a violent person, who's afraid of how she/he can react... ^_^
Nice list, very helpful, thanks !
girlsrl's avatar
that dude. is epicness :clap: cause i can totally picture one tough persona and feel ashamed on how they react :D
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