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Disney bought Lucas Film

By Aniforce
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HAhahaha ! Awesome !
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That's awesome funny!!!
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This made me giggle. I'm feeling both worried and tentatively optimistic for the franchises future.
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:iconlolwutplz: This is real funny.
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I don't understand why people are saying Star Wars is gonna suck now and why it was worse than before??! I watched Star Wars as a kid, and I loved the series!! I don't get it why people are so criticizing of actors and companies?! When I was kid, I didn't think that way, I thought Star Wars was real, so it didn't ruin my image! People, stop hating Star Wars!! It a piece of my childhood, and you're complicating it!!
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Well, some people feel that because Star Wars was something so incredibly special and influential, probably moreso than any other TV or movie series, it deserves special honor, and so demand that any official movies that follow it up, including those made by George Lucas himself, be of high enough caliber to uphold that honor. Many feel the prequels were not good enough to be worthy precursors to A New Hope, so they hate on them. Personally, I don't think they were as terrible as some fans believe, but I see their point: while they were good sci-fi movies, in my opinion, they missed the target by a significant margin. I'm holding out hope though that the director who is doing Episode VII will respect the source material, the original trilogy, and give us something that returns to the glory days of the fledgling Alliance trying to overcome the oppressive Empire. It will of course be post-RotJ, so the Empire will be no more, but I'm hoping it has the same feel. I am also praying that they bring back the old INCOM T-61 X-wing, Seinar Fleet Systems TIE Fighter, and Kuat Drive Yards Imperial-class Star Destroyer. It just doesn't feel like Star Wars without them. :D

I hope that helps you understand their perspective a bit.
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Well, not much ^^; sorry, I'm a fanboy and I die-hard love Star Wars
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Tis cool, dude. Didn't hurt to try, eh? :D
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You know with Disney bought Marvel and ABC... there has been great shows and film...I like to think of Disney buying Star Wars as A new hope...
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Hahhah lol you've noticed
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Oh dear gods...

This is priceless. Priceless.
Exactly!.. I started to fear the future again.
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...But who do you suppose will wake him with a kiss? :?
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George Lucas is smart, he made $ from the prequels but realized that he is getting older, finally to protect his franchise, he let it go!
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Bah! It's Disney's acquisition of Marvel all over again with people whining and crying. And yet, Disney did quite well with The Avengers and the recent Marvel films. I'm ok with Disney taking over as long as George Lucas does not go anywhere near Star Wars again. The man's greed took him off the deep and and all he did was rape Star Wars as much as he could by re-releasing films with some stupid gimmick over and over and focus too much on the Clone Wars. I'm simply surprised this didn't happen sooner what with the Star Wars themed attractions and events at the Disney parks.
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HAHAHA... so true.
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