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This is something I've been thinking about for a while, but I've recently decided on this.  While I am looking for a job, the fact is I'm currently unemployed and life is not cheap, so I'm going to start taking commissions.  If I've known you for a while, I'll still do requests and gifts for you, but otherwise, I'm only taking commissions.  I do accept Paypal.  Notes me regarding details on the commissions.  I accept both commissions for fanart and original characters.

* Lineart/Sketches:
** One character: $15
** Additional Characters: $5 per character.

* Colored Art:
** Full Body: $20
** Additional Characters: $10 per character.

Rules for the commissions:
* Do not redistribute, reproduce or use the artwork for personal profit.
* The artwork is for personal use only. For example: For your own web graphics, desktop, icon, banner, bedroom poster, etc. etc.)
* Payment is in USD (U.S. American Dollars)
* I reserve the right to refuse your commission for whatever the reason.


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Hopefully I'll be able to keep my money organized enough to go for another comission soon, I've loved the stuff you've done for me so far, got a lot of ideas I'd still like to run by ya.
alienhominid2000's avatar
Not much an commission person (Used to be but my Paypal I have a long time ago about three years got frozen for unknown reason)

Any chances for requests?
Anicomicgeek's avatar
Not outside of a select few at this time.
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Hmm how did I not notice this till now...If your up to it I might see about comissioning you sometime in the next couple of months. 
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Awesome! If I think of something, I'll let you know! :)
KarToon12's avatar
This is awesome! :D   As soon as I think of something, I'll be sure to get one. :D
Anicomicgeek's avatar
I'll look foward to it.:)
BigBDawg001's avatar
This is a big step up for you, pal. Hope this goes well.
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